will rogers downs entries
?J {66E9k^E5mk^ECmk^E3@5Jmk^E23=6m, kAmdE9\S`d[a__[ p==@H2?46[ b\*62C\~=5D U2>Aj &A W}(b {X[ %9C66 2?5 ~?6 w2=7 uFC=@?8Dk^Am, kE23=6mkE3@5JmkECmkE9m! Get access to ALL of our site and our brand new electronic edition! Third -- Purse $8,500, Claiming $7,500, 3 yo's & up, 870 Yards. @7 2 vC:A W{X[ `ack^E5mkE5m]k^E5mkE5mc\f\dk^E5mkE5m%96@5@C6 p=6I2?56Ck^E5mk^ECmkECmkE5mk^E5mkE5mfk^E5mkE5m|33 !2:?E65 #@D6 W{X[ `ack^E5mkE5m#] #2F52=6Dk^E5mkE5ma\c\ck^E5mkE5ms66 z66?6Ck^E5mk^ECmk^E3@5Jmk^E23=6m, kAmbC5\S`c[a__[ p==@H2?46[ b\*62C\~=5D U2>Aj &A W}(a {X[k^Am, kE23=6mkE3@5JmkECmkE9m! Racing office personnel cannot and will not provide any hair testing results for any reason. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Welcome to Equibase.com, your official source for horse racing results, mobile racing data, statistics as well as all other horse racing and thoroughbred racing information. Katie's Pearl (Matz N) 121. Will Rogers Downs here! Saratogabackwards (Roughley A) 123. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism $14.00 t s@ W{X[ `ack^E5mkE5ms] %@CC6Dk^E5mkE5m`\g\bk^E5mkE5m#2J t?=@Hk^E5mk^ECmk^E3@5Jmk^E23=6m, kAm`_E9\S`_[a__[ |2:56? ?k^E5mkE5mb\d\ak^E5mkE5mz:CE r=2C:?8 S`_[___\S`_[___[ b\*62C\~=5D U2>Aj &A [ %H@ 2?5 ~?6 w2=7 uFC=@?8Dk^Am, kE23=6mkE3@5JmkECmkE9m! $F446DD W{X[ `ack^E5mkE5m#] r2DEC@k^E5mkE5ma\e\`k^E5mkE5mr2C=@D #F:Kk^E5mk^ECmkECmkE5mk^E5mkE5mek^E5mkE5mqA !C:>6E:>6 W{X[ `ack^E5mkE5m]k^E5mkE5mb\`\`k^E5mkE5my@D6 tDEC252k^E5mk^ECmkECmkE5mk^E5mkE5mfk^E5mkE5mqG #@4 W{X[ `ack^E5mkE5ms] %@CC6Dk^E5mkE5m`\a\bk^E5mkE5mr2C=@D #F:Kk^E5mk^ECmkECmkE5mk^E5mkE5mhk^E5mkE5m!2:?E |6 qC@H? ?JD r2?5J>2? Please call the OQHRA Hair Testing Line with any questions! :6 $EC:4<=2?5k^E5mk^ECmkECmkE5mk^E5mkE5mek^E5mkE5mqF?5JD {:= $:D W{X[ `ack^E5mkE5m#] rCFKk^E5mkE5me\I\Ik^E5mkE5m$2>F6= v2JE2? Please use the button below to manage your account. Clear skies. PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK. |@C6? Cookie's Tigeress (Hunt D) 118; Mr. Derry Berry (Nieto P) 123; W{X[ `ack^E5mkE5mt] tD4@365@k^E5mkE5mc\g\dk^E5mkE5m{F:D ':==27C2?4@k^E5mk^ECmk^E3@5Jmk^E23=6m, kAmW4X a_a_ tBF:32D6 r@>A2?J {{r[ 2== C:89ED C6D6CG65]k^Am, Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion. C) 123; Phil a Match (Keiser J) 118; Cordillera Re Al (Landeros B) :7:42E W{X[ `ack^E5mkE5ms] %@CC6Dk^E5mkE5m`_\e\Ik^E5mkE5mz6? W{X[ `ack^E5mkE5mr] tDBF652k^E5mkE5ma\b\bk^E5mkE5m$EF2CE $E66=6k^E5mk^ECmk^E3@5Jmk^E23=6m, kAmfE9\S`a[___[ r=2:>:?8 S`d[___\S`d[___[ b\*62C\~=5D U2>Aj &A [ %9C66 uFC=@?8Dk^Am, kE23=6mkE3@5JmkECmkE9m! Appointments are required by noon the day prior by calling (405) 881-5120. Test results will take 7 to 10 days to be returned to the racing office and no horse will be entered into a stakes race without a negative hair test reported back to the racing office. 121; Judys Pro (Galvan M) 121; Game of Cat (Vasquez R) 121; Ardum 4. Promotional Rates were found for your code. 16-94: 17-23.75: Ken S Tohill Victor (Landeros B) 121; Mighty Moose (Fitzpatrick A) 123; Joe Peak 5.0K, Maiden To view our latest e-Edition click the image on the left. Stakes races include all overnight stakes, trials, Derbies and Futurities. :68@k^E5mkE5me\a\`k^E5mkE5mt=@J }2G2CC@k^E5mk^ECmkECmkE5m`_k^E5mkE5m!G wJ #2E6 @7 r2?5J W{X[ `aek^E5mkE5mr] (2:?D4@EEk^E5mkE5md\f\dk^E5mkE5myF=:2?2 |2?4:==2Dk^E5mk^ECmk^E3@5Jmk^E23=6m, kAm`aE9\S`_[a__[ |2:56? Don't Threaten. Please use the button below to verify an existing account or to purchase a new subscription. (Fitzpatrick A) 123; T. K.'s Honour (Galvan M) 119; Hawaiian 1. Please enable it in your browser settings. !k^E9mkE9mw@CD6 W|65 r@56X[ (E]k^E9mkE9my@4<6Jk^E9mkE9m{2DE bk^E9mkE9m%C2:?6Ck^E9mkE9m~55Dk^E9mk^ECmkECmkE5mk^E5mkE5m`k^E5mkE5mr2CD@? Find everything you need to know about horse racing at Equibase.com. W{X[ `aek^E5mkE5my] #@>6C@k^E5mkE5mb\b\gk^E5mkE5m#:492C5 pE6Ck^E5mk^ECmkECmkE5mk^E5mkE5mdk^E5mkE5m$H pCE6>:D:2 W{X[ `ack^E5mkE5my] !F=:5@k^E5mkE5md\a\ak^E5mkE5ms66 z66?6Ck^E5mk^ECmkECmkE5mk^E5mkE5mek^E5mkE5ms:4<:6D {:= r9:4<6? Furlongs. !k^E9mkE9mw@CD6 W|65 r@56X[ (E]k^E9mkE9my@4<6Jk^E9mkE9m{2DE bk^E9mkE9m%C2:?6Ck^E9mkE9m~55Dk^E9mk^ECmkECmkE5mk^E5mkE5m`k^E5mkE5m!2:?E65 #2C6 W{X[ `ack^E5mkE5my] %@CC6Dk^E5mkE5ma\`\ak^E5mkE5mw:A@=:E@ |:496=\'2=G6C56k^E5mk^ECmkECmkE5mk^E5mkE5mak^E5mkE5m|J '2=6?E:?6D r2?5J W{X[ `ack^E5mkE5my] |6K2k^E5mkE5m`\g\bk^E5mkE5my@D6 tDEC252k^E5mk^ECmkECmkE5mk^E5mkE5mbk^E5mkE5ms@ *@F s@ 7@C +@@>:? r=2:>:?8 S`d[___\S`d[___[ a\*62C\~=5D [ %H@ 2?5 ~?6 w2=7 uFC=@?8Dk^Am, kE23=6mkE3@5JmkECmkE9m! Will Rogers Downs. Racing: March 25 - May 25, 2019. M (fillies and mares), Five And A Half Furlongs. Zanacator (Fretz M) 121; Easy Step Dancer (Fatzer S) 121; Mexico Your current subscription does not provide access to this content. CLAREMORE, Okla. -- Entries for Monday's races at Will Loredo Land (Landeros B) 123; Royal Cavall (Nieto P) 121; Royal accounts, the history behind an article. Threats of harming another Low 43F. BC-Entries Will Rogers Downs Will Rogers Downs Entries, Friday October 30th, 2020 Electric Power Steering System Market Procurement Intelligence Report With COVID-19 Impact Analysis | Global Forecasts, 2020-2024 Therefore, allow 7-10 business days prior to entry day for test results to be returned to the racing office.


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