the surge weapon tier list
Weapon Descriptions A dagger imbued with the mana of Void Poseidon. Best pure Physical option for heavy duty: A.I.D. Best Elemental option for one handed: Infected 'Aeterna'. The Surge 2 Beginner's Guide: Don't Play It Like Souls. Little effort, big returns. Who knows, maybe my ranking can help people to find what weapon type they enjoy the most, and maybe even get some people to try classes they haven't tried yet. Enable Cookies for Settings, Analytics and Ads? 8 Heavy Duty. This is exactly it, the dash attack is a great starter of any combo for single rigged and it is surprising amount of dmg and stagger; honestly I am only disappointed in strange combo differences. They are supposed to have good range, but the way they are swung doesn't take advantage of the range they could possess. But I can't give up that heavy damage and stagger that made me fall in love with heavy duty in the first place. And of course your cross combos are quick, and you even get an endless combo on the unarmored cross combo too. For more information see Supercell's Fan Content Policy: Very hard. How to get the A.I.D. You use the one handed if you want to strike a balance between speed, damage, and reliability. For bosses you can usually dash-slam, then either follow up or dash back if the stagger didn't go through. The bonuses I am talking about are the ones from Rhino and Spark Fanatic. Basic gist of these things is that you hit buttons, you kill things. Hounds should drop it when cutting a leg but after farming the Hound on the second security gate it just won't drop? Where is the Iron Maus weapon and armor in the game? First thing I want to say is that I believe that all weapon types in this game are actually pretty strong respectfully. Info: The cross combos for this class are nice and easy, not too slow, and you get an endless combo on the unarmored one. So what? You also have an extremely hard time hitting the body parts you are targeting with any attacks that come after the initial. You need to have a TON of stamina to use this class proficiently. Isn't that for all Hammers? Info: Are the punching gloves slower than twin rigged? Best stats in its class for raw damage. Started NG+ this morning, and planned on using staves (my 2nd favorite type from the first). Best stats in class for raw damage. What I mean by accuracy is that you will almost always be hitting the body parts that you target with spears. This is about the only thing they really have going for them. Sets like the SCARAB and Liquidator sets are also good to have if you’re looking for damage protection, but they’re also overshadowed if you play well enough to avoid getting hit all the time. 4 One handed. They aren't by any means slow though. I'll keep trying different weapons here and there but I think this list may be way off. So there's two! This is good. But I think in general, poison and fire aren't really going to be too useful for most situations, since this game is very fast paced, poison and fire mostly don't have a chance to provide you with enough damage over time to prove useful for any fights. 2 Hammers. Big fat nano buildup and procs. Best Elemental option for single rigged: Volatile Spectre. One of the only 2 options of pure phys for a staff. These players are usually better than the average. This combo is very slow to pull off, so you likely won't be using it too reliably. It may sound like I don't much care for twin rigged, but I do actually enjoy them a good bit. But it's true that it's can be useful to cut the right arms and thus GAIA may be better. Bottom line is that if you use the heavy duty, you will likely be having a hard time using it until you spend a lot of time with it and get to know when you can throw out which attacks and not get punished for doing so. Best pure Physical option for hammers: Codename Parsifal. For some reason, the double duty has some of the highest stamina consumption percentages out of all of the weapons in the game. Personal preference here. It has pretty low stam consumption compared to the other options, good electricity stat, and a buff when you use a charged attack that will consume one battery and increase your electricity damage by a good bit for a while. Stay tuned for more guides on The Surge 2. While the heavy duty has a good amount of range, the single rigged is stubby. Oh yeah they do. What about for poison/fire weapons? Luckily, it’s as easy as crafting. Can't really remember that they change in appearance on my first playthrough. So basically, this weapon suffers from the exact opposite things that the twins suffer from. 'Warhound'. I had actually spent some time bored at work making an excel document with formulas to compare some weapons' stats lol. Yeah I know that the Crystalline Hookblade exists. They have lower attack speed, but it won't be too noticeable since they are twin rigged. At least with the SPARK Engineer's Multitool there's a two-stroke endless combo on R1. Best pure Physical option for twin rigged: Codename: Valkyrie. Best pure Physical option for staves: INF-Labs 'Zazhim'. I agree the stacking impact buff is brutal. Anyways, the cross combos are good, with the armored one being an endless one as well. Aren’t the Iron Maus punching gloves far and away a ton more physical damage than the general ACU 2.0?


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