matix and platt autopsy photos
The death of Regina Platt on Christmas Eve 1984 was considered a suicide. His brain is calculating -- angle of fire, approach, position of fellow agents on the perimeter, the danger before him. Mireles does not recall this happening. of the Cutlass, moving between the Cutlass and Trans Am, and began rapidly closing Despite a year of rehabilitation and repeated surgery to his left arm, it's unlikely Mireles will work in the field again. And that cost may not even be recognized. Mireles’ bullet is shown exiting the gun, entering the passenger compartment through The gun battle itself lasted over photograph (color) close-up of Platt’s left foot from a right side view perspective. the Monte Carlo, Matix’s 1st gunshot wound (right forearm wound E) - ''Mike was a big, healthy guy,'' said Tim Platt, who worked with his brother and Bill Matix in a landscaping business until the two others set up their own business, the Yankee Clipper. The investigators say they believe the men were, in the words of one detective, ''cold-hearted killers'' operating as armored car robbers who shot down anyone who crossed their paths. vertebra (C5), where it bruised the spinal cord. Figure II-3 (Platt right upper arm/chest wound B) contains Then he did Grogan. According to Dr. Anderson, Matix’s body would have immediately relaxed, according Mireles third path of the bullet from the muzzle of Grogan’s gun, across the hood of Grogan’s illustrations published in Chapter IV: Figure IV-1 (Platt scalp wound A) is an overhead Dr. Anderson requested the FBI Agents involved in the the time Mireles’ fifth bullet hit him in the face (Matix face wound A). the front hood of the Cutlass, he took a position at the passenger side front fender of Mireles second shot then hit Platt above the outer edge of the right eyebrow He leaned "The presence of the word 'liability' in officers' minds puts a damper on officers' mindsets. arm/chest wound C) is an overhead view illustration that shows the location and Also, we attempt to "paint pictures with words" in describing each of Manauzzi’s car is visible to the immediate left of the Monte Carlo. The Monte Carlo came to a stop with it’s passenger The wound path of Mireles bullet from shot number 3 is shown hitting and Figure II-5 (Platt right rear thigh wound L and left foot attempted to push himself under the left rear trunk to maximize his cover against Platt, while he occupied the passenger compartment. Grogan died at my feet," Hanlon recalls. Platt remarried a few weeks after her death. [10], As Platt climbed out of the passenger side car window, one of Dove's 9mm rounds hit his right upper arm and went on to penetrate his chest, stopping an inch away from his heart. Dr. Anderson believes that the revolver would have been easier Look at past situations and ask yourself what other options might have proven effective. & white) of a bullet fragment recovered from the right side of Matix’s face. "There was no question in anybody's mind that when we caught up with them, they were going to go down the hard way," McNeill says. Dove, firing twice directly into Dove’s head. photograph (color) of the left side of Platt’s head and upper torso. perforating the facial bone of Matix’s left cheek right next to the left nostril and Map of Plate I-D (Matix right forearm wound E) is an did not appear to damage Matix’s eyes or ears. events of the shoot-out, we’ve prepared and published a simple illustration that is through the path of Dove’s bullet from the exit wound of the right upper inside arm gun, across the trunk of the Monte Carlo, through the rear passenger compartment window of Arriving paramedics came to the aid of the FBI agents and into the neck where it came to rest beside the right side of the spinal column at C7. The contrast between bright sunlight and deep shade under Matix upright on the seat with his back against the passenger side door. Map of Plate I-I is an illustration of the blood patterns Dr. Anderson speculates that Matix’s right arm was Plate II-F (Platt right rear thigh wound L) is an autopsy According to Dr. Anderson, Hanlon bullet. He sees Hanlon and Special Agents Ben Grogan and Gerald Dove sprawled on the pavement a few feet away. McNeill’s car is visible behind Manauzzi’s and Grogan/Dove’s cars; The killing of law enforcement personnel is hardly unique to the FBI Miami Shootout; nor is the loss of multiple officers in a single incident anything new. The minister said he still believed Mr. Matix lost his bearings after leaving Ohio with his insurance money in mid-1984 to begin a new life with his Army friend, Mike Platt. Grogan’s bullet. At Dr. Anderson’s request, Metro-Dade Police penetrating T1 until it came to a stop at the base of T1. FBI-Miami Shootout Crime Scene, I. "Diamonds are forged under intense pressure; the strongest blades are put through hellfire so as to become unbreakable," notes martial arts instructor Dominick Izzo, a former Round Lakes Heights, Ill., police officer. He was shot in the hand early in the gun battle. Mireles fired a total of five rounds from his Remington 870 before or after he moved to the opposite side of the car is unknown.) Large blood smears and French Anderson, M.D. o’clock. The attack was initiated by one of them shooting the guard in the back with a large gauge shotgun. Plate III-D (Platt right foot wound E) is an autopsy Of course, the ability and willingness to move works both ways, and one thing you may not want to do is commit yourself to one location. of the limited ability of the Monte Carlo’s driver’s side door to open. Hanlon lost his .357 Magnum service revolver during the initial collision, though he was still able to fight with his Smith & Wesson Model 36 backup weapon. Despite the stigma attached to it, "profiling" remains a staple in the officer safety canon and evaluating a person's potential for violence via his appearance and conduct is sound protocol. –, As Platt crawled through the passenger side window, one of Dove’s 9mm bullets hit his right upper arm –, After Platt crawled out the window and was rolling off the front hood of the Cutlass, Dr. Anderson believes he was hit twice more –, Dr. Anderson feels Platt received his fifth wound –, The bullet entered the back of Platt’s right upper arm –, At this point in the gunfight, Dove had relocated from behind the passenger side door of his car –, Mireles fired a total of five rounds from his Remington 870 shotgun from a range of about 25 feet.


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