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Yangon University offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. 1. Yangon University celebrated its Diamond Jubilee in a week-long celebration, which began on 1 December 1995. His missionary calling to Burma, known today as Myanmar, represented the Baptist faith throughout his service. This commitment is also found in the Trustee Bylaws, which state that the largest majority of the Board must be Baptist, and at least half of those individuals must be American Baptist. However, their lecture-rooms still remained at the buildings on Commissioner Road ( Present Bogyoke Aung San Road in Latha Township and Lower Kyein-myaing-daing Road in Alone Township) where the two colleges were located. To produce well-trained ministers, leaders, and educators to serve multi-ethnic immigrants locally and internationally in the ministry of reconciliation. In 1928, four tennis courts were constructed in front of Tagaung Hall. Born and raised in Burma/Myanmar, Angelene Naw joined the University of Rangoon as a faculty member in 1971 and taught history courses until 1984 when she received the East-West Center scholarship in Honolulu to pursue her Ph.D degree at the University … The most popular sports on the Yangon University Estate in those days were football, boat-rowing, and tennis. Guests from the Alabama Department […], Judson College invites prospective Judson students and their families to visit the Judson campus in Marion, Ala., for fall Preview & Scholarship Day October 10. Judson was named after Ann Hasseltine Judson, the first female foreign missionary from the United States to Burma (now Myanmar… Judson College inaugurated its fall Chapel season today with a message from Josh Watford (Siloam Baptist Church, Marion) and special music by Dr. Jessica Spafford and Mrs. Stephanie Peek. Therefore, the matches between them arouse the spectators to come into conflicts. [10] Once-affiliated institutes and departments (e.g., the Institute of Economics, Yangon which began life as a department at Yangon University), which had already separated, also celebrated. Therefore, some of them, upon dinner, had to put up their mosquito-nets in their room and to stay inside them to evade their stings. Judson College’s 105th Rose Sunday service will be livestreamed on Facebook, YouTube and at the link below! She is highly valued by her peers on the Cabinet and commands the respect of the faculty, […], Judson College | 302 Bibb St. | Marion, AL 36756 | (800) 447-9472, Judson College302 Bibb St.Marion, AL 36756(800) 447-9472, Judson campus to resume operations Nov. 3, Classes resume Nov. 4, Dr. Jessica Spafford and Miriam Nicholson to give faculty recital Oct. 22, Judson College celebrates Constitution Day with 19th Amendment event, Nursing graduates achieve 100% pass rate on NCLEX-RN, CHAPEL: Josh Watford, Siloam Baptist Church, Dr. Stacey G. Parham named VP for Academic Affairs. The main campus also contains a convocation hall. More Info, Born and raised in Burma/Myanmar, Angelene Naw joined the University of Rangoon as a faculty member in 1971 and taught history courses until 1984 when she received the East-West Center scholarship in Honolulu to pursue her Ph.D degree at the University of Hawaii. Since this hall was in isolation from the other two halls, it was called ‘Andaman Hall’( တစ္ကၽြန္းေဆာင္). This golden period ended in 1962.[3]. The Global New Light Of Myanmar Newspaper, Some Moral Lessons That Can Be Learnt from History, Beware of crowding pigeons and stray dogs in urban Yangon, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. © 2013 by Judson Bible College. [3] All three nationwide strikes against the British colonial government (1920, 1936 and 1938) began at the university. In December 1926, Ko Khin Maung Myint, a hosteler from Tagaung Hall was drowned to death while swimming with other two or three friends near the University Boat Club. Prospective students can explore the college’s academic programs, meet current students and faculty, participate in campus tours guided by Judson Student Ambassadors, and attend sessions on academics, student life, admissions, […], Marion, Ala. – The Judson College Department of Nursing is proud to announce that, for the second consecutive year, 100% of its spring nursing graduates passed the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) on their first attempt. We are supportive of their beliefs because the seminal point of this expression is recognizing a specific day as the Sabbath and honoring that day in a faithful manner. It was chaired by a British advocate Mr. Edgar who later became a law professor at Yangon University. ​Judson Bible College (JBC), formerly known as Burmese Bible School (BBS) was founded in July of 2008. The second paragraph in the Statement clearly describes how the liberal arts will continue to undergird the academic experience at Judson. Rangoon University was founded in 1920, when University College (Rangoon College - secular) and Judson College (Baptist-affiliated) were merged by the University of Rangoon Act. Myanmar National Day [1] in fact commemorates the rebellion of Burmese students at Rangoon University in 1920. “Given the realities of the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, […], Dr. Stacey Parham, Professor of English and Interim Academic Dean, has been named Vice President for Academic Affairs at Judson College. Ref. It is estimated that more than 300 students died in the protests. Student protests against protest against General Ne Win's socialist government culminated in 1988. Yangon University College and Judson College were welded together into Yangon University on 1st December 1920 under the New Yangon University Act. [2], Established in 1878 as an affiliated college of the University of Calcutta, the Rangoon College was operated and managed by the Education Syndicate set up by the British colonial administration. Rangoon University students staged a peaceful demonstration and protest on campus against 'unjust university rules' on 7 July 1962. Although it was attended only by the elites of the day, the university was at the centre of the anti-colonial movement. [1] Rangoon University modelled itself after University of Cambridge and University of Oxford. The purpose of Judson Education Center aka Judson Bible College is to provide biblical, theological, intercultural, and linguistic education to multi-ethnic/multi-national immigrants locally and internationally. Some football matches invariably drew a large number of spectators. American Baptists Churches U.S.A.American Baptists believe that the Bible, composed of the Old and New Testaments, is the divinely inspired Word of God, the final written authority and trustworthy for faith and practice. There are specific and separate statements for Trustees, faculty, staff and students. Ne Win sent his troops to disperse the students. Judson also respects that other Baptist denominations recognize Saturday as the Sabbath. [3] A controversial National Education Law was enacted in 2014. The students from Tagaung Hall and Bagan Hall issued two hand-written weekly newspapers to voice their feelings and inconveniences during their hostel life. Newer universities such as Dagon University, University of East Yangon and University of West Yangon were created to cater for undergraduates.[9]. In the months and years that followed, many more were imprisoned. To equip the saints for the works of God's kingdom by sharing faith and discipling neighbors including multi-ethnic or multi-national immigrants locally and internationally and by providing quality biblical education with the emphasis of biblical knowledge, theological insights, intercultural studies, linguistic studies, spiritual care, ministerial education, leadership, and practical experience for cross-cultural ministries. References to these foundational principles are found in the foundational documents of the University. Judson University’s expression of biblical authority will not be interpreted outside the spectrum of the statements below. Football matches between the halls were held annually. BBS underwent name change on March 1, 2013 as JEC, also known as, Judson Bible College and Seminary named after the first American missionary to Burma, Adoniram Judson, who directly translated the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts into Burmese and completed English-Burmese Dictionary for the people of Myanmar. [1], Yangon University has been at the centre of civil discontent throughout its history. 5. [3], In 1989, the military junta changed place names throughout Myanmar; the University was renamed the University of Yangon. Soon also, U Po Thone was appointed to his position. (Although undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are still available to current days, the recognition of status of international COE of the university has been discontinued. The chapel programs at Judson University are essential to the spiritual development of students as well as the faculty and staff. Educational standards began to decline markedly, and international bodies ceased to recognize degrees issued or obtained at the University. Clearly stating a denominational lineage immediately distinguishes the university from other faith-based institutions as well as from other evangelical Christian colleges. The event will begin at 7:00pm in Alumnae Auditorium on the Judson College campus in Marion, Ala. The plot of the land at the end of Bagan Road just across the University Hospital today is the site of Bagan Hall. Judson College, forerunner of University of Yangon, Myanmar; See also. The University was closed for most of the 1990s, because of fears of a repeat of the 8888 Uprising. As the former was a bachelor, he had much attachment to the students. Judson (disambiguation) This disambiguation page lists articles about schools, colleges, or other educational institutions which are associated with the same title. Judson College is a private Baptist women's college in Marion, Alabama.It is the fifth-oldest women's college in the United States, having been founded by members of Siloam Baptist Church in 1838.


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