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The video appeared online after it emerged Cummingss father-in-law had named his horse Barack because it was half black and half white. Carsten Søndergaard, the Danish ambassador to Ireland stated: “In general it should be noted that it is not the policy of the Danish health authorities to eradicate Down’s (sic) syndrome, but it is their duty to provide the pregnant woman with the best possible basis for her to make her own decision about her pregnancy.”. And concerning Cummings’ view on “education”, the eugenic agenda is also clear given that in his essay on education he, praising (of course) his eugenist ally Hsu, he writes: “Hsu thinks that once the genes are identified, then engineering higher intelligence might become feasible”. Cummings affirms that “We should plan for free universal ‘SNP’ genetic sequencing as part of a shift to genuinely preventive medicine” and how this type of technology “enables us to take DNA from unborn embryos, do SNP genetic sequencing costing ~$50, and make useful predictions about the odds of the embryo being an outlier for diseases like atrial fibrillation, diabetes, breast cancer, or prostate cancer.”. Cummings also specifies how this method will “revolutionise” in-vitro fertilization and that “Instead of picking embryos at random, parents will start avoiding outliers for disease risks and cognitive problems.” While there is nothing wrong with working to prevent disease, there is definitely something wrong with murdering the unborn because they have defects or diseases. To admire Otto von Bismark — the German political leader who united Germany and formed the Second Reich and wanted to purge Germany of Polish people — is akin to admiring the founder of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler. It was in this conference where Cummings would meet  his hero Stephen Hsu. © 2019 - All Rights Reserved. When Kevin Brennan found out about Cummings’ eugenist views, he recounted that it “sent a chill down the spine”, as it should. For example, Cummings ends the article by saying: “If the cleverest people in the world continue to push scientific frontiers, while regulated by the people who now dominate politics and have no understanding of the technological foundations of our civilisation, we will suffer avoidable disasters and fail to mitigate the unavoidable disasters.”. In the footage, he says: The quality is everything. If we don’t do it, some other company will,” says Hsu (brackets mine). Don’t bet against him.”. Brexit is helping to facilitate the revival of German military strength, which means another reich. that once the genes are identified, then engineering higher intelligence might become feasible”. “I take my hat off to what they’re doing, it’s a potential revolution,” says Fishel who also went to on to support the preference of superior embryos over others: “What’s wrong with ranking an embryo if you can rank a child?… I think there are plenty of people who’d choose embryo Oxford [rather] than embryo A-level failure.”, So if a child potentially can fail school, then he deserves to die. They can spin it as much as they want to convince people that what they are endorsing isn’t eugenics, but it is obvious that their ideology is Darwinism. Sabisky has been expressing his eugenic beliefs for years, be it in various comment sections or in person. The article reflects Cummings’ ideology on how the government needs to have policies that would favor his eugenic views. I therefore invited Plomin into the DfE to explain the science of IQ and genetics to officials and Ministers.”. Chinese Police Secretly Install Surveillance Cameras on Church, Without Annual Meeting, Amid Decline, Southern Baptists Continue Debate on Race, Women’s Roles, The Stock Market Is Predicting A Big Win For Donald Trump, Major Stock Market Expert And Investment Firm Owner Declares: ‘We Are Going To Have…, Major Pollster Says That Trump Is Winning In Arizona, Michigan And Florida. For love of country and human progress and civilization. Not for money, not for fame. The Germans Say "Nein". In the comment section underneath Cummings’s article on the 2014 SciFoo conference there is a comment by one Andrew Sabisky which calls for enforcing contraception on population and pushes for embryo selection: “one very good way to retain human control over technology – and to think up better ways to ameliorate its negative consequences – is global embryo selection. was born on 11 July 1936. They will argue that Cummings’s Darwinist goals are not connected to his aspiration for Brexit, but Stephen Hsu, his fellow eugenist, affirmed in December of 2019 that Cummings’ aspiration for Brexit is to make Britain into a central hub for “science”: “What does he [Cummings] want? Humphrey Wakefield here expressing more scientifically illiterate genetic determinism. A long essay I was writing was leaked. 'One is the subject of one's genes': Clip of Cummings's father-in-law goes viral - The National, Stanford President David Starr Jordans Name To Be Removed From Campus Spaces Over Role In Eugenics Movement - CBS San Francisco, Jewish leaders alarmed by Trump's support of 'racehorse theory' - Los Angeles Times, Critics Accuse Trump Of Using Race To Divide Americans - NPR, Goes around, comes around | Letters To The Editor | - Osceola Sun, Indiana University Removes Name of Former President From Campus Sites - Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, An issue that has resurfaced - Laurinburg Exchange, Opinion: Congress must investigate reports of forced hysterectomies of migrant women - Pocono Record, Has Trump endorsed 'racehorse theory'? Why is he doing this? So what we know from this is that people in Google liked Cummings’ eugenic views and invited him to the conference to be amongst well known scientists such as Hsu who he first met at the Scifoo meeting. He had also preached that black people are less intelligent than whites. Named Barack because its "half black & … My thoughts on how current regional conflicts are... Trump Gets Crowds, While Biden Cannot Mobilize The Left. In Denmark, unborn babies with Down syndrome have been nearly exterminated as a result of, Hsu writes that these methods will allow him to “gain insights” into “how natural selection led to human intelligence.” Yet, Cummings’s friend, Hsu, wants to be the natural selector of who lives and dies in the name of “intelligence.” Hsu wants to do this through a company which he cofounded called, “What that corresponds to is way-above-average intellectual potential,” says Hsu. Subscribe our newsletter to stay updated. Hsu’s argument? From 2007 to 2012, when Cummings was the most influential adviser to the education secretary, Michael Gove, he worked to have the ideas of ‘genetics and IQ’ taught in British education. The fanatics will say that none of this matters, and that the only important thing is Britain having “sovereignty.” So, while you elevate your sovereignty, Britain leaves a power vacuum in the EU, and who will fill it? And by this — in light of everything we have observed here — it is clear what is meant by “science”. Hsu’s research into IQ and intelligence, and in particular his project at a state-run genomics lab in China, has troubled some people with what Daniel HoSang, a professor at the University of Oregon, describes as its “Eugenicist overtones”.


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