dell sonicwall tz500 end of life
Our firmware release model helps you make the right choice when it comes to deciding which firmware version to load onto your appliance. End of Support (EOS) is an announcement to indicate that we will no longer provide technical support, firmware updates/upgrades or hardware replacement for the product, and that all remaining unique inventory or materials will become unavailable. Support and security subscriptions will no longer be available for the TZ150 and 170 appliances as of June 2012, and the TZ180 and 190 follows next year. If you are planning to be at Interop, come visit Dell Security at booth 1827. (Sonicas Enhan ced) UTM SSL VPN: HOW TO Set up SSL VPN (NetExtender Access) an Sonicas Enhanced 5.2 ar Higher Configuring L 2 TP Client Client To Connect To Dell SoniCWALL WAN croupvPN (as Enhanced) SonicWALL Initial Release Please refer to the release notes for full details. Dell SonicWALL is initiating the Active Retirement Mode (ARM) notification for the Dell SonicWALL TZ 215 Wired model. SonicOS 6.2.5 brings many new features that span across SMB, distributed enterprise and high-end deployments. SonicWall TZ. These include the following models: TZ 150, 170, 180 and 190. �so�w�[Jp���B*ǒ**��Y7�����������5 �dA*�`�|0�����j�j�B� �����꼪��"RS�ޠ{(�%2�������a�pG�_Ȼ;=���� 8bzZ�&ws��� � �EP�Vp��Ɂ` ��O��h�KA%[���S�}��h�0���b�={�ܡpC�i5�Dz�}��H'�L����1e2�0�T��߼}���?D� ~ �Ј��`���A�u���Vˊ�Ym釒~� S�\�(l�h�؜죢 !#i9k� ��B� ����t�M?|�СfO�P�����KW����qA��,� z�� J���ۑNo�y�%郿�A�C� ���]�0F6A��F1��M��P>2~A���Z{L_��n9R�f��o�X���ƈa��H��Ql�$�]E�'�! I keep thinking back to a June 11, 2014 article in USA Today asks, “Is insecurity the new normal?”  The article goes on to say that what once captured big headlines has become commonplace. Unlike our competitors who can only maintain performance by inspecting a limited number of ports, file sizes or protocols like SSL, Dell SonicWALL products protect you by not cutting corners with security. The duration of this phase is three years beginning one day after the end of Active Retirement Mode. I��J>�Ur6M�瓜�6x�6�U2�Ns&��:9�%�H�YJ����;˦�$e����4y�Ə�sVo���K������-�c��9�jn�tÄ^��������� b���G������FBk�g�%��+#SL(d�˴窅�K2��o6I|��E!�$���!Q��D�Z��2�^��F"�aIz�D�u�71 ��xf���45�M�gS�4z��3�%;�P�\�_369�#ɹ3ls��5Q@��qA�Ǖ.8�K&�H�# All of the new SonicWALL TZ Series products show exceptional performance and capabilities. During this time, we may release a limited number of new features and will issue bug fixes only to the latest version of firmware available on the device. Models not listed here are considered to be current and have not yet entered the End of Support life cycle. Please note: The above release definitions reflect our current release types. First Generation SonicWALL TZ Series Appliances are at End of Life, 3 Tips to help you capitalize on technology, How to reduce data usage on Android devices, Boost productivity with these Microsoft Word tips, The difference between Groups, Yammer, and Teams, Improved speed and performance (allows the full speed of today's faster cable and FiOS internet connections), Improved, more granular website content filtering (more categories of web content can be allowed or blocked), Ability to provide wireless access to the corporate LAN for employees, and isolated internet-only access for guests, Ability to control Social Media apps (Application Control), High Availability solutions (supports mirroring of two appliances to protect from hardware issues, and supports two internet connections to protect from ISP issues), Improved VPN connections (to more easily allow remote users seamless access to resources on your local network. The Distributed Enterprise and the Dell SonicWALL TZ – Building a Coordinated Security Perimeter, SMB and distributed enterprises are challenged by the diverse management solutions involved in managing the security, switching and wireless access points for their network infrastructure. 3 0 obj This is especially true with smaller organizations. Maintenance Release is a candidate to move to General Release after the maturity criteria is met. LDO is informational only and products in this phase are active and continue to sell support contracts. The TZ300 and TZ400 are outstanding solutions for the smaller office, whether it is a small business or retail environment. Further, SonicOS 6.2.5 simplifies support for Dell Security partners by offering a single software platform for majority of the 6 th generation Dell SonicWALL firewalls. A Maintenance Release has gone through engineering & quality test cycles and is launched for general availability. These appliances were first released more than 8 years ago, and have done a great job of providing secure internet access, web browsing and remote access for our clients and their networks. Dell SonicWALL, have a published lifecycle for their products which, when a box goes 'End of Sale' kicks in until the unit goes 'End of Support'. Western NRG is excited to have this functionality available in our own GMS instance, where we support hundreds of our customers' Dell SonicWALL’s,” said Tim Martinez, CEO of Western NRG, a premier Dell SonicWALL Partner. A Feature Release is a candidate to move to General Release after the maturity criteria is met. SonicWall TZ300; SonicWall TZ350; SonicWall TZ400; SonicWall TZ500; SonicWall TZ570; SonicWall TZ600; SonicWall TZ670; SonicWall TZ300 PoE; SonicWall TZ600 PoE; SonicWall NSa. With no end in sight to curtailing the growth of cybercrime, attacks have become chronic. It is recommended to upgrade to General Release upon availability. By submitting this form, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge our Privacy Statement. 4 0 obj Our approach to product lifecycle management includes five post-release phases, Last Day Order (LDO), Active Retirement Mode (ARM), Last Day Order for 1-Year Support, Limited Retirement Mode (LRM) and End of Support (EOS). At each stage throughout the product lifecycle process, SonicWALL will provide information as the milestones are reached. When a Dell SonicWALL product reaches EOL, SonicWALL may choose to discontinue the sale or support of the product or service. The latest generation TZ Series is the most secure, sophisticated and widely-deployed security platform on the market today. SonicOS 6.2.5 firmware is available as an Early Availability release on for customers with a valid support contract. Further, SonicOS 6.2.5 simplifies support for Dell Security partners by offering a single software platform for majority of the 6th generation Dell SonicWALL firewalls. Limited Retirement Mode (LRM) is an announcement to indicate that we will no longer develop or release firmware updates or new features for these products. For an up to date version refer to, SRA 1600 Subscriptions, Renewals and Addons, SRA 4600 Subscriptions, Renewals and Addons, SRA VA Subscriptions, Renewals and Addons, Email Protection Subscriptions (REQUIRED), Beyond launching new firewalls, Dell’s commitment to provide solutions will allow your business to thrive and grow by taking advantage of all the power the internet has to offer with the confidence that you are protected by Dell Security. Please refer to the release notes for a list of major features. You may purchase and activate the one-year support contract so that the product will be eligible to receive support until the product has reached End of Support. With the new, CFS category-based exclusion/inclusion of encrypted connections for efficient standards compliance (PCI, HIPPA), Strengthened Encryption Methods (TLS 1.2, SHA256), Increased default Certificate Authority (CA) database, Improved troubleshooting for encrypted connection failures with one-click exclude, Finer granularity for encrypted connection exclusions based on alternate domain names (excluding vs. *, Refreshed GUI for easy-to-use configuration of encrypted connection processing, Increased SSL Connection counts for NSA and SM Series firewalls, Firewall Sandwich support and Wire mode VLAN translation features provide flexible and scalable solutions for datacenter deployments. Support is available throughout ARM for products with an active support contract. 2012-11-16T12:31:01-08:00Acrobat PDFMaker 10.1 for Word2012-11-19T18:00:18-06:00 September 10, 2019 How To Receive an Alert when SonicWall's WAN Interface Link Goes Down. Cabling the SonicWall TZ400W as a Network Gateway. Maintenance Release software includes bug fixes and enhancements made to a previous release. Feature Release Among other improvements, the following list summarizes the benefits of the latest generation of TZ Series appliances: Via the Secure Upgrade Plus Program, SonicWALL is providing an upgrade path for those businesses using the older generation TZ appliances.


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