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If so, then we have the ANSWER! In which auditorium has every British Prime Minister since WW2 addressed a party conference? The second movie in the Captain America franchise has what subtitle?     A Winters Story,  Jean Claude Killy. 'Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents!' All our questions have been sorted into convenient sections so that you can find them easily. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. What can I say!!! Who had a UK top ten hit in 1969 with "Winter World of Love"? The Quiz Master has been writing Pub Quiz Questions for twenty years and knows the game VERY well, nothing gets past him. 11. 5. Written in the last months of her life and published subsequently by her husband Ted Hughes, whose posthumous collection of poetry was entitled "Winter Trees"? In which two countries is Shakespeare's "The Winter's Tale" set? Take this quiz! 6. A type of Eskimo boots. For example, 100 geography answers would follow 100 geography questions, all numbered in the same way. Having ummed-and-arred over whether or not to buy your first quiz pack, I finally decided to take the plunge. In "Game of Thrones" which house has the motto "Winter is Coming"? "Now is the winter of our discontent" is the openning line from which William Shakespeare play? Which winter sport is sometimes known as "the roaring game"? 'A Winter's Tale' is a song that reached number 2 in the UK singles chart in January 1983 for which singer? False. Simon and Garfunkel . Are you tired of using dull, unimaginative, straightforward questions in your trivia and pub quiz competitions? None of our quiz formats are print or edit protected, so you can print them as many times as you like, even remove questions as you have used them. In which land is it "Always winter but never Christmas"? 8. General Winter often refers to the winter climate of which country? Quiz Factory, The Cat Trivia Quiz. 5. What is frostbite? 7. Who received an Oscar for her performance in the film "The Lion In Winter"? This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The Winters Tale. "Now is the winter of our discontent" is the openning line from which William Shakespeare play? False, it starts in winter. The America Trivia Quiz Answers. Welcome to our Winter Quizzes and Trivia Page Winter Quiz Questions and Answers Questions I. True or false. (this changed in 2010) The Polar bear has a white coat to match the snow. The Stoat . No country in the Southern Hemisphere has hosted, or even been an applicant to host, the Winter Olympics? Narnia. Your credit card or bank statement will show a charge made by either ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM, since ClickBank process payments for us. France. Now I check back and see that I can download the updated pack with 1700 of the critters! None of the above. St Petersburg.     The Winters Tale,  For the special discount price of £47.00, a saving of £13.00 off the price of buying them at our usual prices above. 3. 12. 3. Hurricane season starts in spring? 2. I have bought lots of questions from other websites similar to yours but I have never found such a consistently good set, until I found this one that is. We've written our questions specifically with a worldwide audience in mind. 10. All products can be downloaded instantly - no waiting for an email is required. I run a pub quiz in Melbourne every Monday night. Which French skier won three gold medals at the 1968 Winter Olympic Games? We use cookies to improve the smooth running of our website. I bought your quiz pack when you only had 1000 questions and was pretty pleased with the product. Copyright © 2020 QuizHelp.Top - All Rights Reserved Created with DoDa  Your payment is secure (via Clickbank's secure server) and we do not store or share your personal information. Chionophobia is the extreme dislike or fear of what? 4. Rebecca. 1. Which city is colder in the winter? Which melts faster? You won't find questions about British soap operas that an American could not answer in the same way as you won't find questions about American football, that only Americans could answer. If you do not have Microsoft Word™, you can either download the viewer free from Microsoft, download the excellent free™ software, use Apple Pages™ or simply download a different format of the Quiz! Russia (its been a contributing factor to the military failures of several invasions of Russia), Mont Blanc (the site was Chamonix, France). Simply download the pack by clicking on the button below: Boats, Seas, Oceans and Waterways Questions. 9. When someone loves trivia and information this much, you just know his questions are going to be entertaining! How many teeth does it have? Hurricane season starts in spring? The price is more than reasonable for so many good questions. 9. Who was men's figure skating gold medallist at the 1976 Winter Olympics? Not all computers are the same and not everybody has the same software installed. Wow! None of the above. 169   Geography Questions 187   Sport Questions 141   Science & Medicine Questions 143   History Questions 174   Music & Lyrics Questions 245   General Knowledge Questions 146   TV, Cinema & Radio Questions 121   Animals, Plants & Botany Questions  108   Arts Questions 90   Words & Language Questions 60   Food & Drink Questions 50   Mythology & Astrology Questions  49   Literature Questions 21   Maritime Questions 24   Aviation & Space Travel Questions Total = over 1,700 Questions (with Answers of course), 283   General Knowledge Questions 176   Sport Questions 165   TV & Film Questions 182   Food & Drink Questions 167   Geography Questions 162   Music Questions 146   Language & Literature Questions 155   Science & Nature Questions 142   History Questions 90   Entertainment Questions 65   Letters & Numbers Questions 28   Christmas Questions 21   Missing Link Questions 90   Tougher & Small Themes Questions + Beatles, Bible, Football Questions Total = over 1,900 Questions (with Answers of course), 200  General Knowledge Questions 200  Music Questions 200  Geography Questions 200  History Questions 200  TV & Film Questions 160  Food & Drink Questions 155  Sport Questions 150  Art, Literature & Culture Questions 145  Science, Technology & Nature Questions 107  People Quiz Questions 100  Words & Language Questions 61  Clothes & Fashion Questions 61  Numbers Quiz Questions 59  Seasonal Themed Quiz Questions 52  Mythology, Beliefs & Ideas Questions 45  Boats, Seas, Oceans and Waterways Questions   Total = over 2,000 Questions (with Answers of course), 280   Art, Literature, Movies & TV Questions 233   Geography Questions 200   General Knowledge Questions 175   Food & Drink Questions 158   Sport & Games Questions 167   Music Questions 130   Language Questions 125   Science, Technology & Nature Questions 171   History Questions 110   Human Body Questions 52   Multiple Choice Questions 60   Law & Order Questions 65   Albums Questions  21   Tough True or False Questions 20   Fuel & Energy Questions + 9 Further Categories of Questions Total = over 2,100 Questions (with Answers of course).


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