what is joe pera like in real life
But the reason behind his tomato obsession is unknown. The whole premise is, you just kind of create the feeling of being in bed on a rainy night, and [you’re] in the same place as the viewer. It feels like we pick up actors as we go and scout, and actually make the show, and just meet people. I’m a comedian in New York, and I didn’t want to do a show about a comedian in New York. The answer is no! October 22, 2018 at 8:33 am, Joe Pera (Photo: Flickr.com/Benjamin Ragheb, https://www.flickr.com/photos/benzado/6176423956/). Adult Swim’s kind-hearted Joe Pera Talks With You finds humor in life’s little details. Joseph “Joe” Pera, age 30, was born on July 24, 1988 in Buffalo, New York, where he says that he is “familiar with the trees up there.”. A New Yorker his early ’30s, Joe Pera has risen to critical acclaim over the last number of years, on the strength of a comedic voice that is all his own. The premise of Joe Pera Talks With You is so simple as to almost be beside the point: Comedian Joe Pera plays a lightly fictionalized version of himself as a sweet Michigander, a middle-school chorus teacher with small and specific passions. Joe Pera helps teach his friend's wife how to play a song on the piano in time for their anniversary party. Because they’re kind of monologue-based, I could test an entire episode out pretty much on stage before we shot it, and that was very cool. And a huge part of the show’s appeal is in Joe asking us to take a minute and learn from the smallest, weirdest details we might otherwise ignore. Featuring turns from a number of Pera’s longtime creative partners, including Connor O’Malley, the series centers on a fictionalized version of the comedian, who is teaching choir at a middle school in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Joe Pera's cozy Adult Swim series is now available to stream on HBO Max! We talked with the comedian about his Adult Swim show and Austin Powers (of course). It feels, I think, better than trying to cast very experienced actors for every single role. If I want to think about beans for a few months, or almost the entire year that we take to make the show, it’s like I could think about beans for a year, and find interesting things, and just be relaxed, same as the sleep episode. But that’s not the case with comedian Joe Pera. Joe’s position in all of these situations is often peripheral. A lot of friends became music teachers, so I just chose that profession and ran with it, based on conversations I’ve had with them. No surprise it's set in the U.P. But true to the show’s title, Joe Pera is always talking with you, whether the “you” in question is the one he addresses by looking at the camera, or a “you” as in Gene and the others, who play against Joe’s perfectly buttoned-up straight man with their hilarious mundanities.


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