washington county jail roster, mn
Washington County is included in the Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN-WI Metropolitan Statistical Area. You can contact the Sheriff through his email address at sheriff@co.washington.mn.us. Visitors not following the jail rules will be asked to leave and be banned from visiting for a minimum of 30 days. Please do not visit if you are not feeling well or have any of the following COVID-19 symptoms: fever, shortness of breath, cough, sore-throat. Reporting for Work in Lieu of Jail. To send a letter to an inmate in the Washington County Jail, address the envelope as follows: Inmate’s Full Name Washington County Jail 15015 62nd St. N. Po Box 3801 Stillwater, MN 55082, Money for an inmate can be deposited to the inmate’s account by: Jail lobby kiosk by cash or credit card Limited to $150 per credit card transaction and $500 per month Cash – unlimited Internet deposits: InmateCanteen.com $8.95 fee, Email can be sent to an inmate by setting up an account with. Clothing that is too revealing will disallow your visit. Click Link to View Current Jail List: 10-28-20 Visitation Schedule © 2020 UsaCountyRecords.com. Washington County is named after George Washington. Bail money is generally returned to the defendant once they have satisfied the courts requirements, but may be forfeited if the defendant does not appear on the assigned court date or may be credited towards fines and fees due to the court. Fill out and submit the form on the website. All Rights Reserved. You are also required to accept a disclosure to use the database. Bonds are accepted from approved bonding agents. A person may request to have their booking fee reimbursed if: It is up to the individual to provide proof from court administration that the charges were dismissed or you have been acquitted, If you believe you are entitled to a booking fee reimbursement, call the jail at 651-430-7900 and ask to speak to the support services sergeant, P.O. Remain 6 feet away from others at all times. Inmate Account Deposits. You can bring your own, or we will provide you with one. IDs are not acceptable. Due to private data laws, the jail can only tell you if the inmate has a visitor list, but it cannot be told who is on the list. For that reason, we recommend having children use the bathroom before the visit begins. loss of smell, loss of appetite, or any symptoms of respiratory illness. Washington County Sheriff's Office Alpha-Roster 11/01/20 11:40 Current Inmate List, by Name Name # Name Location Time Incarcerated ----- ----- ----- ----- 230243 MCGINNIS, CHRISTOPHER LAURE A Block Main 16:17:35 10/14/20 160248 MCKANE, CHASE JORDAN D Block Mezzanine 19:35:28 09/21/20 696829 MCLEOD, JERRY THOMAS B Block Main 12:44:56 07/22/20 578269 MCNAIR, EUGENE STEVEN WCCC … Address: 15015 62ND STREET, N. STILLWATER MN 55082, Please Share Your Experiences Visiting Or Staying In This Facility. If you have a disability and need assistance to visit, let an officer know and we will assist you. Inmates will not be removed from a program or work to visit. Whenever a bail bond is forfeited by a judge, the surety and bondsman shall be informed by the court overseer in writing, and be directed to make payment in accordance with the terms of the bond within ninety (90) days from the date of the order of forfeiture. I want to. Where can I find information about the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act? A Washington County Inmate Search provides detailed information about a current or former inmate in Washington County, Minnesota. The Supreme Court Ruling on Illegal Stops: A Trample to Democracy? Zip codes in Washington County include 55001, 55003, 55016, 55025, 55038, 55042, 55043, 55047, 55055, 55071, 55073, 55082, 55083, … The credit card must be in the name of the person posting the bail with a valid ID. Minor children are welcome to visit. Search for Inmates on the Jail Roster in Washington County MN: Arrest Date, Mugshot, Charges, Bail Amount, Booking #, Release Date, Warrants, Washington County Minnesota Sheriff’s Departments and Jails. Visitors who have warrants will be taken into custody. Jail staff cannot disclose whether you are or are not on an inmate’s visiting list due to data privacy laws. Minors cannot be left unattended in the jail lobby or in your vehicle. Only minors on the visiting list that are the inmate’s biological, adopted, foster, guardian and step children may visit when accompanied by an adult on the visiting list. The most current list of jail inmates is updated frequently. Social Visiting. It was opened in in 1993. Practice social distancing in the jail waiting lobby. Mail is opened and inspected by jail staff. The first 200 matches will be shown. All registered sex offenders are registered on either a national or state sex offender database. Before any subject is released on bond, the bond must be approved by a judge after submission to the prosecuting lawyer for approval and execution. Social visiting of jail inmates will resume on Friday, June 19th, 2020, Visits will be by appointment only, and will be limited to 30 minutes. Professional Visits. The county is governed by a 5-member county board of commissioners. Code Enforcement. There is a $0.25 per message for e-mail service. County Building 14949 62nd St. N PO Box 6 Stillwater, MN 55082-6132 Phone: 651-430-6000, Washington County Minnesota Sheriff Information. Bail and/or Bonds will only be accepted by Court Administration in the Courthouse Building, Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Probation officers hold offenders accountable by ensuring that financial restitution is being paid to victims and community service is completed. Washington County is located along the eastern border of Minnesota. The definition of a sex offender is a person convicted of a crime involving sex, including rape, molestation, and production or distribution of child pornography. Washington County is located in the eastern part of Minnesota with its county seat in Stillwater. Bail is accepted in cash (exact amount) or credit card. It may be filed with the court administrator during regular business hours and also with the custodian of the jail. If you want to post bail or bond for someone currently in Jail, this can be done at certain times in person at the Jail or Court Administration. Minor children must also be on the inmate’s visiting list before being allowed in, Minors cannot be left unattended in the jail lobby or in your vehicle, Lockers free of charge are available in the jail lobby for outer clothing, phones, purses, money, etc, Baby strollers, cribs, and carriers are not allowed in the jail, Visitors must control their children’s behavior in the visitor booth area or be asked to leave, For safety and security reasons, a visit may be terminated if a visitor needs to use the restroom during the visit.


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