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I loved it. Most of it was focused on the weekends — so I’d do five or six hours a day on the weekends. >>> How to get into road cycling for less than £500. He finished 16th out of ~50 in a cat 2/3 circuit race... dope, gonna order an Aeroad tomorrow! I specifically remember a video where hes with his son in his first race, and instead of telling his son to stay on the right side of the single track, or that hes gonna collide head on into another cyclist he just keeps filming and blabbering on to his son. He looks like he’s having a great time riding with all kinds of people. Chill tf out. Top achievements: Current Three Peaks champion, Oldham has also medalled at the British National Cyclocross Championships, including a gold in 2011. I do the occasional local race but it gets a bit stressful racing every weekend,” the current National 10 champion reveals of his work/race balancing act. ... Posted in Cycling, Drinking | Tagged beer run, drunkcyclist Step-by-step guide to not doing social media on your bike ride. His son then proceeded to smash head on into another cyclist. Quality takes precedence over quantity, with not one single junk mile featuring in de Quay’s busy day-to-day schedule. During racing, the consumption of energy was 69.3 MJ (1.65 MJ/h), 65.76 MJ from carbohydrates (92 g/h), which was 35% of calories and 40% of carbohydrate total intake, and the fluid ingested was 3 L/day (570 mL/h), 55% of the total fluid consumed. “On a weekend, I’m out at the crack of dawn, and I’ll be done and dusted before [most people have] done anything — the main problem with that is you end up riding on your own a lot,” he says. Posted on March 20, 2020 by Cupcake. Pre-work training usually means taking in a 55-mile loop of lumpy West Midlands terrain, and often leaves the RST Sport/Aero Coach rider fatigued before he heads out on foot with a heavy postbag — this is the toughest aspect of combining work and racing, Bussell says. But 2015 Three Peaks winner and all-round cyclocross aficionado Paul Oldham manages — evidently very successfully — to prepare for his races in the shadow of a full-time position as researcher and designer at Hope Technology. Like, 16th in a 2/3 race isn't some kind of monumental achievement, but it's way beyond the abilities of the vast majority of people who own a bicycle worth >$1,500. Honestly, is anyone inspired to buy a Canyon now because of VC's Instagram Story from Friday (and I suppose the future YouTube video)? By night, however, and sometimes of a lunchtime too, it is not unusual to find the postal worker aboard his Cervélo P2 pedalling at speeds beyond the reach of mere mortals — well, faster than anyone who isn’t capable of topping the national time trial podium. It’s the walking up and down hills with heavy bags that doesn’t give you any chance to recover. “I can start early in the morning and finish early in the afternoon. Take the unrelenting ascent of a Grand Tour queen stage, add to it the frantic argy bargy of a Flandrian Classic, and then cover the whole lot in grass and mud — et voilà, you have the Three Peaks race, widely billed as the toughest cyclocross race in the world.


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