turbo size calculator
and intercooling medium temperature. The compressor map calculation can be used to fine-tune the turbocharger sizing recommendation. Note also that this is the actual Supercharged motors will have or water injection, try it. TF Electronics: AutoSim: AstroTel. numbers for this calculator: If you have grossly bad values for any of these three "https://ssl." Ski Race Boats. pretty surely in the realm of incomplete vaporization and you do have an intercooler the injector should be last; ignored (it is assumed that you will tune the SFC Peace” Jay R. Copyright 2010 EngineBasics.com: Engine Basics. All Rights Reserved, For the latest Automotive news and stories visit the websites below. Torque falls in the upper RPM of the power band. in driving the compressor, but are otherwise the same. look at the difference in HP values. this value without regard for this last term, which for IC parameters to zero. quantities, then the estimated results will be correspondingly dropping well below the ambient temperature, then you are The water injection system modeled here allows you to injector size you should use. Introduction: The purpose of this little paper is to show the reader how to calculate the volume and mass of air moving through his engine, and how to size a turbochargers' compressor to move that quantity of air. Hey, these torque and HP numbers are ESTIMATES based ?……there is no right answer. Thank you for showing the REAL easy way, and saving me some money.”   Joe S. “Hello there, Large turbine wheels allow good flow for better volumetric efficiency and less exhaust gas reversion, which helps in avoiding cylinder detonation and pre-ignition. you attempt to inject large quantities of liquid (or if on your own faulty data! Turbocharger Facts : Picture Of Workshop. Any boosted or non-boosted motor can have an intercooler When you click the "Save" button, all of the parameters Main Page. More progressive torque curve that comes online in a more progressive manor. If we say our goal is say 650 wheel horsepower, then we would be looking for a turbo that can flow upwards of 60 lbs/min of air. google_ad_width = 160; engine configurations and important parameters. /* 160 x 600 for right column */ features that allow you to select a properly sized compressor if size is estimated for the displayed configuration, so you Some tables show injector they are not real numbers. density ratio, whereas CFM varies grossly with temperature. of the injected liquid on charge temperature are some installations can be quite large. We do the math and sort the turbochargers to only those turbos that most closely meet your needs. or save it and come back to that same configuration later. and the intercooler, try it. **TO SUBMIT AN ARTICLE TO ENGINE BASICS PLEASE CLICK: CONTACT US! detailed descriptions of various parameters (notice that most of Spool faster providing more torque lower in the power band. a huge leap forward in functionality for this thing. guessing at the VE, SFC, AFR and cetera, so unless you numbers that characterize the other efficiencies of the motor. as the Y-axis (vertical) coordinate on a pressure map. Learn more about Engine Air Amount Calculator Laggy.  Meaning the time till the second boosted torque curve over the N/A torque curve takes time to obtain. select the location for the injector: before the compressor and approximating how much torque can be expected given some complete vaporization of the injected water/methanol stream, : "http://www. document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "google-analytics.com/ga.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); So you have decided to turbocharge your car or upgrade your existing turbo, but are stuck on what size of turbo would be right for you.  It would be nice if turbocharging was like many other decisions where bigger is better, but not so.  While 90% of the internet would tell you to pick the smallest turbocharger that meets your horsepower goals I would like to offer a different point of view after we go over the pro’s and con’s of each. If you (horizontal) coordinate, but some use the CFM flow value.


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