top 20 twitch streamers
Standing at 5ft and 10 inches tall, he has been an avid gamer for most of his life, dating back to as early as the Super Nintendo console days. He started streaming with the game Paragon back in 2016. He streams a variety of games for his 3.2 million followers including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto V, and DayZ. He has over 4.6 million followers on Twitch as well as 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. is Josh Beaver from Denver, Colorado. * Note: Game/Company channels riotgames, esl_csgo, and Fortnite omitted. The net worth of Ninja is around $20 million dollars as of 2020. Michael Grzesiek is a Polish-Canadian internet personality formerly known as mEclipse. In late 2015, Tim married his high-school sweetheart, Alexis. He stumbled upon PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and those videos started to increase his fame, although he was still standing at around 100,000 subs when Fortnite was released. His net worth is currently estimated at $2.2 million. It is more popular than most people realize. Following Mixer’s shutdown, we are still waiting for Ninja to announce a new deal with a streaming platform but he still holds the most followed spot. Recently, moreover, Summit1g has been getting a whole lot more attention, since he started playing Valorant on his Twitch. He’s a veteran of Twitch, and has continued to drive the biggest trends on the platform, almost 10 years into his career. Currently, popular games such as Fortnite, PUBG, League of Legends, Call of Duty and DOTA are a permanent fixture on Twitch with many players live streaming their gameplay daily. TSM_Myth, better known as simply Myth online, is an American gamer of Middle-Eastern descent. He began streaming back on in 2011 before moving to Twitch. His gear includes an Intel Core I9-9900K processor, a MSI Geforce RTX 2080 TI graphics card, an Asus Rog Maximus XI Hero motherboard and a G.Skill Tridentz RGB Series 32GB Ram, all packed inside a NZXT H440 case. Ninja: 14.7 Million Followers. Through all his gaming ventures, his cumulative estimated net worth is $7.5 million currently. Alan Ferreira, better known by his online alias Alanzoka, is a 30 year old Brazilian Twitch streamer, YouTuber and internet personality. With 4.4 million subscribers, earnings can be estimated over $10M each month on month. XQCOW joined Twitch 4 years ago and is already earning millions. She has been active on the platforms since 2013 but has had breaks over that time, most notably in 2016 when she posted just 2 videos. She’s got over 4.8 subscribers on Twitch. 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Jaryd Lazar, aka summit1g, currently streams Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), as well as Fortnite. Rabia Yazbek is better known on Twitch as Nightblue3. American streamer Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan is one of Fortnite’s top content creators. Easily the most popular LoL streamer, Tyler1 has fully reformed from a toxic Draven one-trick into one of the scene’s most popular figures. His YouTube videos receive 10M to 20M views each. This 33-year-old streams under the nickname Dakotaz and is a part of Team Solo Mid along with TSM_Myth. With 4.9M followers on Twitch and 319K subscribers on YouTube, video game publisher Riot Games provides space for Twitch streamers to compete. Any question please leave us a message via facebook(recommended) and we'll get back to you soon. It goes without saying that TikTokers weren’t the only ones in Saddle Ranch, or elsewhere celebrating Halloween, as parties went on across the world, so it’s very possible Ariana wasn’t calling them out specifically, but the shoe definitely seems to fit. However, it is not all fun and games at Twitch, as streamers have a lot of options to earn money from such as subscriber fees, donations, ad revenues, and sponsorships. Ninja’s real name is Richard Blevins and he has a background in pro gaming. His supporters can join the Champions Club and receive 50 exclusive subscriber emoticons as well as a subscriber badge In chat. James Vargas streamed League of Legends and CS:GO games on his Twitch channel. He streams occasional vlogs and IRL streams alongside his FIFA content which includes him opening packs on stream. The gamer earned his reputation on Twitch by playing Call of Duty and GTA V. Having branched out to different avenues after gaming, Tom has successfully acquired a massive following for himself, across a number of platforms, including YouTube. The money earned by some Twitch streamers just by uploading a live stream of them playing a game can put many jobs to shame and can make them wonder if they should have played video games more professionally. Timothy Betar is better known as Twitch superstar TimTheTatman. In late 2011 he went silent on the platform and didn’t release any content for 5 years. With an average viewership of around 200K per week, Shroud earns well over $10 million in yearly revenues. He only started it around a month ago and it contains just 12 videos at the time of writing, yet already has over 500,000 subscribers. He provides tips and tricks for players who want to improve their skills, and also streams Warzone too. Dr Disrespect made his return to streaming on YouTube with crazy numbers, but he won’t be able to play games with streamers while they are also streaming due to Twitch’s terms of service. is 25-year-old, Florida-domiciled, Michael Santana in the offline world. He’s been streaming for about eight years, starting on a website called Xfire. Loltyler1 also has a very successful YouTube channel with more than 1 million subscribers. ESL stands for the Electronic Sports Company – and the. The gamer can be found on all social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter through his alias: NickMercs. ChloeLock To your surprise, Chloe is a professional model and she even made her own way into Britain’s Next Top Model. He also managed to gain Challenger status in Seasons 5-7. In January of this year he received a 7-day ban from Twitch and in July he found himself facing a lengthy 30-day ban, proving that being popular doesn’t mean you are above the rules. Watch best archives and  highlights plus League of Legends streams. Here he posts Fortnite videos and highlights from his streams. He played Halo 3 professionally for several teams including Cloud9 and Team Liquid. His channel is more family-friendly than some which has both advantages and disadvantages. Tim is sponsored by Monster Energy and Audio-Technica, Cyber power PC and Razer. Like Tfue, Ninja may not be dedicated to Fortnite anymore, but it’s certainly the game that helped him reach never-seen-before levels of popularity on Twitch. With the emergence of eSports, Worldwide game tournaments and competitions, Twitch’s popularity has been skyrocketing like never before. After gaining a following there he decided to enter the live streaming arena. NANI? They operate League of Legends servers across the world, often with localized versions of the game. The gamer can be found on all social media platforms including Twitter, TikTok and Instagram through his alias TimTheTatman. He has been to five world championships and was one of only two players who qualified for the first five tournaments. Throughout his career, Nick has earned himself an accumulated net worth of $4 million through streaming, sponsorships and other ventures. Born with the name Ali Hassan in 1996, SypherPK is one of the most recognized faces in the gaming world, owing to his fantastic gaming skills, which enabled him to rally a healthy following to his side relatively easily. He is a part of Team SoloMid. Other games which he is known to play on a regular basis include APEX legends and CS:GO. Nick earned his fame by playing popular games like Fortnite- in which he has also earned a world record for most squad kills- Call of Duty and Gears of War. He finds fun in shooter games but says he also enjoys playing just about anything. He used to describe himself as a professional Halo player and interacts with viewers while he plays and streams games on his Twitch channel five days per week. In addition to Twitch his YouTube channel has over 6.5M subscribers. He has over 768k followers on Twitch and 223k on YouTube. Back in 2016, he won the Streamer of the Year award at the eSports Industry award ceremony. He’s created his own tournament, the TCS, and is currently partnered with Korean esports giant T1. Alanzoka is known for having a sense of humor. He started his streaming career by playing World of Warcraft before switching to DayZ. As with most of the leading Twitch streamers, Loltyler1 plays full-time, often spending 40 hours per week on Twitch. He is one of the highest earning streamers on Twitch, with a current estimated net worth of $8 million. With almost double second place, it doesn’t look like he’ll be losing it anytime soon either. Since Amazon repurchased the live streaming platform in 2011, it saw an overwhelming surge in popularity and is currently giving YouTube Gaming a run for its money. He’s been playing League of Legends for over seven years. Riot Games was founded by Brandon "Ryze" Beck and Marc "Tryndamere" Merrill in 2006 – initially as an indie game developer. In return, they gain ad-free viewing, access to emotes and sometimes other perks the channel owner sets. Dyrus has a reputation for being one of the biggest ragers in professional gaming, but he has mellowed as he has aged. He has been described as “The Face of Twitch” after receiving multiple awards in 2017 (although unlike most of the other top Twitch players profiled here he doesn’t have a Wikipedia entry).


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