toah auto team 2019
The provoke will prevent any harm to your fire units unless the provoke is missed then it is likely Maruna and Shaina will be able to stun the remaining units not provoked. However, it is possible for your DB10 Verdehile to be used in ToaH under the condition of obtaining the proper HP minimum requirement (+9k HP). Players with most or all of the monsters listed: Verad leader skill – Rica – Water Homunculus – Jeanne – Ganymede. Exactly as the header reads! (including boss stages and ToA 100) AoE stun with ATB reduction and defense break DEF is a plus to add more damage on basalt especially if you are pairing Basalt with Mantura. Baretta has the same usage as the toa normal Baretta. The enabler and protector of the Toa hard team. (including boss stages and ToA 100), AoE stun with ATB reduction and defense break. They reduce turn cooldown to allow more dot damage or cc skills. Violent/Broken Set – SPD HP HP or SPD HP DEF, same as above. On top of this, water homunculus has three aoe skills to allow you to despair proc on each of the skills. Similar to Rica but Charlotte acts solely on reducing attack bar of Toa hard enemies instead of dotting. However, the cool down skill has a long cooldown and is least effective out of the 3. Both bosses can be beaten with the same teams: displayed her as a shield holder, you may use the same build with the same runes. 2 years ago. One of which is a skill that reduces multiple enemy mobs to 0 attack speed bar. Despair/Broken Set – SPD HP HP (Basalt’s heal is scaled off his MAX HP) but SPD HP DEF may work also as his third skill scales off defense. However, this is unlikely but I have a few suggestions to make. Smart heal that will only be used when your monsters are low on HP. Second skill does enemy max HP based damage (great since ToA monsters have super high max HP) and AoE attack breaks in case the enemies get a turn. Her passive pulls Shaina into her attack which reduces Shaina’s cooldowns so she can use her AoE stun and ATB bar reduce skill more often. The best set is considered Violent/Broken set-Will set-focus set – SPD DEF/HP DEF/HP – Vio/will is meta for an all around Verad but any of these other sets can be useful for Toa hard. Similar to the other reset units but without any utility. Some hard boss floors will require having specific debuffs like slow and attack break or special abilities like attack bar reset and provoke. A year ago we watched a video with this team, so its not our idea. In the Artmaiel room, she can sleep the other enemies and you can focus Artamiel boss only with monsters such as twins or Spectra. ATK buff and ATB boost if you’re not using Galleon on lower floors. No other stats required but having resistance and def substats can be a plus for consistency. Giant's Keep B10 Guide,Progression Guides, Dragon's Lair B10 Guide,Progression Guides, ToA Guide (Normal & Hard),Progression Guides, Karzhan Guide (Level 5),Progression Guides, Ellunia Guide (Level 5),Progression Guides, Best Summoners War Monsters Guide [Updated List], Trial of Ascension (ToA) Guide - Teams, Monsters & Runes. – Units are not completely niche to ToaH as they can be used in B10s and PVP content. Additionally, she can despair stun proc enemies with two AOE skills. Overall, it depends on what is available and which unit you pull first. Do not focus the Jultan until the end. Both grim reapers are used as pure dot damage dealers. 2 Chances to AoE decrease enemy ATB by 30% with 30% chance each. The guide will mainly focus on effective ToaH clearing with the least nat 5 as possible. The first skill can generate more turns based on the sleep applied units. Poseidon provides two AOE sets. A stronger version of Baretta but Rica can slow and has 2 AOE stuns with multiple effects on each. Additionally, on despair, Baretta can stun multiple units. Some things to consider when runing a DoT team: 1. Pretty good damage dealer so clearing stages fast because he does 30% increased damage for every debuff on the enemy. Verad, Chasun, Lora, Martina, Shaina. +12k+ HP – the more the better for durability, 180+ SPD – Quite easy with Ganymede’s base spd + spd slot 2, Any set as long as he fits the stats below. Protected: The Ultimate Guild Content Guide. In higher Toa Hard rooms, Sigmarus can do massive damage due to the high hp of Toa hard units. sadly i do not have him verad or mantura that ive heard are so great in toah, Mind sharing your runes, stats and skill ups? Puts up 2 stacks of AoE DoTs on a 3 turn cooldown. Amazing for speed clearing the lower floors because he does huge AoE damage that doesn’t need defense break. AoE silence for 1 turn is great for incase the enemies get a turn they will only be able to use their skill 1. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Any debuff landed on Poseidon can be transferred back to the enemy with its first skill under usage. A classic Toa normal and Toa hard unit. The DoT team has a lot of choices to choose from and it is considered the safer route for ToaH. You do not want to risk taking too much reflect damage. However, Com2us has made certain monsters a lot of difficult with new balanced patch notes such as Fire Lich, Dark Phantom Thief. Third skill AoE decreases the enemies ATB by 30% x3 times. That's interesting and very achievable. First skill puts up heal block debuff which is needed for some niche stages. Her passive makes every attack reduce the enemies ATB by 25-50%, this is great for keeping the boss from moving since every turn she can attack speed slow and push back the ATB of the boss. Baretta functions as a dot damage dealer and an emergency attack bar reducer for a single target. THIS SITE AND THE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OFFERED ARE NOT ASSOCIATED, AFFILIATED, ENDORSED, OR SPONSORED BY COM2US. ToaH is essential because it adds more rewards to your resource pool. But I wanted to get a look at what other teams you guys may have built out there with the less common monsters. Verdehile for ToaH will be built slightly different than one in my DB10 Guide. AoE stun on all enemies that have DoTs on them. 180+ SPD is suggested but may be difficult with her low spd base. SPD HP HP – Swift Broken Set (with ACC/SPD subs) – recommended build for ToA because Violent can remove her invincibility debuff and create major problems especially for high damage unit rooms. In terms of runes, some of you may ask: Can we use this team with the same runes we used in our team compositions such as our NB10 team? Baretta (L) Verad Mav Basalt Briand. Increase ATB of your whole team by 50% and reduces your teams cooldown. Verad has an awakening bonus of 25 accuracy to allow players to achieve high accuracy at a much easier rate. Puts a single enemies cooldowns on max and AoE resets the ATB of enemies to 0 (Great for not allowing bosses to use their second and third skills while also CCing the side monsters). It gives you scrolls, crystals, rainbowmons, devilmons, and is the only way to farm L&D and Legendary scrolls. Some things to consider when runing a DoT team: 1. 50% chance to AoE reduce enemies ATB by 30% and 100% chance to put up attack speed slow debuff with his third skill that’s only on a 3 turn cooldown. Before I have Basalt I use Talc, can say not much difference. However, her base spd can be difficult to rune because it requires spd substats. One of which is handy for resetting multiple units’ attack bar. Hathor/Verad/Charlotte/Rica leader skill – Spectra – Belladeon – Mav – Colleen, Tyron/Verad/Charlotte/Rica Leader skill – Shaina – Maruna – Sabrina – Chasun, Baretta leader skill – Spectra – Mav – Bella – Basalt on despair, Verad leader skill – Mav – Jeanne – Spectra – Belladeon, Verad leader skill – Shaina – Sabrina – Jeanne – Mav, Vela/Woosa leader skill – Shaina – Chasun – Sabrina – Jeanne, Baretta leader skill – Mav – Jeanne – Spectra – Verad/Hathor/Rica, Garo (at 215-220 total SPD or it may fail) – Baretta – Jeanne – Mav –, Garo (at 215-220 total SPD or it may fail) – Verad – Rica – Mav – Jeanne, Garo (at 215-220 total SPD or it may fail) – Tyron – Baretta – Water Homunculus – Jeanne/Mav, Diaz + Chasun – Baretta – Mav – Tyron/Verad/Rica/Charlotte, Diaz + Chasun – Rica – Jeanne – Water Homunculus/Verad/Charlotte, Diaz + Chasun – Sigmarus – Baretta – Mav/Jeanne, Baretta/Rica/Water Homunculus – Jeanne – Mav – DoT unit – DoT unit.


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