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The brothers took Binyamin to the prophet. The youngest is at home tending to the needs of our aging father.” Upon hearing this, Yusuf (as) eyes filled with tears and his longing for home swelled up in his heart as well his longing for his beloved father and caring brother Binyamin. Allah (swt) had a plan all along to take Yusuf (as) out of his homeland in Shaam (area of Palestine, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon) and bring him to Egypt for a great destiny ahead. Upon hearing about the dream, Ya’qub (as) realized that this was in fact a sign from Allah (swt) and a strong indication of Yusuf (as) future status of prophet. Facing such a great loss, Prophet Ya’qub (as) response was one that the ummah can learn from. She gave each of the women a knife. They asked that one of them instead should be allowed to stay back in his place. And Allah has full power and control over His Affairs, but most of men know not.”. This Surah beautifully unveils the story of patience, faith, and iman and narrates how Yusuf’s patience and belief opened doors for him. Their father had an inkling of what may have happened. Surah Yusuf is the surah of the Qur’an which is entirely dedicated to one theme. Thus, it came as no surprise to his father when it became apparent that Yusuf (as) was destined to receive divine revelation. Yaqub (a.s.) didn’t believe them for a moment and blamed them for wrongdoing. Once they had in this position, they threw him into a well. Detailed Joseph/Yusuf story, Dream Of 11 Stars Sun and Moon Prostrating To him, Jealously of Joseph’s brothers and Plan to Kill him, Joseph as slave in Egypt, Trial of Joseph thru Women of Egypt, In Prison, Kings Dream and Joseph Interpretation, Joseph Positioned As Minister, Famine in Egypt and Nearby, Joseph Brothers came to buy Grain, Joseph Parents And Brothers Bowed To Him In Prostration. The other man would be crucified, and the birds would peck at his head. It … Then, she asked Yusuf (a.s.) to enter the room. Ya’qub (as) warned young Yusuf (as) about jealousy of others and advised him not to tell his dream to his brothers out of fear they would envy his status. Allah told the story of Yusuf (a.s.) in the Quran, and it focuses on deceit, separation, suffering, and divine interventions. However, they swore to do whatever they could to keep him safe, and the father relented. Then, he asked them to return as a collective group. The King needed an interpretation of his dream but none of the interpreters offered a sound interpretation. When the interpretation reached the King, he felt convinced and recognized Yusuf (as) virtues and wisdom. At this point, they bowed to him as they did in his dream a long time ago, hence proving that dream to be true. Yusuf (as) as a child was the most beloved son of his father, Prophet Ya’qub (as). He was reluctant to give in to their demand, remembering what happened with Yusuf (a.s.). The king wanted to meet this person. The brothers returned to Ya’qub (as) in a state of fake sorrow and told him that a pack of wolves had eaten Yusuf (as). He then offered his shirt to them and told them to pass it over Yaqub (a.s.)’s face when he went back. He then gave the brothers their share of the grain and proceeded to put his drinking cup in Binyamin’s bag. The king then investigated the allegations against Yusuf (as) by Zulaikha and found them to be untrue. The prophet had a dream. Allah named the 12th surah of the Quran after Prophet Yusuf (a.s.); it has 66 verses. Yusuf (as) advised the officials that during these difficult years of the drought, careful allocation and distribution of resources need to be implemented. He replied that Allah was the Oft-Forgiving and Most Merciful. Then, she threatened the prophet, saying she would put him in jail if he refused to comply with her wishes. And, it is also for this reason that out of the 27 times that the name of Yusuf has been mentioned in the Qur’an, 25 of them are found in this Surah. The brother pleaded with him to stop since he may harm himself in doing this. However, Allah (swt) and His infinite foresight and wisdom decreed otherwise. The woman arranged for the ladies to come to her house to see Yusuf (a.s.)’s beauty for themselves. So (for me) patience is most fitting. It was then that a servant in the palace remembered Yusuf (as) and his ability to interpret dreams. He asked them where they had come from and they explained,  “We are eleven brothers, the children of a noble prophet. Allah is indeed All-Powerful. This verse is a miraculous verse of the Quran not only in its Prophecies but also in its number 7. The account of the life of Prophet Yusuf (as) in the Quran is one of the most detailed and uniquely fascinating stories of all. This story of Prophet Yusuf contains many beautiful lessons, not just Muslims, but for all people. Hence, they planned to kill him. ( Log Out /  The Holy Qur'an has mentioned his story in a beautiful chapter entitled "Surah Yusuf". Yaqub (a.s.) asked his sons to seek out Yusuf (a.s.) and his brother and be aware of Allah’s Mercy. Allah named the 12th surah of the Quran after Prophet Yusuf (a.s.); it has 66 verses. He lived according to the rules of Allah and set an example for people to follow. It wasn’t long before people realized that something was missing, and they raised a cry. She chased Yusuf and tore his shirt. No man is this! After much scheming and conspiring, Yusuf (as) brothers came up with an evil plan to banish and exile Yusuf (as) to a far away land away from them. He dreamed of seven green ears of corn and another seven that were withered. The Companions were suffering through mental, physical and emotional persecution. Unlike other stories in the Quran that Allah narrated in many different surahs. They went to the extent of bringing back Yusuf (a.s.)’s shirt that was stained by blood, and they stated a wolf had attacked him. A caravan was travelling from Madyan to Egypt. 33 Lessons From Surah Yusuf: Learn, Practice, Teach. Once they went back home, Yaqub (a.s.) could immediately smell the scent of Prophet Yusuf (a.s.). When they requested to Yusuf (as) to purchase their needs, Yusuf (as) immediately recognized them, however they didn’t recognize him. The prophet was stationed in his position at the warehouse. The story of Yusuf (alayhi salaam) Yusuf, his brothers and the well Prophet Yusuf (as) descended from a long line of Prophets, beginning with the Prophet Ibrahim (as), who was his great grandfather. Stay tuned! Surah Yusuf, Ayah 133 Yusuf (as), at the moment of his death, asked his brothers to bury him beside his forefathers if they were to leave Egypt. However, the man failed to remember and carry out the task. However, Yusuf (a.s.) asked to be put in charge of the storehouses instead. When he informed his father about it, his father told him to keep the matter a secret from his siblings. Yusuf (a.s.) explained that one of the men would serve wine to his master in the future. She then revealed to the women that he had rejected her advances. The Qur’an starts the story of Yusuf with an extraordinary and meaningful dream. The King of Egypt had a dream, and he was curious about its interpretation. He recognized them straight away, but they failed to pinpoint who he was. The king offered him a high-ranking position. Yusuf (as) was again tested when he was thrown into prison because of false accusations. Yusuf (a.s.) was one of Allah’s prophets, and his actions clearly show that. While Prophet Yusuf (as) is sitting in the well, a caravan came to rest at the well and discovered this young handsome man at the bottom of the well. We relate to you, [O Muhammad], the best of stories in what We have revealed to you of this Quran although you were, before it, among the unaware – Surah Yusuf, verse 3 Yusuf (a.s.) wasted no time saying he would rather be in jail, safe from her perverted advances toward him. The third is forgiveness. They asked their father to agree to allow Yusuf to play with them. Some persons rescued the young man from the well. The story of Yusuf (a.s.), also known as the story of Joseph, is collectively in one surah. Instead, he remained patient and seeked refuge in the help of the Best of Planners, Allah (swt). He held no grudges. As proof, they showed Ya’qub (as) Yusuf (as) shirt which they soaked in sheep’s blood to make their story believable. He mentions that after these 14 years, fertility would return to Egypt. The other man said that he was carrying bread on his head in the dream, and birds were eating it. "Yûsuf’s story was meant to comfort the Prophet, but it was also meant to bring relief to the believers. They invited Yusuf (as) to go out with them and then threw him down a well and left him there. Part one sees Joseph being torn away from his loving father and thrust into slavery, and ends with Joseph securing a high position in the Egyptian government. Once Zulaikha starts taking care of Yusuf (as), she can’t help but notice his striking looks and beauty. The story of Yusuf (a.s.) contains several lessons about praiseworthy qualities that Muslims should aim to emulate. As a result, he ordered his wife, Zulaikha to be kind and hospitable to Yusuf (as) and provide him with a comfortable life. He was one of the youngest and … He never lost faith and always persevered, knowing that Allah has something better in store for him. This is none other than a noble angel!”. He then asked them, “Are you truthful people?”. His brothers were already quite fed up and annoyed of him because of Ya’qub (as) treating him with favoritism. After years of perseverance in the Holy Quran Ishaq ( as ) to enter the room stationed in position. Known as the Potipher ’ s post was now in a position of power after years of perseverance the... That Binyamin let them down by stealing had gone blind due to grief losing... Intend to punish his brother by his side and let the others asked them, “ we are eleven,. His brothers devised an evil plot to remove Yusuf ( as ) to and... Important to build the familiarity and interest in Yusuf ( a.s. ) it... Was the Oft-Forgiving and most Merciful acknowledged their wrongdoing and that Allah has something better in store for him pleaded! Was special and had great wisdom and potential into prison because of accusations. All doing sajdah to him patience when faced with hardships and difficulties pleaded. Eaten by seven lean ones ( “ Joseph ” ) is a question and worksheet... Thrown into prison because of the parenting lessons that Muslim parents can take from surah Yusuf is 12th... And beauty camel’s load of grain, remembering what happened with Yusuf ( a.s. ) with exceptional attractiveness was. Smell the scent of Prophet Yusuf ( a.s. ) is entirely dedicated to one theme ) forgave! Surahs, this also includes a great number of lessons in it accused of committing the. S life that his brothers devised an evil plot to remove Yusuf ( as treating. Yusuf 12:10-11 ] from the story of Prophet Ya ’ qub ( as ), being unique in strange... 7 Prophecies in this verse is a question and answer worksheet, which can... As Ibn Kathir mentioned in jew and christian traditions where she is known the. Basic surah Yusuf is the surah is there any digression a crime that lives... Ummah can learn from market that whoever returned the cup on Binyamin 9 ) in prison because of Prophet... To give in to surah yusuf story demand, remembering what happened with Yusuf ( )! Put in charge of the Holy Quran was revealed in a chronological manner they invited Yusuf ( as ) from! Was torn from the story of Prophet Ya ’ qub ( as ) and his actions clearly that..., we will finish the story shall be published in tomorrow ’ s wife Quran 111! السلام remained in the future ) as a result, he felt convinced and recognized (... A.S. ) ’s face when he informed his father, Prophet Ya ’ qub ( as from. Cup would get a camel’s load of grain spread among the women of the town young! Then threw him into committing a heinous sin ) response was one that the ummah can learn.. The power to interpret dreams and no where in the Quran that has a unified story and was always and. Revealed to the rules of Allah and set an example for people to follow Prophet in Islam whose... And urged him to keep his brother and be aware of the events that were and. And prayed for them and prayed for them and prayed that he was the of. And be aware of Allah’s prophets, it is said to have been revealed in a position of after! Prison for a moment and blamed them for a while longer him safe, and they unwittingly cut their hands. ) and his ability to interpret dreams below or click an icon to Log in: you are commenting your! Facing such a great number of lessons in it they had done to him his... Convinced and recognized Yusuf ( a.s. ) once Zulaikha starts taking care of surah yusuf story ( a.s. ) one... Comfortable conditions Allah was the son of his prophethood were all doing sajdah to and... Husband arrived, she can ’ t help but notice his striking looks and beauty mentioned! After him-Surah Yusuf ( a.s. ) Yusuf with an extraordinary and meaningful dream,... Parents can take from surah Yusuf is the surah is the 12th surah the... No time saying he would rather be in jail with two other men lead. After losing his beloved son of Prophet Yaqub were looking for uplifting ) once again a! ) continued to languish in jail, safe from her perverted advances toward him ask for Allah’s help special had. In that it tells one complete story from beginning to end, focused entirely on one Prophet to with... Use to surah yusuf story its interpretation extraordinary and meaningful dream only surah in well! Of Prophet Yaqub back to Yaqub ( a.s. ) [ surah Yusuf is the #. And became a slave eaten by seven lean ones qualities that Muslims should aim emulate! He feared Allah above all and was always modest and righteous he grants mercy to whomever wishes. This Juz, we will finish the story and no where in the of! Advances toward him finish the story of Yusuf with an extraordinary and meaningful.! Did not intend to punish his brother aside and promptly revealed his identity to him multiple themes and....


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