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on In Vogue. I’m not sure the length of his contract now, but I think it’s about three years,” Simmons says. Damon clearly entertained the thought, but I think he could hear Blanca and Helena St. Rogers in the back of his dead telling him to put Damon first. Running from 2007-2010, it … By her arrival in 1980, Scarborough was already a six-year veteran at Channel 4. Playing next. See: The idea of elder anchorman as distinguished and trustworthy, while their female counterparts are disposable. Until then, Lemon can bask in the glory of her 80 Under 80 award. To illustrate just how much of a craze it was, the episode creates a local news segment with the legendary — and previously mentioned — Sue Simmons (whom Pray Tell refused to allow in the ball room to do a story) interviewing a crowd of people lined up to get into the studio. Lest we forget, Simmons’ acting prowess. Sue Simmons was so cool, a cosmopolitan black lady in the ci-tay. Sue’s been given the boot. He has but his current relationship is about as supportive as the one he’s getting at the House of Wintour, and he breaks that one off too, mainly because the guy dissed Elektra and how she treats Ricky like a show pony. © 2020 Condé Nast. Meanwhile, during the same period, Torre alleges, she was being paid less than half the salary of her male counterpart, Pat Kiernan, who was elevated to lead anchor of NY1’s new show, Mornings on 1; Torre says she was shot down for so much as asking to use Kiernan’s new set, or one of his makeup artists. I must keep myself busy so I don’t slip into that. “[It] comes from high above. Chuck is 68. They have spanned two generations of loyal fans. An aside: I seem to remember reading once that someone did try to revive Solid Gold and secured the rights pretty cheaply but of course nothing ever came of it, and there’s no mention at all about this on the Solid Gold Wikipedia page. Nobody said anything. The news articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent IMDb's opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely factual. Five New York anchorwomen for the longtime local news station, NY1, filed a gender and age discrimination lawsuit on Wednesday. “The camaraderie is what I miss,” Simmons says. But Torre, Lee, Shaughnessy, Ramirez, and Farinacci say their alleged mistreatment is part of a system of elevating men, while marginalizing more experienced women of TV news. She adds that her longtime, on-air partner has an option to walk away. Sue Simmons Curses What the Fk and Apology. “The negative of it for me is it looks like they’re trying to duplicate. made it clear that her departure in 2012 was not voluntary. It’s her show now. He’s a very, very talented man.”, As for the veteran anchor, Scarborough confided in Simmons that between her exit and his daughter’s marriage, it was a tough year, “losing the two women he loves most.”. “We started to see the handwriting on the wall as soon as we did a tremendous downsizing. It’s just innate. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. To illustrate just how much of a craze it was, the episode creates a local news segment with the legendary — and previously mentioned — Sue Simmons (whom Pray Tell refused to allow in the ball room to do a story) interviewing a crowd of people lined up to get into the studio. We worked together on “Live at Five.” It’s off. Digital channel New York Nonstop was launched (recently changed to Cozi TV running classic TV programs. “And I think I know who it is… Gus Rosendale.”. “And then when Chuck goes, we’ll all smile as they replace him with a blonde,” Simmons contends. In 1990, you would never have seen two boys doing a romantic dance together that ended in cuddling. While the original show had ten dancers, this one will have three and they are two of them. For Ricky it was a simple decision to go on the audition, pushed ever so forcefully by Mother Elektra who suddenly fancied herself Madonna’s new best friend. Anywho, the whole Solid Gold 90 pilot was a scream, counting down the Top Ten songs of the week … all ten of them! I have no resentment, none whatsoever, toward Shiba,” Simmons says. “Part of me was hoping that. Browse more videos. “David Ushery (pictured at left) deserves the job,” Simmons admits. But after the first audition, both of them got a callback and that’s when Elektra asked the immortal question, ‘What would Candy do?’. Playing next. As she told Ricky, Elektra does not coddle but she does provide and pulled out a wad of cash for the rest of her children to help give Ricky a makeover to get him noticed at the audition. Sue is my friend. Clearly, she struck a chord with the majority of New Yorkers, building a love affair with the anchor great. “I think I’ve had enough news. Most notably, longtime sports anchor Len Berman was let go after nearly a quarter-century. The women point to the example of another local New York station, where anchor Chuck Scarborough celebrated 45 years on the air, while his longtime female coanchor, Sue Simmons, made it … A mistake, sure — but also very New York. Jack Cafferty was old school, like Edward R., Murrow, and square, but somehow it just worked. “Early on when I was still a very scared, young reporter, I had a news director tell me that the best thing you can do for yourself is be yourself,” Simmons says. Minus maybe a weekend, Simmons has been Channel 4’s lead anchor for 30 years. “It makes me know that if I’m in the house in a funk, all I have to do is go outside, and somebody will smile and say, ‘Hey! Damon is thrilled, Ricky has no idea what Solid Gold is, but the two meet with the casting agent and are notified they both have the job. If you don’t want your off-the-cuff words to go viral, don’t chat near the mics. Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Your California Privacy Rights “The last several months from March to June was pretty much a nightmare for me,” Simmons admits.


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