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In the film, they are The Scroogettes, and similar to the film, the Solid Gold dancers would perform in skimpy outfits. That could have been a really, really great movie. The release featured a 1080p resolution transfer of the original film and DTS HD Master Audio 5.1 quality sound. But who are they? She dropped to the deck, gaping, but Billy reminded her that a bargain was a bargain, and he slipped his hands under her, rolling her - furs and all - into the water. [14], On release, reviews were similarly mixed. One of the IBC holiday specials is missing from the film. "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" (1969-72) aired when he was 18 to 21 and the homecoming episode of "Little House on the Prairie (1974-83), which was titled "Mr. Edwards' Homecoming" first aired Oct. 4, 1974, when Frank was 23. We wrote a story that could make you laugh and cry. If you believe in this spirit thing, the miracle will happen and then you'll want it to happen again tomorrow. You'll want it every day of your life and it can happen to you. Their review continued that Scrooged features "wickedly amusing flashbacks", but also some overwrought comic misfires. He snores extremely loudly. Their review said that his deadpan, cutting style was hilarious, but that he layers the character's histrionics with inner sensibility that makes his eventual redemption believable and uplifting. The Gilligan's Island reference is an easter egg. He told Starlog Magazine, "Scrooged was a miserable gig. Murray and Donner clashed. The Ghost then shows him James, who still respects Frank as his brother despite declining invitations to his Christmas celebrations and cheap gifts. It's a joke in the film, but the rise of Animal Planet, The Puppy Bowl, and cute cat videos would say Preston was on to something. He apologizes on-air to Grace, James, and the cast and crew, and makes a passionate plea to Claire to come back to him. The Jim Jones hour?". ACT 1Scene 1 – A snowy London street Scene 2 .- Mr Scrooge’s counting house Scene 3 – Mr Scrooge’s bed chamber Scene 4 – Mr Fezziwig’s houseScene 5 – A park. "I always had to be very much on my toes when I was working with him, because you never knew where things were going to go. The Scrooged score came from Danny Elfman. Scrooged was definitely about keeping friends and family close, and Murray cast a friend over a more famous comedian for a key role. Standing outside is Michael O’Donoghue in his bedroom slippers and cotton pinstripe pajamas, a coat thrown on…He had this little ski hat on that looked something like what a fourth grader would wear. Murray never worked with Carol Kane again. She is loving and strong. Carol Kane told Vulture she worked for a long time to perfect her ballet and had learned to dance on pointe. The production requires a very large cast with lots of parts for children. Grace Cooley is written as a black woman and played with sincerity by Alfre Woodard, is the real heart of Scrooged. Club. As a result, many now considered it a Christmas song, although it says nothing about the holiday. Sheila Benson wrote that "Scrooged is a mass of sharp, well-deserved paper cuts" and felt that Murray was miscast: "'Scrooged" also seems like a misreading of the qualities on which Murray built his career: the hipster's put-on, the pious mien covering deep insincerity. ", The writers were available at all hours to handle rewrites on the spot. The character is described as "a long-limbed beauty with an easy smile." The four were given to Richard Donner, production designer Michael Riva, the original cinematographer Conrad Hall, and Mel Gibson. He told Starlog Magazine, "We tore up the script so badly that we had parts all over the lawn,” Murray told Starlog. MARLEY is a ghost dressed in rags and wearing chains that drag along the ground. described it as the "finest Christmas comedy of all time". However, his attitude quickly sours and he shows his contempt for a homeless man named Herman and the shelter workers. [1], In 1989, A&M Records released the soundtrack to Scrooged, which features nine songs. While today's audiences might look back and think this was in calmer times when "active shooter" wasn't a term used in schools, clubs, airports, workplaces, and the like. ", Scrooged was Bill Murray’s return to Hollywood. What truly does not hold up is Eliot bringing up a shotgun to the workplace, firing at Frank and threatening his coworkers. Carol Kane's violent take on the Ghost of Christmas Present wasn't exactly how Bill Murray saw the character. He had learned them. Yes, Virginia, Ebeneezer Scrooge was mean, and so was his 1988 counterpart, Frank Cross. Elfman wrote about his score for Scrooged: "The original tone of this film, as you can hear in the music, was much darker than what ended up on screen. The success of "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" resulted in a backlash against Rev. However, Scrooged's horror elements helped him to establish some of the elements that would find its way into the score for Batman, his most iconic work, which was created the next year. Mel Torme said he saw the words written on a pad of paper and finished up much of the lyrics and wrote the music. The reason Murray sparked to the script is that it has a takeaway message. IBC Television president Frank Cross is pushing his company to broadcast an extravagant live production of A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve, making the staff work throughout the holiday. It's sort of a wicked character. But when I went flying, my head hit the back of the elevator, and I passed out briefly! Hartman had a knack for making songs that worked – and would chart – on soundtracks, such as: “The Love You Take” was one of Hartman’s last contributions to a soundtrack. ", Variety described Scrooged as "an appallingly unfunny comedy, and a vivid illustration of the fact that money can't buy you laughs. Schaffer told Vulture: "Bill Murray was doing Scrooged, and there’s a scene in the movie where Billy’s character is walking down the street and passes a group of musicians playing for spare change. As with Frank, most of TV's programming ideas come from the afternoon edition of The New York Post. Murray’s favorite version of Ebeneezer Scrooge is Mr. Magoo. Iovine’s label, A&M, offered New Voices of Freedom a record deal, but it fell apart, and the group called it quits in 1991. Director Richard Donner told movie critic Roy Faires, "Mitchum wasn't going to play that small part. Annie Lennox and Al Green's take on Jackie DeShannon's "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" remains the big takeaway from Scrooged, but Natalie Cole's "The Christmas Song" still gets play on radio today as well. Murray believed the script was a starting block. Murray grew up as one of nine children. “There's a piece of skin that connects your lip with your gums and it was really pulled away,” Murray explained of the scene to Starlog. Murray returned to acting for the film after taking a 4-year hiatus following the success of Ghostbusters, which he found overwhelming. Carol Kane is the abusive Ghosts of Christmas Present, smacking, slapping and yanking Frank. [3][56] Ferguson said that the first part of Scrooged featured Murray at "his sour faced best". Kane accidentally pulled on Bill Murray’s lip so hard, she actually ripped it! [4] Lee Majors cameos as himself in the film after being contacted directly by Donner. At the time, Linson said that aside from Eddie Murphy, Murray's was the only other name that could draw $10 million of tickets in the opening three to four days. At the time he was hired for Scrooged, Elfman was known for his work scoring comedies. “About every six hours, I’d get a craving for peanuts, so I’d go under the tree, and take a couple from someone’s gift,” he said. Rosenbaum cited out the ending in particular, where Frank gives his Christmas message, causing Karen to leave the needy homeless to come to his side, and both are watched over approvingly by Herman, a homeless man who froze to death. Living music producing legend Jimmy Iovine assembled the soundtrack. He'd be one of those people who is constantly insider trading and screwing everybody out of their retirement funds. This version was to include commentary by Donner, "On the set with Bill Murray", Murray's message from the ShoWest exhibitors convention, and other featurettes including "The Look of Scrooged", "Updating Ebeneezer", "Bringing the Ghosts to Life" and "Christmas to Remember". The film's marketing capitalized on Murray's Ghostbusters role, referencing his encounters with ghosts in both films. MARLEY (creepily) Scrooge… Ebenezer Scrooge… Nothing happens. Majors was given a real minigun to hold, which he found difficult due to its weight. Scrooged was a film before it's time, both in reception and predictions: It was pre-meta. Scrooged was released on November 23, 1988 and grossed over $100 million worldwide. He explains that Brian will go buy a bunch of socks – like 40 pairs – then carry them around all month and hand them out “like he’s Father Christmas.”, The reviews were not good. The film also stars Karen Allen, John Forsythe, Bobcat Goldthwait, Carol Kane, Robert Mitchum, Michael J. Pollard and Alfre Woodard. The film grossed $40 million overseas[44] for a worldwide total of $100.3 million. [51], The Hollywood Reporter said that the story was uproarious and sometimes vitriolic, labeling it a scathing satire of the entertainment industry, that was a "wild and wooly holiday feast that should scrape off the competition". It's not that we were denied anything so much as the fact that we knew not to make requests. Here is the exchange that took place as Murray was shaving in the hotel suite where he was meeting Ebert for the interview (that sounds weird…but press interviews are typically held in hotel suites): "How do you plan to explain your one-star review of 'Scrooged'?". Director Richard Donner wanted to actually direct the film as he saw it,  - you know, because he's the director. It existed in the script’s original version, but we had to make more out of it. – and working with, you guessed it, U2. Billy called me and told me and I said, ‘What?’ And he said, ‘Yes, I got you an opportunity to play with Miles Davis.’, Miles Davis taught Schaffer how to perform jazz differently during the soundtrack recording. He kept telling me to do things louder, louder, louder. He said, "I just figured that anyone who's good could step into this part and have a lot of fun with it. Somehow Miles said yes. And sometimes, he would just need to improvise for a while to get to the place where he could actually say the lines. After the failure of his dramatic turn in Razor's Edge, Murray walked away from Hollywood to spend time with his family - both his own wife and children as well as taking care of his mother during a long illness and his siblings. The press still calls him a 'TV wonderkind.' Note: This PDF is copy and print protected. ", Michael O'Donoghue disavowed the film. TV tie-ins: "The Toy Parade" (which you know as the theme to "Leave it to Beaver), Robert Goulet's crooning clip of "Silver Bells" to promote his IBC special "Robert Goulet's Cajun Christmas," "The William Tell Overture" used as "The Lone Ranger" theme song, and "It's Howdy Doody Time!"


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