red velvet wasc recipe
Reading back over some of the ?s and replies I got to thinking about those who use yogurt instead of sour cream. Do you seriously think when you see these major tractor trailers pull up to bakeries with 50 & 100 pound bags of ingredients they are still making totally by scratch. Let's not start the box vs scratch debate again. not only did you bring us an awesome recipe, but you take the time to answer all the questions, wow!!! I have made cakes up to 16"R using this b asic recipe. OMG! I hope you like it as well as my family does. i have a car shaped cake due in a couple weeks and am frantic for a good recipe that will work for carving. Love it! I had the same problem as wagner02, dense, great for stacked, but it was REALLY dry..followed the directions to a T, used BC cake mix. Can anyone tell me how to use red Velvet cake Mix with the WASC recipe? Hello, Iam a from scratch baker but since I am a homeschool mom I wanted to have an easier cake that still tastes good for my customers, And I think I found it here. Pour into prepared pan and bake until done. I'm going to make a chocolate version of this today. Share Tweet. (follow the instructions for WHITE buttercream!) 1 box of Red Velvet cake mix (I think DH is the only brand that makes it), 1 or 2 tbsp. Thanks so much for the suggestion!!! I used a french vanilla cake mix, and for the water, I added about an 1/8 cup of vanilla simple syrup to the water to make a cup and I was afraid that a tablespoon of vanilla for flavoring would be too much. I love this recipe and would like to try it for cuppies. Also when I had my shop I weighed all my ingredients rathen than use cups etc so that can make a difference. WASC Red Velvet Cake 1 … I tried the recipe last week and it was very heavy and undercooked. I have a wedding cake to make next week and I'm making this recipe definitely! I am in desperate need of a white cake recipe. There will always be some who will use a box mix and some who will scratch bake. Can anyone give advice as to what went wrong? I think it may have been the frosting and it did taste better the next day, I think next time i will let it sit overnight and then frost it. The mix boxes are all over the place :( I used a lemon this week, and while it tasted fine, was a bit dry, not over baked (tops were sticky) my husband thought I might have under baked cause of the sticky tops though, lols. I however, do not share the recipe when asked. There is no information missing. Thanks in advance! I answered you via IM. Here is what I added in a reply to others ?ing the dryness: Using 1 cup liquid vs 1 and 1/3 cup liquid. This recipe produces the best red velvet cake with superior buttery, vanilla, and cocoa flavors, as well as a delicious tang from buttermilk. 1 1/2 sticks (12 T) (170g) unsalted butter, slightly softened (Do not soften in microwave). Randomly Drop small spoonsful of the now chocolate batter into the pan then drag the spoon through the batterer either in a swirl pattern &/or from one end of the pan to the other, then accross the pan (like this: +). Yum. It's always nice to know someone new is trying this wonderful recipe and enjoying it! Thanks to anyone who can help :). 1. Thank you Linda! This might sound silly but what is #3 setting? Every once in awhile I have a little bit of trouble with the top surface getting sticky, and I only use 1 cup of liquid, but I usually solve that problem when I cut the top part off to level the cake out. Has anyone else notice that this recipe is a little dry or is it my imagination?, Get Detailed Nutrition Facts on Any Recipe. June Kowalczyk said: I baked 2 (10 inch )cakes from this recipe after you sent it. I haven't answered: Oh my...I thought I checked my spelling..."thought I’d give it a tast"...needs an "e"...LOL. Aug 27, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Rebecca Hauger. But you are changing it so I am only able to guess what might be the problem. HTH. In mixer bowl combine cake ingredients. Some people have told me they use plain or flavored yogurt instead of sour cream. 2. This is my new favorite cake recipe! I doubled the recipe and added just 1 cup to the mix. one more thing, do you need a filling with this cake and if so, is it torted or just stacked and filled? :). I use this recipe for every cake I make now....When I make a chocolate cake, I just add about 1Tbs. Yrs ago I did have a 'recipe' for home made cake mix -  in fact a white and a choco version but I lost ALL my recipes when I moved some 10 yrs ago. I use the Duncan Hines clone recipe from Top Secret Recipes instead. I am a vegetarian but use cage free organic vegetarian eggs for baking to make me feel a little better LOL!! Kakeladi-  I'm trying the above recipe right now, but using the WASC recipe with it. Thanks for the vote of confidence :). Personally, I like to go a little more on the almond, as we love almond cakes! Don't ask me now what the difference was as I can't remember that now. This is my go to cake recipe! SO EASY TOO!!! Not many people can get **EXACTLY** 8 oz by measuring with a cup:) Many measuring cujps can be off. Increase to Medium speed and add pudding, add the sugar, add the cocoa powder, add the baking soda mixed in the flour, the cake mix and remaining ingredients. It always put a smile on my face when I get comments like you posted Wendy. Anyone found the best things to use for a chocolate cake? Being in Australia I had to use a different brand I went with Greens Clasic Vanilla Cake. 1/3 beet water (the residue when you boil the beets). I'll defenitely try some of those out. Mix on medium speed for about a minute or two. I have baked as much as 1=2 weeks ahead when  I had my bakery and has a busy weekend coming up. Apr 20, 2020 - Explore Chili & Lemon Thai Cuisine's board "wasc cake recipe" on Pinterest. I just doubled this and it made two 8" rounds and 24 cupcakes.


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