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Love to hear your preferences Xan. It has its own professional look which differs this gear set from the others. We have been toying with that lately as he will need a new second glove. Absorbs a crazy amount of impact but isn't restrictive. Are any catchers using the Force3 masks? If you are playing temporarily, you need to buy that set which costs less. It has only been this last year where he had received free gear from a sponsor company. Have used this combo for 10 yrs. We bought my son a set and it is well made and very comfortable according to him. Of course my son could care less about that, but used it as a barging tool to wear a cool mask. I know it's a little high priced but it is for a reason. I too wore All-Star back in the day. The Rawlings mitts are high quality leather and crafted really well, but I just don't like the shape. When you wear All-Star S7 leg pads, you will not feel any resistance. It is also warmer and since he plays in the Ohio Valley Conference that means something in the early part of the season...❄️ He has worn the traditional style some, but for now uses the hockey style. She plays fastpitch softball. Here we are going to give you some tips that how you will find a catcher’s gear set for yourself. Keep them coming. Thank you. It offers superb comfort and protection to the catcher. I'm a 11 year old sixth grader and I started being a catcher last year. It has plastic shells to give complete protection to the young catcher if he is hit by a ball. The audience laughed at him because, with those padding, a man looked womanish. Cheap protectors have hard substances inside and are heavier. Which One Catcher’s Gear Should I Buy: Complete Set OR Separately In Pieces? Ultimate movement enables the player to move all the more normally behind the plate. Sometimes we look to cheaper things, but we forget that cheaper things are less protective. Force3 Pro baseball catchers gear is lightweight gear providing the perfect balance of maximum protection, comfort and functionality. After re-reading my last post, I realized it sounded like we were complaining about having to break in a new glove after Wilson replaced the previous one after the lacing snapped in the pocket webbing. This type of set helps a lot in long games and also in the summer season. He continued wearing it, and from those padding many ideas took place. The traditional two-piece style helmet is better than a hockey-style helmet because it is easy to be removed when you want to chase a fly ball. He wanted the rawlings gear because that's what yadi uses. I wanted to update you on my post from July 2015. She has experienced a concussion twice from foul balls to her mask/helmet. My 12 yr old son has outgrown his Easton gear; so he is using he brothers old All-Star gear, but will outgrow that soon as well. So, you can be sure that they think the equipment they’re using is the best out there. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You don’t need to search out for things. It’s interesting that of the 30 different MLB catchers there are only 4 different brands of mitt used. He really liked the All-Star glove the best. It is also removed while chasing a fly ball. Free stuff is great, but when it comes to confidence or game performance I think the player should be able to select the equipment they feel allows them to perform at their best. My son plays 12U travel ball and he has recently been getting catching instructions from someone that played D1 and Minor league ball. My daughter catches for her varsity softball team. This is interesting information. Part of this is due to the fact that they don’t pay pro guys huge sums of money to wear their gear. All-Star Player Series has vents for its high breathability. Hi, I wanted to know if you ever did the blog and research on the differences between the traditional and hockey style masks? Wilson sent him a new glove, and All-Star gave us the option to receive new lacing and a kit with instructions or to mail it back and let them re-lace it. There are A LOT of people out there that think catchers who wear knee savers are lazy, but I’m here to tell you that’s just not the case. My 17 yr old son wears all Mizzuno gear and uses a Rawlings Glove. Thanks for the study though as I think our current set is on its last year. I’m pretty sure that Under Armour has paid All-Star a licensing fee to put their logo on equipment made by All-Star, however, I can’t confirm it. As for traditional/hockey style masks, he usually wears the hockey style at this point just because he feels it offers him more all around protection of his head. Xan – great information; thank you for putting that together; saves us Dad’s a ton of work. I love it! I’ve always thought that All-Star makes the best equipment out there, but you’ll see that they don’t have the largest market share. He still can't stand to use knee savers. It’s from Game 3…, Over the past few days I’ve seen a catching video pop up on my Facebook feed a lot. :-). These vents are useful during the summer season. I do like the the all star chest protector seems likes its more form fitting than most. I want to check out the blog you have about knee savers and the one on the difference in the old school style catchers mask and helmet vs. the newer hockey mask style. It helps you a lot especially while you travel from one place to another. Reccomendations? I've been looking for a new set of gear for a while now, and I can't find anything that I'm interested in. No, I have no way to research 9-10 year olds. As a catcher, you have to worry about so many things. The helmet of Diamond iX5 has a ventilated shell. Diamond iX5 Pro Camo provides the best security services to the catcher. Strength program developed Xan Barksdale and Eric Hammer C.S.C.S. My sons have worn Easton gear since little league coming up. It is not mandatory for him to wear what is provided and he just wanted to give Wilson a try since they were providing it to his school. If that is the case and we were to combine them into one category you’ll see that half of MLB catchers wear gear made by All-Star/Under Armour. Great article! He is starting to use the traditional mask and helmet for practices. He never had a Rawlings glove as of yet. It is made of complete steel and also gives you peripheral vision. NOCSAE stands for National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment. I was most impressed with their gloves (CM3100) and mask MVP2500. He's only had the opportunity to wear it once, but seems to enjoy it very much. His All-Star has done the same but that was after 3 years of consistent use, not one. You can use them for a short period of time because they might tear. Thanks Scott, glad you liked it! Spoke with Jason the ceo and now waiting on some final sizing specs to place my order. His catching instructor says the 2 piece mask is safer for foul tip impact with regard to concussions. All-Star S7 Axis leg pads are inspired by the motocross leg pads. It has a hockey-style helmet that has impact-resistance. Kind of surprised with no love for Easton brand catching gear. Glove wise over the years he has had Akadema, Mizuno, All-Star and now Wilson. Your email address will not be published. You find things in matching. I just came across a new mask that has broken into the majors. Bob, I'm doing some research about that now and hope to have it out within a few weeks! Before purchasing a catcher’s gear set, your focus should be completely on the protection. My 13 year old uses an All Star hockey style mask w/ Wilson chest protector and Akadema shins. The bag is a very necessary thing because keeps your things safe. Cheaper gears do have quality, but not for a long time. Hi Xan- My daughter is a middle infielder, pitcher, & catcher. All-Star catcher’s gear set has a hockey-style catcher’s helmet, NOCSAE-approved chest protector, and pair of shin guards. This catcher’s gear set includes a helmet, chest protector, leg guards, and equipment keeping the bag. It was almost 50/50 which seems to be more guys than ever before: If you’re looking for any new catching equipment I’d recommend checking out Baseball Express. Tyler Flowers of the Atlanta Braves is the most notable. iX5 Pro Camo is one of the best catcher’s gear set which is made by Diamond. Are you worried about how to find a catcher’s gear that you want for yourself? This quality can only be given by the expensive chest protectors. Great idea for a research project! 1. They also have sweat absorbing material inside which wicks the moisture away from your body. Does anyone know if there have been any real studies to determine what they actually protect? The four basic pieces of a gear set are required for a catcher. There are definitely a lot of options out there and it can seem overwhelming at times so I appreciate your input. Great info my son out grew his gear this year so we replaced his chest protector and shin guards with the rawlings 950x series. The 4 brands listed below are, in my opinion, much better than the other brands available. It has an Edge Pro Mask and has a diamond-weave pattern. My son uses Under Armor for his catchers gear. We find your blogs & info very helpful! 2. Thanks!! How Do You Find The Best Catcher’s Gear That You Want? By leaving the knee behind, the single top belt stays behind the thigh. I'd love to hear more about the knee savers. Before purchasing the catcher’s gear set, you need to keep some key points in your mind. The pocket is VERY shallow and I've always preferred a deeper pocket. Thanks Xan! I do know he is more fond of All-Star gear across the board so far, and I'm sure he will be looking to continue to wear their gear should he progress beyond college. The below points will also clear your doubts about separate things and in set forms. All-Star Inter SYSTEM 7 AXIS USA PRO Catchers Set 17H Expensive protectors have a soft foam-like substance that keeps the player cool during the game and is lighter in weight. My 11 year old uses a all star traditional mask, Rawlings skull cap, All star USA chest protector, mizuno samurai leg guards, and a Rawlings catchers mitt, with a akadema catchers mitt for back up.


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