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Abraham Lincoln • 17. is now The Democratic Walker/Matthews ticket was elected to the White House with approximately 70 million votes from across the United States. Andrew Johnson • 18. Walker selected Underwood to take Matthews' place as his second Vice President. Benjamin Harrison • 24. Michel Gill He makes the worst decision possible at every single opportunity. He hardly ever sleeps. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HouseOfCards community. Check out this interview with the man himself. On October 30, 2014, after the efforts to hold onto his office, President Walker was faced with an 8% approval rating and the inevitability of impeachment. James K. Polk • 12. Robot. Age: And for what really? Following his election to the presidency, Walker resigned as Colorado's 41st Governor in December 2012 to focus on his transition as President. basically it's inevitable that someone (singular or plural) is going to politically outsmart and defeat Frank. I believe FU’s plan was to tarnish the image of Garett to such an extent that nobody sees him worthy of a second term. In 2012, Walker was elected with 70 million votes and sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America, defeating the Republican nominee, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, garnering 54.5 percent to Romney's 43.8 percent of the nationwide vote. Zachary Taylor • 13. Brown University Personally and in his political world, he is a pushover. Garrett’s first role at IBM was operations leader of IBM Learning Services, a $1B provider of leadership development and manager training programs. John Adams • 3. Woodrow Wilson • 29. One of the first blows to the administration was the claim that Kern had written an editorial while working at his university paper that criticized the Israeli occupation of Palestine, something that was in contradiction to the administration's Middle East policy. We could see him adeptly deal with some minor issue at some point, something tangential to the plot, while still succumbing to Frank and Tusk's larger manipulations. Andrew Jackson • 8. James A. Garfield • 21. During his twelve years at IBM , Garrett has designed and executed innovative, successful initiatives in HR strategy, talent acquisition, leadership development, sales performance and productivity. Because of that, it may seem like he's weak and easily manipulated. Walker is way too inept to ever get elected president and I find it the single most implausible aspect of the show. this is why it'll be interesting to see who would actually be able to outsmart him. He wanted to avoid being shamed out of the presidency, because who wouldn't once you're already there, but I think he really was somewhat relieved to have a way out. Martin Van Buren • 9. I know he's intended to be a weaker president, thrust up to high office by powerful backers like Tusk. William Howard Taft • 28. I could believe him being a Canadian PM or something, but he seemed out of place for the White House. [1] Gill's first language was French. John Tyler • 11. with Patricia Walker:James WalkerKatie Walker Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. George Washington • 2. Garrett has 6 jobs listed on their profile. Where that gets stretched a little, it's either with a sense of balance (Stamper's superhuman ability to make things 'happen' vs. his internal weaknesses) or it's well within the lines of TV tropes (Gavin Orsay's super-duper hacker skills). 3 seasons, 23 episodes Vizmeg Landscape Inc. Bear in mind he had Frank helping him get elected, a very powerful ally. They themselves sprung from the Great Diaspora, which began in Moscow, Odessa and Kiev. You are privileged to see the whole picture. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He went on to pass an education reform bill and attempted to pass a watershed bill that was voted down in the House. Wouldn't things have been more exciting if he could actually throw up even a little real opposition to Frank? Robot. If Frank didn't come up with that solution in time, Walker would have beaten Frank by using his own scheme, not one handed to him by someone smarter. Andrew Johnson • 18. John Quincy Adams • 7. I asked myself the same thing about Frank's jobs as he rose through the ranks. Well, the man playing the man himself. He may still have been impeached, but Frank would have gone to prison most likely for the rest of his life, and he and Tusk would have been free men. We only see Walker when Frank does, for the most part, and we know that Frank has been working to undermine him and drive him away from those loyal to him. His first Vice President, Jim Matthews, eventually left office to run for another term as the Governor of Pennsylvania, feeling useless as the Vice President. However, he still would have assumed office on the 20th as per the Constitution. After being vetted, with the approval and in the presence of Tusk, President Walker officially offered Frank Underwood the Vice Presidency, to which Underwood quickly accepted. The one exception, I have found, is Garrett Walker. Seasons: Same platform but with new and improved features. Thomas Jefferson • 4. His tactics are good, their smart, and it's pretty much the only time Frank actually seems scared that he's beat. Some time before his election to the Presidency, Walker was the Governor of Colorado, having been elected in 2006  defeating Republican U.S. Rep. Bob Beauprez (having succeeded two-term Republican Bill Owens) to the governor's mansion with 57.0 percent of the statewide vote and re-elected in 2010 in a three-way race, defeating former Republican U.S. Sorry for the late comment. Formerly:45th President of the United States (2013–2014)Governor of ColoradoCEO of Pioneer Airlines Date of birth: John Quincy Adams • 7. I don't see that. President Walker resigned in 2014, allowing Underwood to become the 46th President of the United States and completing his year-long plan to seek vengeance on Walker and take his office. Harry S. Truman • 34. Some really great insight on the character. While Underwood was announcing some of his intentions for Secretary of State, he was informed by Linda Vasquez that President Walker had passed him over for the job, snubbing him and breaking a promise to him, which angered him. 58 Anyway, you make a lot of good points otherwise, but I think the issue — for me, at least — is that you never see Walker get ANYTHING right. [5], Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series,, "Tennessee Williams: The Thin Ice of Human Dignity - The Juilliard School", "6/02 NY - Masterclass with Jayne Atkinson and Michel Gill", "The Real Life White House Affair of House of Cards",, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 10 October 2020, at 14:04. Zachary Taylor • 13. He is a member of the company’s Executive Committee. Formerly:Colorado1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,Washington, D.C.,United States of America Lastly, he did actually have Frank over a barrel at the end. Because January 20th was a Sunday, Walker had to be inaugurated on Monday (Dr. Martin Luther King's Holiday).


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