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Plus, it features four QD sling mounting points. Not only are they fluted for optimum heat dissipation but our barrels are nitride heat-treated for full corrosion resistance. Called the Revolution, POF-USA’s newest piston-driven rifle weighs a scant 7 lbs., 4 ozs., and possesses all of the fast-handling characteristics of an AR-15, while boasting the hard-hitting energy of an AR-10. ["filter"]=> string(0) "" ["to_ping"]=> POF-USA’s patented E2 dual-extraction technology consists of four small channels cut into the walls of the chamber allowing a small amount of gas pressure to push against the neck of the spent case. The company also uses the same 14.5" free-floating M-LOK handguard on the Revolution as it uses on its .223 rifles. string(0) "" ["pinged"]=> string(1) "0" The only issue I ran into during testing was extraction with Russian Silver Bear ammunition’s zinc-coated steel cases. The magazine release, bolt lock and safety/selector can all be operated from either side of the receiver, and receiver tensioning screws eliminate any play between the upper and lower receivers. string(19) "2020-11-03 06:45:07" string(19) "2020-07-20 14:50:11" Suppressors add back pressure to a firearms operating system and thus increase bolt speed. The gun is smooth shooting and easy to control. ["post_type"]=> But then you notice the magazine well, and that’s when you realize what you’re holding is really an AR-15 chambered in 7.62. string(6) "closed" BTHP ammunition, and measured just 0.48". int(65739) This pressure assists in extraction by breaking the seal between the chamber and case as well as pushing the spent case to the rear as the extractor is pulling to the rear. string(20) "Renegade Plus Pistol" string(19) "2020-10-05 16:41:34" string(0) "" The new Hammerli TAC R1 22 C, an AR-15 style .22 rimfire rifle, is the first product in the... Give a Gift   ["comment_status"]=> The design is nicely sculpted to fit the hand well without being overly bulky like some of POF-USA’s previous offerings. POF-USA outfits the rifle’s fluted barrel with a three-port muzzle brake designed to control gas dispersion and reduce muzzle rise. string(6) "closed" ["menu_order"]=> ["post_modified_gmt"]=> This is important because heat is the enemy of autoloading firearms. string(19) "2020-10-05 09:49:51" The Revolution also possesses the patented E2 (E Squared) dual-extraction system, which involves four shallow grooves cut into the neck area of the chamber. ["post_author"]=> At three inches long it completely encompasses the chamber and throat area of the barrel where expanding gas temperatures peak. ["post_name"]=> ["filter"]=> string(19) "2020-11-03 09:49:18" ["pinged"]=> string(7) "publish" ["ID"]=> ["post_type"]=> ["post_content"]=> ["post_content_filtered"]=> string(0) "" While it has lost some of its luster over the years, many still feel this way. string(0) "" Designed to precisely compliment the POF-USA platform our nitride heat-treated muzzle brake controls gas dispersion and reduces muzzle rise. How can you say it’s a premium rifle without complete ambidextrous features? POF-USA’s NP3 coated roller head actually rolls inside the channel of the upper thus eliminating friction and prolonging the life of the upper. It is one of the first cartridges to benefit from new technology where less popular designs have to wait for the technology to trickle down to them. string(51) "https://pof-usa.com/?post_type=firearm&p=69479" ["filter"]=> ["ID"]=> ["post_password"]=> ["menu_order"]=> David Fortier talks with Jeff Hoffman of Black Hills Ammunition about the evolution of the .308 Win. ["post_parent"]=> The buffer detent now doubles as a lock that inhibits the buffer tube from rotating and becoming loose under adverse conditions. While the muzzle brake does a great job reducing recoil, it also generates a great deal of blast, and the flash is quite noticeable in low light. The single best group was fired with Federal Premium’s 175-gr. The Revolution’s bolt carrier group utilizes a roller cam pin instead of the more traditional rectangular steel cam pin. ["post_content_filtered"]=> string(20) "Revolution DI Pistol" Our newly redesigned Edge rail features full M-Lok compatibility, a front top and bottom section of rail for sights and a bipod/other accessories, and features 4 QD sling mount slots. The system is designed so it cannot be reassembled incorrectly. Threaded into the rear of the lower receiver is an aluminum anti-tilt receiver extension. The Revolution is not simply an adapted AR-10; it is, in fact, closer to an AR-15, sharing many of the same dimensions and parts of the smaller rifle. string(0) "" int(0) int(0) I particularly like the ability to lock the bolt back and release it from a firing grip. ["post_type"]=> ["filter"]=> string(1) "2" string(0) "" ["post_parent"]=> Called the Revolution, POF-USA’s newest piston-driven rifle weighs a scant 7 lbs., 4 ozs., and possesses all of the fast-handling characteristics of an AR-15, while boasting the hard-hitting energy of an AR-10. ["to_ping"]=> ["ping_status"]=> ["post_status"]=> ["post_author"]=> string(51) "https://pof-usa.com/?post_type=firearm&p=69444" ["post_author"]=> It is effective in allowing the shooter to have faster follow up shots and has unbelievably soft felt recoil. The rifle has an overall length of just 34 inches with the stock collapsed and weighs in at only 7.3 pounds. string(0) "" As someone who had already redesigned the AR platform, he ignored the Doubting Toms and went ahead and did it. string(0) "" ["post_type"]=> string(6) "closed" string(0) "" These three products from Horus Vision, a smartphone app, pocket weather meter and laser... With the introduction of the .22LR chambering option, the Blaser R8 rifle is more versatile... Rifle Shooter Digital Staff - April 23, 2019. string(19) "2020-11-03 09:51:05" And still the rifle is easy to strip when you want to clean and lubricate it. ["to_ping"]=> So how does the Revolution perform? int(69455) ["post_name"]=> } revolution-di-65-creedmoorobject(WP_Post)#20280 (24) { int(69460) string(0) "" string(0) "" ["post_date_gmt"]=> So why would you want a 7.62 AR-15? ["post_date_gmt"]=> ["post_status"]=> This features relief cuts to reduce weight while still retaining the forward assist. string(0) "" string(3) "raw" string(5) "rebel" ["post_date"]=> ["guid"]=> POF-USA’s drop-in trigger is installed, and it is designed to break at 4.5 pounds. string(6) "closed" string(0) "" This load simply would not work, so I stopped using it. string(16) "minuteman-pistol" p415-edge-pistolobject(WP_Post)#20281 (24) { Our patented roller cam pin is just one more example of how we strive to reduce friction and drag in the action. ["post_excerpt"]=> int(0) Hornady’s 110-grain TAP load proved just the ticket for making rapid multiple hits inside 100 yards. For decades, hunters and shooters have been looking to improve the terminal and exterior ballistics of the AR-15 with cartridges like the 6x45, 6.5mm Grendel and others. string(1) "0" ["post_type"]=> string(19) "2020-11-03 10:09:10" ["comment_count"]=> ["post_parent"]=> What makes it stand out, though, is its length. ["post_date"]=> string(12) "Rogue Pistol" string(7) "publish" string(3) "raw" ["post_content_filtered"]=> He said it is, just one using a 7.62 NATO magazine well and a few slightly modified parts. ["post_parent"]=> The gas block is solidly pinned to the barrel. int(69479) ["ID"]=> Using standard NATO ball for a quick function check, I was shocked at how light recoiling it is. int(0) ["menu_order"]=> accuracy guarantee on the Revolution, and our results proved the rifle is capable of surpassing that goal. ["post_status"]=> string(0) "" TESTobject(WP_Post)#6755 (24) { accuracy guarantee on the Revolution, and our results proved the rifle is capable of surpassing that goal. string(0) "" Copyright © 2020 Patriot Ordnance Factory, Inc. Sign up for our newsletter and receive exciting updates like new firearms being released! ["post_name"]=> ["menu_order"]=> ["post_status"]=> There’s no big buildup of carbon on the bolt and carrier, so you don’t need to laboriously scrub down the action. string(7) "firearm" int(0) ["ID"]=> ["pinged"]=> string(0) "" It also spawned an entire family of cartridges. string(0) "" Due to its popularity, companies frequently update and improve loads, projectiles and powders on a much larger scale than most other cartridges. int(0) The controls are well laid out and easy to operate. string(43) "http://pof-usa.com/firearm/revolution-copy/" string(19) "2020-10-05 09:46:09" string(0) "" Match bullet. int(0) string(0) "" string(1) "2" This adds a massive amount of rigidity to the overall platform and is critical when vertical fore grips are being pulled on the upper assembly. string(0) "" int(0) The bolt and the barrel extensions outwardly share the .223’s dimensions, but with changed geometry to accommodate the larger .30-cal. ["comment_count"]=> string(0) "" The POF-USA quick disconnect sling swivel receiver extension plate features a single anti-rotational QD sling swivel attachment that keeps the operator focused on the target and not on untangling themselves from their sling. int(0) ["to_ping"]=> cartridge. ["ping_status"]=> That’s where the Tomahawk Charging Handle comes in. ["post_parent"]=> ["post_modified_gmt"]=> Gas is vented rearward through these channels and pushes against the shell’s shoulder, breaking the seal and easing extraction. ["post_date"]=> ["post_content"]=> ["menu_order"]=> ["menu_order"]=> ["guid"]=> string(24) "revolution-6-5-creedmoor" string(24) "Revolution 6.5 Creedmoor" Next, we pit subsonic rivals against each other before stretching the legs of this CQB round out to 600 yards from a short 9-inch barrel. A good-looking piece, it’s light, quick to the shoulder and with all the features you’d see in a high-end AR-15. POF-USA offers a one-m.o.a. revolution-di-pistolobject(WP_Post)#20283 (24) { To ensure a tight fit, the lower also sports a nylon receiver tension screw. Features custom-fit stainless steel KNS Precision™ Anti-walk Pins. ["post_parent"]=> string(0) "" ["comment_count"]=> ["ID"]=> ["post_modified_gmt"]=> Proper gas regulation and lubricated mechanics are nothing without the precision and durability of a quality barrel. The handguard is heavily slotted to reduce weight and to allow for easy mounting of M-Lok accessories. The two things many find most appealing about this cartridge are its performance and sheer availability. string(51) "https://pof-usa.com/?post_type=firearm&p=69382" string(6) "closed" ["post_title"]=> } ["post_modified"]=> I had my doubts about the 7.3-pound Revolution until I fired it. string(1) "0" ["post_status"]=> ["comment_count"]=> ["post_date_gmt"]=> ["comment_status"]=> renegade-pistolobject(WP_Post)#20282 (24) { string(0) "" The design has five gas settings for normal and suppressed operation, or it can be shut off entirely. string(9) "Rebel .22" string(1) "0" string(19) "2020-11-03 09:58:41" It can also be adjusted and disassembled for cleaning without removing the handguard. string(19) "2020-10-05 09:41:34" The patented oversized heat sink barrel nut is one of the most significant innovations. ["post_modified"]=> It has a less bulky feel than the AR-10, making it faster to handle and less fatiguing to carry over hill and dale or simply to shoot. POF’s Gen 4 lower features pictogram safety markings, plus a fully ambidextrous safety, magazine release and bolt release. The POF-USA gas system allows the user to restrict, and even shut off, this extra back pressure by simply rotating the gas plug. cartridge. string(0) "" string(7) "publish" ["to_ping"]=>


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