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Staff were very friendly. Four of the yurts have been built close together in what looks like a little yurt village near the south beach at Bon Echo. ... on the Bon Echo Rock: Paddling to the Bon Echo Rock: Posted by Umo at 10:04 AM. Posted by 2 years ago. Campers can also paddle on Joe Perry Lake, Pearson Lake, and Mazinaw Lake. }catch(d){console.log("Failure at Presize of Slider:"+d)} This was particularly great for sunrises and when we wanted to see the sunset we made our way to the Narrows. There were BBQs at family and pet-friendly beaches, people fishing, kids canoeing or kayaking, friends hiking to scenic lookout points, families observing pictographs, and fellow campers unwinding at lake-side campsites. The Skootamatta River is also the primary outflow, at the southeast, towards Skootamatta Lake. The South Beach doesn’t actually have any sand, and is grassy up to the shoreline. Totally recommend for an easy or beginner backcountry canoe camping! The North Beach has the best view of the Mazinaw Rock. This is not the case. We kayaked in a few different spots, cycled and hiked. There are also 5 backcountry sites located along the Abes and Essens Lake Trail on the cliffside of the park. When we were there on a weekday though, we had the whole place to ourselves. .no-js img.lazyload { display: none; } Beginners guide to backcountry camping in Algonquin, Winter Yurt Camping at Mew Lake, Algonquin, Algonquin's Mew Lake: A great choice for first-time winter campers. Abes and Essens is just under 17 km long. There are 14 “walk-in” campsites at Bon Echo. Can’t wait to try backcountry and I think renting a canoe for a full day would be awesome. I have been collecting park crest stickers for my laptop cover and patches for my camera pack. Aaron Algonquin Arrowhead Arrow Lake Awenda Balsam Lake Bass Lake Batchawana Bay Biscotasi Lake Blue Lake Bon Echo Bonnechere Bronte Creek Caliper Lake Charleston Lake Chutes Craigleith Darlington Driftwood Earl Rowe Emily Esker Lakes Fairbank Ferris Finlayson Point Fitzroy Forks of the Credit French River Frontenac Fushimi Lake Grundy Lake Halfway Lake Inverhuron Ivanhoe Lake John … The autumn colours were beginning a beautiful display and we were blessed with mild temperatures. Is it on your list of places to see? Thanks for the photo! transition: opacity 400ms; For years we've been saying we'd like to visit Bon Echo, in large part because it's located close by K's family cabin. Bon Echo Provincial Park had a lot to off the adventurous spirit and that’s why I most enjoyed it. Thanks for the full report! I appreciate you being here and welcome you to comment and share your energy with me. Additionally, if you are renting for the entire day and up for a challenge, the Kishkebus Canoe Route is 21km long. Your email address will not be published. And there were charcoal grills at this beach, but not at the other two. .wpb_animate_when_almost_visible { opacity: 1; } .single-post .post-content a {color: #00aa55;} Bon Echo is on Algonquin territory, and along the face of the rock there are hundreds of pictographs painted by Algonquin ancestors. if ( ! Bon Echo’s car camping sites aren’t very private, but they’re still lovely. These backcountry campsites in Bon Echo are found on Joe Perry and Pearson Lake. It is classified as moderate to difficult with a 1.5km portage, you will start at the lagoon and finish there. Any idea whether there’s swimmable water access off any of them? When you first get to Bon Echo, you check in at the gate. Bon Echo has, in my humble opinion, the best of both worlds. This may have been my first time but, won’t be my last. Didn’t see the sunset there but, the sky still looked pretty. Such support does not indicate endorsement by the Government of Ontario of the contents of this material. function setREVStartSize(e){ My name is Stephanie and I’m the face behind Wandering Outside. I've been taking first-time campers here for years and I don't think I've had one person come away disappointed. It’s sandy at the shoreline, and the water gets deep much more quickly than the other two beaches. opacity: 1; A very enjoyable puting. There's a 2 person or 1 family limit for the washrooms, so sometimes you had to wait. The Bon Echo has several lakes but, the most well known of them all is Mazinaw Lake. The Bon Echo Lagoon is where the gang and I got our canoe rentals for $25 each for 4 whole hours. Log in. Bon Echo Provincial Park is located in southeastern Ontario and is situated along several lakes, including Mazinaw Lake - the seventh deepest lake in the province. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; We did have a bit of a struggle finding a spot for the bear hang, but we managed. We enjoyed the view of Bon Echo lake from our picnic table. There are a lot of great places to paddle in Bon Echo, and this will be next up for us when we head back. Environment: Bon Echo Provincial Park is located in South Central Ontario, near Kaladar. So, use these posts as inspiration for the future. Bon Echo has hundreds of campsites designed for car camping or RVing. Beautiful backcountry options and routes to challenge yourself with, alongside traditional car camping sites, leisurely hiking trails, and lovely beaches to relax at. There is a free wildlife exhibit with information anyone would benefit from knowing. The only downside was that we couldn't pull up closer to the cabin so we had to carry all our things (coolers with drinks and food, clothing, sleeping bags, etc.) The only portage we did was from the parking lot to the launch, about 500 metres. There was a newer bbq with a side burner that worked like a charm and made cooking outdoors great. We’re hitting Bon Echo at the end of August! Close to the sites were outhouses and flush toilets with working sinks. We’ve hiked all of them (except the pet exercise trail), and our favorites are absolutely the Abes and Essens Trail and the Cliff Top Trail. document.documentElement.className = document.documentElement.className.replace( 'no-js', 'js' ); Your email address will not be published. We canoed across the lake to the cliffs, and hiked up to the top of the cliff, and got an amazing view point. I particularly liked the section of the sounds of each animal. Using our Coleman Lantern and quick skills we managed the set up. I hope this trip report has enough info to get you there too. Bon Echo is, simply put, a beautiful place. The Main Beach is sandy, and also stays fairly shallow for quite a while. I didn’t take pictures of either, best leave you to the exploring. We found the park very clean and well managed. So I’ll just say the three main beaches are delightfully reed-less. (Canoe rental is a 3rd party) Surprisingly there were no mosquitoes at the campsite. These are all great options for when you don’t want to bother with putting up and taking down a tent, or want to have a bit of feeling like you can go “indoors” during your trip. Personally, I don’t like being as central as we were but, it did have it’s advantages. The park was buzzing with activity! Follow me on Instagram to keep up with when I’ll be going back or where I’m off to next. Some of them are even located on sandy beaches. While… } These 10 Airbnb Rentals Will Blow Your Mind! It was established in 1965 and is approximately 66 square kilometres, making it a good-sized park for camping. Overall, we had an amazing experience. We spent a weekend there for the first time recently, and absolutely loved it. And this time, we brought our toddler along for the trip! Also to see the pictograms on the cliffs, you have to get really close to the rock to see them. There are currently 7 cabins but more are being built currently. Next time, I will be renting a canoe for the full day and making my way to one of these campsites. These backcountry campsites in Bon Echo are found on Joe Perry and Pearson Lake.


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