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The best carpet cleaners will give you all the information you need to prepare, but make sure you’re proactive in preparing your house for their arrival. Home » ProGreen Carpet Blog » Commercial Carpet Cleaning: How to Prepare Your Office. A helpful tip is to make spill cleanup a breeze for your staff. 3 0 obj You can include some details in this memo, such as the right temperature of the fridge, how to practice safe cleaning, and how to remove odors. 3 Answers. However, keeping an office clean is not a one-man job. Durham Carpet Cleaning & Pressure Washing, Commercial Carpet Cleaning: How to Prepare Your Office. Deal with it immediately. by emily on March 24, 2012. Commercial Carpet Cleaning. “I have no qualms about recommending Kitchener Clean. 2 0 obj Posting a memo like the one above can help create an atmosphere of awareness and caring. Don’t Make These Mistakes When Cleaning Carpet, The Ultimate Guide: Removing Paint From Your Carpet, Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Healthy Between Professional Cleanings, 2200 Dominion Street Suite H Durham NC 27704. For instance, … Now that you have some carpet cleaning guidelines for your staff, it’s time to talk about ways you can get those guidelines implemented. Provide your employees with an office cleaning policy and make sure to enforce the rules on a regular basis. Even if you have a person who comes in for the specific purpose of cleaning, that person is not available around the clock. by Jason Short | Nov 8, 2018 | Blog, Carpet, Commercial cleaning, Tips. m$,���Yn�odt~�'��"�. This memo emphasizes employees to keep the refrigerators clean as dirty fridges can harbor harmful bacteria. In the event of a coffee spill, your staff can reach for that bucket on the instant rather than rummage for the tools they need. There are some hats that must be shared, like carpet maintenance. Helping businesses achieve a healthier work environment and a cleaner world. You can include some details in this memo, such as the right temperature of the fridge, how to practice safe cleaning, and how to remove odors. It includes a bullet point section for managers and employers to list some simple ways employees can do their part in keeping the office clean. That will also contribute toward extending the life of your carpet. Keeping your office clean is important to look professional, provide a healthy work environment for your employees, and increase your productivity. Again, be gentle but firm. It takes time to get into the swing of a new way of thinking. Anonymous . > Click here to view the entire safety memo by Homefoodsafety.orgThis excellent memo posted by reminds employees to keep their refrigerators safe and clean, as many offices have a problem with dirty and even unsanitary fridge conditions! Carpet is an investment and as with any investment it requires some care! Thank you in advance for your support of this program. We’ll give you the lowdown on what’s important for carpet cleaning guidelines. Jani-King of Manitoba to Clean Richardson Innovation Centre, Jani-King of Vancouver Island Supports HeroWork Charity, How to be Confident Your Cleaning Provider is Disinfecting Correctly. We’ll give you the lowdown on what’s important for carpet cleaning guidelines. If your office allows pets, consider putting up this great office memo infographic. This is a biggie that your office staff needs to understand. So what does your office team need to know about carpet cleaning? You have done your due diligence in letting the staff know about the upcoming scheduled cleaning. Notice to all employees: The carpets … i have going to sent email to all employees said cleaning carpet, but i dont know how to said in formal way , could you please give me a help, thank you very much. Looking for non-toxic office cleaning in Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph or Cambridge? And it’s smart to give your team some carpet cleaning guidelines for the everyday carpet care that is surely needed. In between cleanings, you and your staff should take initiative to vacuum up dirt and crumbs that are visible. 5 Types Of Tiles & How To Choose The Best For Your Floor. The tiniest of debris can be smaller than the period at the end of this sentence. Don’t forget to call up a professional to come in now and then for carpet deep cleaning. That will also contribute toward extending the life of your carpet. Spring cleaning your workspace is essential to contributing to a healthy and productive office environment. You can place a “prevent the flu” poster at your office to keep your employees informed about the causes, symptoms, and complications of the flu and how to prevent it. Kitchener Clean always uses the highest quality EcoLogo or Green Seal certified products when possible in your office. If you are having trouble with messy employees, this is a great memo template to use. Don’t forget to call up a professional to come in now and then for carpet deep cleaning. Need make an announcement for carpet cleaning inside company to all employees in formal way, thank you? Memo. Spills that sit on carpet become a greater challenge to remove. If your office allows pets, you can post a memo that explains how to keep the pets safe and comfortable at work. > Click here to see Career Trend's how-to guide on writing a memo regarding bathroom cleanliness. It is important for employers and workers alike to get on board with office cleanliness, no matter where you work. Keeping your office kitchen clean is important. This sample policy can help those who may not know how to write a policy such as this one, and in turn, help those in the workplace who are sensitive to scents. If a poster is not enough to discourage the use of fragrances in your office, you may want to look into creating a policy and distributing that memo to everyone in the workplace. . If someone sees a spill or obstruction on the floor, deal with it. You can either email this memo to your staff or print and post it on your office fridge. Also, include some details in the memo such as up-to-date pet vaccinations, reducing possible allergens, assigning a pet sitter, and more. If you run a business with carpets, you should have them cleaned every 12-18 months. Let your carpet cleaners know about any fragile furniture as well, in case they have to move something. If you have … One method is to send a memo out to all employees. Cheap carpet cleaners can be hard to find, but if you avoid calling your local…, Removing Paint From Your Carpet - If you're painting your home, it may be next…, Keeping Your Carpet Healthy - Your carpets should be cleaned by professional carpet cleaners at…. A great looking offices helps you and your team focus on whats important. > Click here to view the American Lung Association's sample of a fragrance free office policy. Overland Park, KS You can add some dos and don’ts to this memo to make it more effective. Your employees should also help with keeping the workplace clean and sanitized. Spills, crumbs, and debris are part of the day to day life of carpet, regardless of the venue. A memo on Office Spring Cleaning is written by an employee in which he/she informs the rest of the staff members about the upcoming spring-cleaning day. Copyright © 2020 ProGreen Carpet - All rights reserved. This is in case someone has to leave while the cleaners are still there. That’s how accidents happen. Sometimes, videos may even work better than a written memo. Employees and customers do not have to worry about spreading germs if your office kitchen is well-kept. All rights reserved. See it? You can share these carpet cleaning guidelines with your staff … When your carpet and rug cleaners arrive, point out any specific stains or spots you’d like to see removed, especially if you think they may require heavier duty techniques. This will help cleaners get the right to work and give you a more thorough, lasting clean. Besides placing a memo, keep adequate paper towels and air freshener sprays in the washroom. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. If someone sees a spill or obstruction on the floor, deal with it. For example, one suggestion on the list is a reminder to always use a liner in trash cans for clean and easy disposal of garbage. > Click here to view Cover Letters and Resume's "Keep Office Clean" memo template. This is in case someone has to leave while the cleaners are still there. Memo to Faculty and Staff on COVID-19 Protocols March 2020. This short video provides workers and employers alike with tips by etiquette expert "Mister Manners." endobj Cancelling Non-Essential International University Travel March 2020. If it’s possible, try to remove as much furniture from the room being cleaned as you can. If your office staff opts to try out new cleaning products on the carpet, warn them that it’s best to test it out on inconspicuous carpet area. Commercial Carpet Cleaning. x��Ymo�8� ���Ëo�X��]l�z��[����%1bK�,��3#�1%Sv�-9�g����������,��-/Y�(&�O����-������(���~yy!X���'R3k4��ˋ�=�קˋ���f��^^| ]���QDh��i�pM�O���Dp형)O�1���PH��cP3x�鏌=n//��a��R�u��0Ljǝ`ƥc\�-�ܲ�%�'��c��$��K�2��v�&2`ב�3JO�HɵdF�\�6F���Q�_UlT�_�؈������'�$�����`u���[H��㰉�jr�5*CZ&����`!��pg���k����B�g��"`D����72e����Su��l̸����"��P�:��u��c�DOqja�i�a}ջ8u�4�l� Sending out a memo to your employees about keeping the bathroom clean can be uncomfortable and feel like a very sensitive topic. You don’t have to rip into people to get your point across. When writing a memo, keep the following in mind: – Keep it short and sweet. Contact Kitchener Clean today. Perfume and fragrances in the workplace can cause real, sometimes even serious problems to workers, employers, and even clients who are sensitive or allergic. Relevance. Following is the template of writing a memorandum: From: This will inform the addressee as to who sends the memo. 9 years ago. This simple office memo can go a long way. Clear all items out of the fridge (unclaimed items will be tossed). This memo includes the temperature your fridge should stay at, how to remove odours, and how to practice safe cleaning. Contact Kitchener Clean today if you would like to know more about keeping your office clean and your employees healthy. They are easy to remember, especially if they are funny. Fax: 949-229-6199, Copyright © 2020 Momentum Janitorial – Website Design by Rhino Web Group, The Importance of a Clean and Healthy Office, 5 Reasons to Keep Your Server Rooms Spotlessly Clean, A Quick Guide to Effective Office Building Maintenance, How Commercial Janitorial Services Can Save You Money, 5 Ways to Know If You Have the Best Janitorial Service, Carpet Cleaning: How Often You Should Clean Your Carpet, 5 Advantages of Commercial Cleaning Services for Business Owners, How Momentum Janitorial Helps You Do Business Without Germs and Bacteria. On the off chance, you have an office pet, you should put them somewhere quiet where the loud sounds of cleaning won’t disturb them. Some carpet cleaning and repair professionals include furniture moving in their services, so be sure to ask about it if you don’t want to move things yourself. Clean it. When it comes to offices with multiple employees, sometimes having everyone on the same page isn’t always easy – Enter the Spring Cleaning Memo. Another great office memo from, this memo template is applicable to nearly every single workplace and can be easily modified to suit your specific needs and requests. Cleaning includes: trash removal, vacuum available carpet wall to wall and/or sweep/damp mop and spot clean floors, dust available horizontal and vertical surfaces that are free from items (custodial will not move things on your desk, counters, cabinets). Etc: Supply Room, Restroom, Tables, Desk, Floors, Supplies Stocked, Files put away, Blank Intake Sheets, and other Forms that’s needed to be made or copied. Encouraging workers with written memos, posters, and videos to take office cleanliness seriously is a great way to boost awareness and cleanliness in the office. 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