oaks at ojai sold
With additional enrichment classes and community activities, guests can experience Southern California while improving their health habits with the help of expert staff members in a friendly environment. Most were from the West Coast as well. The Oaks is different from other destination spas I’ve been to because its 1920s adobe hacienda building is integrated into the small, quaint town of Ojai, rather than being cloistered away. When I was planning my time at The Oaks, in Southern California’s beautiful Ventura County, I imagined I would attend classes at every opportunity—which is seven times a day. According to their website, they plan to reopen as soon as possible. This 4,769 square foot house sits on a 1 acre lot and features 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Print Email Details Published: Friday, 23 October 2020 09:39 Austin Widger, Ojai Valley News reporter. Quite simply, water exercise is fun. In one sense, it’s a shame that Ojai, a quintessential Southern California New Age village known for its wine, music, and lavender festivals, isn’t better known in other parts of the U.S., but given how small the town and the spa are, maybe it’s better kept as a local secret. In fact, almost everyone I spoke to was a repeat visitor. https://ojaieastend.com/#!/. Click and take a look and call us! In fact, I was probably more eager for some down time than the average spa-goer when I booked my three-day stay at the Oaks at Ojai. Almost all of the classes I took either allowed or required bare feet, which was a wonderful vacation for feet always imprisoned in either running shoes, bike shoes or heels. And since you’re mostly underwater no one can tell whether you’re doing the exercises right or how hard you’re working, so there’s no reason to be self-conscious. ", "Andro was totally hands-on and involved in the process of selling my Ojai home from the very first phone call. Click and take a look and call us. There are also daytime off-site outings, including biking down to the seaside town of Ventura and kayaking on Lake Casitas, if you want to pay extra. Peace, privacy, mountain views, lush plantings, the sounds of water around and in your courtyard, this is a place in which to live, retreat to, enjoy, a place to reflect, meditate and rejuvenate! Great for discovering comps, sales history, photos, and more. It’s easy to walk to galleries, antique stores, boutiques, or, if you’re determined to circumvent the 1,000-calorie-a-day meal plan, an ice cream and chocolate shop. Ojai CA Recently Sold Homes. Being a competitive triathlete doesn’t mean I’m in that mode 365 days a year. Please check out our other California weight loss resorts for other options. The Oaks at Ojai is a fitness retreat and spa focused on structured nutritional and exercise routines and relaxation, and specifically designed for women over 40 years old. Shooting Down Stress: Archery at the Golden Door. And Call Us About Homes with Larger Land Parcels! But I was only at the Oaks for three days, and I made a late evening trip into town to eat a “share”-size bag of M&Ms.


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