mi5 vs mi6
Is MI5 investigating me and how can I get access to its records? MI1 Code breaking, Francisco Scaramanga, Secret Island, Carribean, P. M. Skellen, Herefordshire United Kingdom.

The provisions mentioned in the Act mean we play a part in vetting candidates for sensitive government posts. It probably still deals with codes and cyphers, something like our NSA. MI5 is the military intelligence section 5 of UK and it is a part of Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) or mi6. As displayed on the MI6>FAQs and on the MI5 website>about us>myths sections, "SIS (MI6) collects secret intelligence overseas on behalf of the British Government.

MI5 only investigates individuals whose activities fall within the remit set out in the Security Service Act 1989. MI8 Military Communication Interception, SIS is responsible for gathering intelligence outside the UK in support of the government's security, defence, foreign and economic policies. Please note that we can’t help with issues that don’t relate to national security.

It can be argued because there is not substantial information available to the general public as to what or how each foreign service office or officer are assigned or their duties. NCIS Nebraska Career Information System In the Spring of 1943, aerial photography moved to the Air Ministry and MI15 became air defence intelligence. I am no expert in any of these matters..Just curious to see if there is any possible chance my father could have ever been linked with Britain's MI9, since his death people I'm connecting with are telling me he previously served with MI9: he was very brilliant and a serious intellectual.Advice would be appreciated.Thanking you for your assistance.
At the centre of the crest is a golden winged sea-lion on a blue background.

During the post-World War II era, most of these agencies were consolidated into the MI5 and MI6. If you know something that you think would help us in countering national security threats like terrorism or espionage, please get in touch (see contact us). I also think that some of the other numbers may have been active in intelligence and of the like during the world wars.

The MI6, otherwise known as the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), is Britain’s foreign intelligence agency. NCIS National Coordinated Industry Survey (Australia) Subversion is no longer seen as a significant threat and countering serious crime is now the responsibility of the National Crime Agency (NCA). The crown at the top of the uppermost portcullis refers to the Crown, the legal embodiment of the State. MI9 Undercover operations supporting POW, The affair was reviewed in 1975 by Lord Trend, a former Cabinet Secretary, who found that there was no evidence to show that either Hollis or Mitchell had been Soviet agents. The FBI does have a counter intelligence section and they work very closely with the CIA and other intelligence agencies in the US like the NIA (Naval Intelligence Agency) and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency). There are some very good answers here.

MI7 Propoganda and censorship, It represents our historical association with the three armed services.

We don’t investigate or interview candidates on their behalf. Is it possible to work for MI5 and have a normal family life? The letters stood, I think, for Government Communication Headquarters. Russian and Chinese intelligence activities are an ongoing concern. MI20 - MI25 remain Classified. The MI5 is answerable to the Home Secretary, and the MI6 is to the Foreign Sectary.


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