mars in ardra nakshatra
In this time of the year, when Mars is in Ashlesha nakshatra, focus more on inner work versus material progress. He spends a fair amount of time/money to buy food for the wild animals around his home – especially the birds. – Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh – year 1971. Not an easy life lesson for sure – but also one of the most powerful ones. 3. Since Rahu is the ruling planet here, it lends the characteristics of violence and aggression. Based on holistic matching, Ardras are most likely to find happiness in long-term partnerships with: Mrigashiras in Gemini; Punarvasus in Gemini; Magha (for male natives) Purva-phalguni; Uttara-phalguni Totem animal is Dog (female). The Sign Virgo isd also the 5th house of the India Foundation chart and the 7th house of the India Republic Horoscope of the 26th Jan 1950. (2nd lord with 6th lord – MOON and MARS in Lagna). By Sept. 1945 the war was over on both sides of the world leaving so many orphans, widows, prisoners and homeless refugees. Dosha - Vata. A female native of Ardra Nakshatra will marry late in life and if she marries early her problems could increase eventually leading to separation from her husband. MARS pada 4 – 6 & 11 lord. Swami Premanand Bharti (Vishal S Saxena Astrologer). Many leaders lost their position and many people more became homeless. “Ardra” is a Sanskrit term and it loosely translates to “green” or the “moist one”. The Seasonal Diseases will be of the worst kind . The Solar Eclipse in the Moola Nakshatra on the 26th Dec. 2019 will add fuel to the Fire and when Ketu joins the Moola Nakshatra and Mars activates the Eclipse point of 9.58 degrees on the 21st-22nd Feb. 2020 would be most Venomous in this Respect for the Globe in general. ASTRO EXPERIENCES 2. Vol 9 article no. Ardra is said to stand for the behavior of a child, and hence the Ardra natives experience extremes of happiness and sorrow, or the in between stage in a matter of minutes. This Navamsa is ruled by the Saturn again. Revenge too was brought upon traitors and collaborators – Ardra being a Rahu nakshatra as Rahu sought revenge for the traitors who caused him to have his head cut. Rudra is ordered by the Visvedevas to prevent the heinous act of Prajapati. Pakistan May not leave any stone unturned to negate the same . Those are interesting points Gaurish. His favourable age for prosperous financial period is between thirty two and forty two years. Because by becoming more patient towards others, even when you are suffering at the moment, you will also develop a powerful emotional strength, which will actually help you to go through this time period more smoothly. Facebook Page - . Ardra Mythology: Birth of Rudra and Abandonment. SCHOOLING – DPS Mathura road New Delhi. 14th Sept. 2019 Full Moon chart of the 10-03 hrs Many of them lost their name and identities. They have the ability to analyze and comprehend situation which makes them ideal advice givers. Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan Institute of Astrology New Delhi -Year Jan 2007. Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra opens the Secrets of Astrology whey the event happened . Mars is teaching us here a powerful lesson of embracing our own vulnerability and he encourages us not to be afraid of it and not to try to hide it constantly. Behind every challenge, there is always an opportunity to progress and a powerful life lesson. As intense and unpredictable as this time period may be, don’t forget to find at least a little bit of time everyday to just be with yourself in silence. An Ardra Nakshatra female is born with an inherent curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. Democratic Movements, Trade and the General Happiness of the Nation will all be influenced adversely The first Pada or quarter of Ardra Nakshatra lies in the Sagittarius Navamsa. Mars is the lord of 4th house and 9th house . It was a wish granted by Shiva to Brahma that he would take birth as his son. Protests in the Political Scenario, there is also possibility of Fires which may explode not only in the Political Area but otherwise also. Despite their soft hearted nature, an Ardra Nakshtara female possesses a strong exterior. My Interview On the YouTube Just embrace it. Rudra is terrified at this unfair treatment from his own fathers and howls, roars and cries (Rud). 11. Therefore they work regularly to excel in all their undertakings. There is an inclination for materialistic pleasures above anything else. Ardra is pretty much as curious as Mrigashira, the only difference is that Ardra likes to know the cause behind the effect, while Mrigashira is mostly content with observing and enjoying the effect.Getting to the root of the matter is very important to this nakshatra. Ardra Nakshatra male could do well in fields such as broker, art broker and retail, transport and shipping. But they do not let others notice their feelings of distress. J, his parents and sister ended up in a refugee camp in Germany, living there for 11 years (there are 11 Rudras). It confused and upset him when his mother went away to the sanatorium or refused to touch him for fear of spreading TB (tuberculosis) (tears, rejection, abandonment). The Political Front Suffers . You are not the only one experiencing that. Earlier. She could suffer from physical ailments such as blood and heart problems, menstrual problems and issues related to the reproductive organs. Mars is totally under combustionin the 9th house . 4th lord in 11th house may indicate native happiness comes primarily from speculative matters . Although Ketu will remain in Moola Nakshatra till Sept. 2020 . (abandonment theme). Solar Ingress Libra Sun Moon Mercury Afflicted By Mars Red Planet &... Communication With Nature Gives Answers To Our Problems... Mercury Turning Direct On 3rd Nov. 2020 What... Are We Heading For A Financial Crisis Parallel... Coronavirus Cases Flare Up Worldwide No Major Relief... Mercury Retrograde Turns The Tables For Stocks Sensex... North Node Rahu In Taurus Ketu In Scorpio... Astrology Speaks Loudly ! Can you widen your circle of compassion a little bit more? Rahu will remain in the nakshatra Ardra from the September 26, 2019 – April 22, 2020.. Ketu is presently in the nakshatra of Poorva Shada and will be in it’s own Nakshatra Moola the Most Ferrocious Nakshatra From February 12 – September 20, 2020. The 5 Bench Judge Supreme Court Hearing in the first week of Oct. may not be a healthy one it so seems . An Ardra Nakshatra female is a loving and caring daughter. The entire time period, when Mars will be dwelling in Ashlesha nakshatra he will be testing your own limitations and boundaries through various life situations and silently asking: can you open your heart a little bit more? One who makes the appropriate offering to Rudra, and to Ardra, becomes the lord of the animals. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The purpose for Rudra’s birth was to disrupt the creative forces of the Universe by blocking Prajapati to succeed with his intentions of incest. So indeed, the storm followed by the tears and rage of Rudra. Her biggest strength is her kindness and compassion which is conspicuous in her personality. Ardra Nakshatra males are headstrong when it comes to their long term goals. May be much more might have happened. » 4613590 Total, © Vishal Saxena Astrologer 2017. RESEARCH Marriage, Prashna Triangle, Transit of Malefics over 8th house/lord / Navamsha . Disclaimer Clause applicable as mentioned in the Home Page and the Writter does not take the responsibility if any one investa according to the Above Predictions , in that case he would be doing it at his own risk and fancies, ASTRO DOC Saturn will be with Ketu till 24th Jan. 2020 and Mars will join the Sign Sagitarius and activate the Eclipse point of the 26th Dec. 2019 on the 15th Feb. 2020. As per another mythology from Shatapatha Brahmana, Rudra was born from the Eyebrows of Brahma. » 15065 Week My Predictions on the Pulwama attack and IAF pouncing on Terror Camps of Jaish Prove on Dot for even the dat and time He is a strong individual, both mentally and physically. Fascinated in discovering the forgotten secrets of our inner universe and in love with ancient scriptures. Now, bring into this extremely sensitive and vulnerable lunar mansion Mars, the significator of extraverted energy, penetration, taking action, open fight and… exposing our wounds. Katikeya was the God destined to defeat Tarakasura. This quarter exemplifies the need to know and urge to explore, in an individual. They abandon Rudra as an one-man show and refuse to accept him as their child. 4. 4. Lunation is yaking place in the 4th house where Mars is afflicting the Luminaries and also aspected by Saturn by strong 10th aspect. It will be at 19.47 degrees and in virgo navamsha, FULL MOON CHART OF 14TH SEPT. 2019 YouTube Channel - Mars, the 6th lord of pets/animals: J adores all animals; has a great affinity towards them. My Interview in Singapore On YouTube » 7162 Today Try to find within yourself more patience, tolerance and compassion towards others – and, first of all, towards yourself. There was unfair treatment from the authorities in several governments. Prajapati (Brahma) asks the child why he cries, he retorts by weeping louder saying that he weeps because he doesn’t have a name. JAPAN, Daweoo Int. A female native of Ardra Nakshatra is also lively thus everyone naturally gets interested and attracted to what she has to say. Facebook Page - . Your email address will not be published. Prajapati (Brahma) asks the child why he cries, he retorts by weeping louder saying that he weeps because he doesn’t have a name. The third quarter of Ardra Nakshatra falls in the Aquarius Navamsa. Sept. 2019 so many Planetary changes and specially the Saturn and Mars return aspect and Rahu entering in Ardra Nakshatra termed as ‘Rudra’ Tears The Period in 2020 from the 12th Feb. to 22nd April 2020 is most Venomous Globally. He has more than 15 years of experience in Indian Vedic astrology and has … read more about me, Copyright © 2020 Jyotish Alankar , Jyotish Acharaya .. ASTROLOGY RESEARCH Guidance Shri K.N.Rao He should take care of his health as some of the diseases could be incurable.


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