marine engineering dissertation topics
Choose a topic to access related Top Stories, Advisory reports, journal articles, theses and dissertations, and a listing of affiliated labs, projects, and centers. Civil Engineering Final Year Project Topic List. Civil Engineering Projects for Diploma Students, Civil Engineering Projects 2017, 2018, 2019, Civil Engineering Dissertation Topics Ideas. Modern vessels in the marine power system are comprised of an integrative full electric propulsion system. Research on Real-time Mornitoring System of High-voltage Switchgear, Research on Temperature Monitoring System for High-Voltage Switchgear Based on ZigBee, Study on Wireless Power Transmission System Based on Coupled Magnetic Resonance, Research on Characteristics of Vortex Tube Air Intake Filter in Gas Turbine, Numerical Prediction for Lean Blowout of Annular Combustion, The Stability Analysis of Gas Turbine Ompression System, Research on Fault Diagnosis of Gas Turbine Bearing, Numerical Simulation of the Impact of Turbine Blade Film Cooling Caused by Hole Injection, Study on Diesel Engine Intelligence Speed Control System Based on dSPACE, Research on Fuel-air-chamber Optimization Matching of Controllable Intake Swirl Diesel, Investigation on Injection Pressure Rise Rate Characteristics of Unit Pump Fuel System with Electronically Controlled, Analysis on the Parameter Identification and Dynamic Characteristics of the Diesel Engine Electromagnetic Speed Actuator, Study on Impact of the Exhaust Purification Device on Engine Performance and Exhaust Noise, Simulation Study of the Diesel Engine Cylinder Liner-Piston Ring Wear Condition Monitoring, Study on a New Type of Diesel Particulate Filters, Study on the Fluid and Acoustic Field of Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow in Pipe, Prediction and Research on Excitation Characteristics and Vibration&Noise of Valve Train, Experimental Research on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Nanofluids in Foam Metal Heat Pipe, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Investigation of Turbine Pressure Controlled Vortex Design Technology, The Development of Variable Frequency Drive Control System for Energy-efficient Mixing Station, Research on Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning System Driven by Heat Pump, The Research on Heat Transfer Performance and Adaptability Analysis of Fresh Air Ventilator, Study on the Heat Accumulator and Performance of a Phase-change Heat-storage-type Heat Pump Water Heater, The Design and Performance Analysis of Waste Heat Recovery System for a10000TEU Container Ship, Study on Floating Dock Lifting Automatic Control System, Research on Theories and Applications of Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition, The Research of Marine Intelligent Thickness Measuring Device and Accuracy Analysis, Lifting Deformation Prediction and Control of57000DWT Bulk Carrier Hull Section, Research on Underwater Multi-target Detection Technique Based on Forward-looking Sonar, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Coupled Numerical Analysis of Multiple Physical Field of Marine Generator, Modeling and Simulation for Marine Middle Electric Power System, Research of Active Power Filter on Small Ship Electric Propulsion System, Development of the Marine Power Plant Virtual Operation and Evaluation System Based on the Web Configuration, Research on Modeling and CMAC Control to Medium Voltage Power System of the Ship, Research on Energy Control Managemen Technology of Sighting Solar Boat, Design of Ship Maintenance Management System Based on B/S, The Ddevelopment of the Ship Networked Intelligent Information Terminal, The Development of Monitoring and Alarm System in the Ship Cabin Based on Audio and Video, Design of Monitoring and Alarming System Based on Web for Marine Engine, Development of the Data Acquisition System for the Equipment Operation in Engine Room, Study of the Rule of Ship Cable Insulation Aging and Rapid Detection Methods, Research of Shell Surface Topography Based on Gauss Filter, Research and Development of a New Intelligent Marine Oil Content Meter, Radiation Characteristics Models Impact on Engine Room Fire Simulation, Flame Recognition Based on Vision Sensors and High Pressure Water Mist Spray Experimental Study, Study of Adsorption Refrigeration Using Activated Carbon-ammonia of Powered by Ship's Waste Heat, Numerical Simulation of Ventilation Performance in Ship Engine Compartment, The Dlesign of a Refrigeration Unit for Marine Reefer Container and Its Performance Research, Research on the Design of the Luxury Yacht Power System, The Research and Development of the Marine Electric Propulsion Propeller Simulated Load.


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