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Again, this is another death of a cast member that eerily occurred not long after the release of a Poltergeist movie. Kahn was tasked with writing the novelization of the movie, and he says that as he was finishing the novel, a freak lightning bold stuck the building he was working in. Sweeney was later convicted of voluntary manslaughter and spent three and half years behind bars for the killing. Examples cited in his interview include House on Haunted Hill and the 1931 Frankenstein. After a brief argument, Sweeney strangled Dunne into unconsciousness. Character actor Lou Perryman became the second castmember to fall victim to murder. Steve Freeling JoBeth Williams. He acted in a number of small roles both on television and in films such as The Blues Brothers, Poltergeist, Boys Don't Cry and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Excellent and engaging Texas-born character actor Lou Perryman never became a household name, but he still nonetheless proved to be a substantial and delightful asset to the handful of movies he appeared in throughout the years. Excellent and engaging Texas-born character actor Lou Perryman never became a household name, but he still nonetheless proved to be a substantial and delightful asset to the handful of movies he appeared in throughout the years. She survived the attack, but was left in a coma. Lots of them. However, less than a year after the film's release - the curse had claimed another victim. Character actor Lou Perryman became the second castmember to fall victim to murder. He was brutally murdered by an ex-convict. Actor Lou Perryman, who had a very minor role as a construction worker named Pugsley, was gruesomely murdered in his home by Seth Christopher Tatum — an ex-con with a … The crashed claimed the lives of 27 of the 51 passengers, but Lawson was among the survirors. In fact, you might even say she found it to be downright preposterous. It's been the subject of many online articles, TV specials and mini-documentaries, including E! He played Pugsley in the original movie and suffered a brutal end in 1992 when he was hacked to death with an axe aged 67. You can unsubscribe at any time. Not only did Heather O’Rourke die years after the ceremony, Sampson himself perished less than a year later from complications from a kidney transplant. This blockage ruptured and the toxins released in her body proved to be too much. There is no curse — it is just tragic coincidences," he said. According to witnesses, the two had a brief conversation and went inside together. He put his lucky escape down to a last-minute seat change that saved his life. The film centres on the haunting of the Freelings family in California, who are left terrified by a number of paranormal events that turn their lives upside down. Desecration of human remains plays a big role in the first film as the probable cause of the Freelings' pesky poltergeist problem. Perryman also starred in Texas independent filmmaker Eagle Pennell's The Whole Shootin' Match and Last Night at the Alamo. He was involved in a terrifying plane crash in 1992 when the USAir Flight 405 crashed into New York City's Flushing Bay on route to Cleveland, Ohio. Sampson had longtime health problems as he suffered from a degenerative condition called scleroderma, which affected his heart and lungs. Lots of movies, particularly horror flicks, are said to be cursed (THE EXORCIST, THE OMEN, ROSEMARY’S BABY, even an unmade script entitled ATUK), and skeptics usually explain away these hexes as coincidences and/or marketing schemes, but before you dismiss the POLTERGEIST curse out-of-hand, consider the similarities between the movie and real life. "No low-budget B film is gonna pay anybody to sculpt a human skeleton when all you had to do was go to a biological supply house and get a human skeleton. "I assumed that they were prop skeletons made out of plastic or rubber . Even if you're just a casual moviegoer or horror fan, you've probably heard of "the Poltergeist curse." [5] He later confessed that he had killed Perryman with an axe. It left many movie-goers terrified, but it was the horror that came later that really sent shivers down horror fans' spines. On Thursday, Tatum, 26, drove Perryman's car to the Travis County Courthouse and surrendered to authorities, homicide Detective Joseph Chacon said. According to witnesses, the two had a brief conversation and went inside together. I found out, as did the crew, that they were using real skeletons, because it’s far too expensive to make fake skeletons out of rubber.". Poltergeist became known as one of Hollywood's most haunted horrors as the cast was plagued by tragedy after the film wrapped, When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Prop master Kasson may not have felt the curse, but others who worked on POLTERGEIST tell of strange experiences. The curse of Poltergeist spawned many theories about why the movie and its sequels were cursed with so much tragedy, with one suggesting the use of real life human bones in the original film caused the hauntings. . EXCLUSIVE: Jason Blum on the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Phenomenon, Check Out This Bizarre German KRAMPUS Prank, Virginia Haunted by Killer Dressed as Giant Rabbit: The Legend of Bunny Man Bridge, the mechanical clown used in the movie malfunctioned. She suffered a cardiac arrest by doctors were able to revive her and doctors diagnosed her with intestinal stenosis - a partial obstruction of the intestine. His reason? Dunne was considered a rising star at the time and had just landed the role of Robin Maxwell in the 1983 science-fiction miniseries V, which she was rehearsing for the night she was assaulted. He preferred that the movie not be released at all, but MGM ultimately had its way. He's the gaunt, 19th century-looking cult leader who spends most of Poltergeist II trying to infiltrate the Freeling residence and abduct Carol Ann — and yes, he's also the same dude who possessed the aforementioned tequila worm. In the middle of shooting POLTERGEIST III, she was rushed to Cedars Sinai, where she died in the middle of surgery. They manage to get Carol Anne back, but the house is eventually consumed by the demonic forces who haunted it. A number of deaths, basically. Lou Perryman, Actor: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. O’Rourke, it turns out, died from septic shock during emergency surgery to repair an acute bowel obstruction. The actor, Julian Beck, was suffering from advanced stomach cancer during filming and he died soon after the movie was completed. Will you be boycotting the Oscars this year? Fast forward to January of 1988, when O'Rourke became severely ill and her health started deteriorating at an alarming rate. But O’Rourke’s involvement with the series may have come with a terrible price. O'Rourke's tragic end would be the fourth death of a Poltergeist major cast member in a six-year span. Just to steal his car. After appearing in all three of the original POLTERGEIST movies, O’Rourke died tragically and somewhat mysteriously at only 12 years old. According to believers, the curse ultimately claimed the lives of Freeling family members Heather O’Rourke and Dominique Dunne, both of whom died very tragically and very young. In 2009, the 67 year-old actor was chilling at his home in Austin, TX when Seth Tatum knocked on his door. Perryman first became involved in the film business back in 1961 while on leave from the US Army. . Of all the thousands of doors he passed on his mad journey, why did Tatum pick that particular one to knock on? The actor who portrayed the preacher died of stomach cancer just as the film was being released. After prison, he changed his name and has presumably been living as a free man ever since. Kenan reports inexplicable equipment failure on the set, and says the curse followed him away from the filming. "They're heeeeere!" Bulldozer Driver (as Clair Leucart) Dirk … After a particularly violent row, where Sweeney reportedly strangled Dunne and jumped on her car hood to keep her from leaving, Dunne moved out and ended their relationship. Sampson passed away due to post-operative kidney failure following a heart and lung transplant. Perhaps one of the most grisly and tragic deaths was that of 22-year-old actress Dominique Dunne, who played the eldest sister in the first film, Dana Freeling. “They came from Carolina Biological,” Kasson said, naming a medical and science supply company that sold human skeletons mainly for use in medical schools back in the 1980s. O’Rourke was born with a stenosis of the intestines that was never diagnosed. But strange things start to happen, and their suburban idyll turns nightmarish. ... Lou Perryman. Immediately after her death, O’Rourke’s manager mistakenly reported the child actor had died of the flu, but the actual cause-of-death was stranger than that. It's apparent there's a lot of real-life death surrounding the Poltergeist movies, and while some like to believe it has to do with a curse, others believe it's simply a string of unfortunate coincidences. Actor Richard Lawson played one of the parapsychologists, Ryan, in the original film and he came close to becoming another victim of the curse in 1992. Along with revealing the skeletal nature of the curse, JoBeth Williams told E! On June 26, 2009 Tatum was indicted on two counts of capital murder. Another etched-in-brain scene for many is from the second film, when Steve (Craig T. Nelson) swallows a possessed worm while guzzling a bottle of tequila, which leads to him eventually vomiting out an H.R. “I began to think, is somebody trying to send me a message that I shouldn’t be doing this film?” Williams said. She passed away on February 1988, just weeks after her 12th birthday, and it was later reported she died from congenital stenosis and septic shock. He was a film crew member on the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. Lou Perryman had a bit part in the original POLTERGEIST, playing a Pugsley, a construction worker. Sweeney served less than four years for the crime. During production of Poltergeist III in 1987, O'Rourke was undergoing treatment for Crohn's disease, which would turn out to be a misdiagnosis. “Yes, the skeletons were real,” confirmed POLTERGEIST’s assistant prop master Bruce Kasson. Giger monstrosity. Hit 1982 horror movie Poltergeist became known as one of Hollywood's most cursed films after the cast were plagued by a series of tragedies after it wrapped. Julian Beck, who played Kane the evil preacher, died in 1985 during post-production on "Poltergeist II." Perryman was killed in his home in Austin, Texas on April 1, 2009 by a 26-year-old man named Seth Christopher Tatum. When police searched his residence, they found Perryman dead, his body hacked apart with an axe. Remember the evil preacher Kane from POLTERGEIST II? On a reddit AMA, Kenan wrote, “My family’s lucky number is 13. 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