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OMG Dolls are literally related, connected, infused with LOL Dolls. We’re talking chocolate-mocha skin, long, braids, two fashionable outfits, 25 surprises, lyrics to unlock (she is, after all, a musical star), a spin record to play, mix & match outfits, and more. (We are allowed to admit that, right?). Gripes aside though, it's a decent little set. 7 surprises thus far, which is quite a bit off 70. Due to their busy schedule of ruling the doll world and music world, they custom-designed this plane for the LOL dolls to cut a demo in their built-in recording studio. (It’s a great addition to the LOL dollhouses. music-based and super fun. The rings say "bhad" and "gurl". So you didn't destroy anything removing them. She has a pretty cool molded on metal gauntlet. Maybe that 200usd boast wasn't so unrealistic after all. Think cowboy duds and threads with major swag and sparkle. I should mention at this point that MGA has actually at least sort of listened to criticisms of the waste of these blind bag toys. Na! She kept her socks, her bracelets (they're simple little black bands with pink like.. nubbins on em) and her corset but the rest is Shadow's outfit. Toby's 8th Birthday Sale An interesting choice given the legwarmers totally cover them up. And four.... FOUR brushes. Hot These 4 OMG dolls and 4 Tots Dolls, each have their own musical instruments. Huh.. that's freaking bizarre). Fierce's outfit is in compartment 67 ffs! Fierce's outfit was in fact the LAST thing I opened, it was number 67 of the "surprises". There's a table on this side and a gold record for "the queen" (Elvis LOL). Cute This material always disintergrates and it's such a shame. These LOL big sis dolls fall under the category of fashion dolls, like Barbie, but they are very different. The boots remind me of shoes I had in my old cybergoth days heh. The middle section between the two "stages" is a giant stereo with a radio and cassette player. LOL Dolls Even more references! Interior of all four "changing rooms"? They're too narrow and pop off constantly. Her lips are purple and she has a pale complexion. Fame Queen is freaking awesome. She also has a lot of caution tape. I like the drawers, both work well to hold the extra bits and bobs when you aren't using them (like the glasses) and the LOLs have their own little stage. They shimmer purple and green as light hits them and are freaking awesome. Her spiked choker has really long spikes which interfere with her vest's collar which annoys me. Surprise! *laments*. I don't mind the drippiness, it's the damn words on them. It is pink, black and yellow. The owner of this website: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. little drawers would have worked better I think. This is everything you get in the box after you spend an hour getting everything out of the little compartments. it's heavy! You can play the instruments together to create your own songs. I'm dumb) to reveal the omg boxes labelled 34 and 51. I can't see that many differences between this release and her original but I don't collect LOLs so I don't have her original doll to really compare. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-source'); Condition is "New". Fame Queen and Ferocious continue the surprises in the doors thing. They're both fairly deep so a good place to store spare parts if you intend to use this as a playset. OMG Remix Super Surprise set now. Random. var _g1; This set retails at around £140 here in the UK which all things considered isn't too bad a deal. Her eyes are caked in it even. } catch(e) {}, Love All in all, I give this set a solid 8 redundant hairbrushes out of 10. Sadly all mine eventually wore out or the platforms disintergrated as a result of age. Awesome Inc. theme. LOL OMG Remix Super Surprise by MGA It's finally here! Love Overall it was a less frustrating experience than the last big set they did (with uptown and downtown girl) but it still took forever to reach a point where I could even start to play with the dolls. Ferocious is much more clearly Beyonce inspired than Fierce was. unlike Fame Queen, this girl's is JUST the hand and not the whole lower arm. You have to remove the plastic drawer to have the central piece fold down. But it seemed to amuse the kids. It spoils their useability as playset pieces for me. These big sets have a high chance for things to be missing as well, the more pieces, the higher the chance and with 67 compartments that's a lot of tiny bits a factory worker could forget. And just as an exciting additional playset, you have to check out the LOL Surprise Remix 4-in-1 plane and music studio.


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