kingdom hearts 2 voice actors
| She escapes with the help of Naminé and Riku, receiving her Keyblade "Destiny Embrace" from the latter to fight alongside Sora while the former merges with her to become a whole being once again. Led by Squall Leonheart from Final Fantasy VIII, who goes by the name "Leon" (レオン, Reon) out of shame for his inability to save his home, the group also includes Final Fantasy VII characters Aerith Gainsborough, a flower girl and healer; Yuffie Kisaragi, a friendly ninja; and Cid Highwind, an expert in the games' "Gummi Ship" feature. (voice) (archive sound) (as Dave Boat), Ephemer (voice) (archive sound), Black Guard B Other characters such as Horace Horsecollar, Clarabelle Cow, and Clara Cluck make minor appearances in Kingdom Hearts II and Birth by Sleep. The hearts overload the machine and cause it to self-destruct, with Ansem allowing himself to be engulfed by the blast to atone for his mistakes.[49]. (voice) (archive sound), Raimu 'Rhyme' Bito [11], Sora (ソラ) is the main protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series, and the sole playable character of the original game. [24][55] He also bears a resemblance to Final Fantasy series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. Street Fighter V PS4, Celebrate Thanksgiving with some free XBOX LIVE. She later defies Marluxia to reveal the truth to Sora, and oversees the year-long process to restore Sora and his friends' memories to their original state. Hey, lets introduce Final Fantasy VIII’s Rinoa to the series and get her voiced by Miley Cyrus just to round off the cast. In Kingdom Hearts II, Riku is forced to harness Ansem's power to capture Roxas in order to restore Sora's missing memories, assuming the Heartless's physical appearance as a result; after the Heartless is destroyed by DiZ's exploding heart encoder, Riku returns to his regular appearance, and he and Sora return to the Destiny Islands together following Xemnas's defeat. As the only one among her friends to achieve the rank of Keyblade Master by the start of the game, she is tasked by Master Eraqus to watch over Terra and retrieve Ventus when he runs away from home. So far, we have unfortunately bore witness to repeated voice changes from one game to the next, which is something we haven’t seen with Square Enix’s other franchises (my main basis for comparison being Final Fantasy X & X-2, where all actors from the first game returned for the second, but the more recent Compilation of Final Fantasy VII can also be looked at for an example of this). CLU She is a non-playable character in most games of the series, but debutes as a playable character in the Re Mind scenario of Kingdom Hearts III. He first appears in Kingdom Hearts II, where he informs Sora's group of their task at hand on Mickey's behalf. This does make me a bit of a standalone voice in the crowd sometimes, but there are several occasions where I have no problem in saying that I prefer the English dubbing to the Japanese. During an exam to obtain the Mark of Mastery, Master Xehanort manipulates the trials to stimulate the darkness that resides inside of Terra, for which he is denied the rank. Xion [27][28] While attempting to protect Ventus and save Terra from Xehanort's control, she becomes trapped in the realm of darkness, where she remains suspended in time throughout the series while fending off the endless swarms of Heartless. [56] An additional boss modeled after Eraqus' armor, called the Armor of Eraqus (アーマー・オブ・ザ・マスター, Āmā obu za Masutā, lit. Later, when Kairi's body is destroyed by Xehanort, Naminé's heart is released and stored in a replica body provided to Ansem the Wise and his apprentices by Riku, restoring Naminé's existence as a separate person, which also takes away Naminé's abilities of changing memories in the process. -[URL=]Rachael Leigh Cook[/URL] as Tifa. Voice acting in the west, at this point in time, is not treated as importantly as in other places, particularly in Japan, despite my belief that voice acting is actually much harder. (voice), Esmeralda


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