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Back to this week, it was funny to me that both you and Rita were criticized for not being able to move in your garments, yet you were the ones lip-syncing. This stems from love, joy, and the desire to share this art form with the world, so it’s disappointing. It’s never been easy. She explained: “At the time, I was shocked and I was devastated. Kyne reveals all, Canada’s Drag Race star hits back at unpopular exit, Drag Race Canada queen speaks out on judge's criticisms. It's the costume, the character that you put on in the morning to face the world. [13] In October 2020 the Chemainus-based Riot Brewing Company introduced Jimbo, a boysenberry-flavoured craft beer whose profits will go in part to funding House of Jimbo.[13]. I just want to thank the fandom for their love and support. He appeared in the music video for Victoria musician Adrian Chalifour's single "Open Heart". No! She had worked with Shiraz during previous productions, and though she was nervous to star in a music video at first, her trust in Shiraz and Chalifour’s vision eventually won out. (During the ASMR with Drag Props video), "Don't come in. Read EW's full exit interview with Jimbo below, covering the recent controversy over Bowyer-Chapman's judging style, dressing dogs for family films, and her iconic sandwich-eating moment. Everything happens so quickly, and it’s hard to eat when you’re all done up. An imaginatorium that produces custom props, fashion collections, whatsadoodles and now masks. You left on a note where you still looked wonderful! “Maybe I was too weird? Jimbo is a synonym for James. That's a good thing. You can also watch a poignant mini-documentary of JIMBO’s creative journey and history below: We don’t spam! Hometown I just smuggled that little sandwich in and hid it on the second level of my cart. What you’re saying is there’s no room for slutty dog couture in these productions? The issue of the judging came to a head this week, especially with Jeffrey, who deleted his Twitter. Real Name Moving back to the challenges: You took to a lot of the acting challenges so naturally, and you always seemed to give characters a “slutty” edge that I loved. She loved it (and cried out of happiness), I loved it, my fiancé loved it (you’re his favorite drag queen). Her time on the competition will be remembered for her outrageous looks and hilarious personality, which won her a number of challenges. Canada's Drag Race: The judges sent Jimbo home, Drag Race Canada recap: Who is Anastarzia Anaquway? RuPaul's Drag Race season 13 release date: When is series 13 out? He was playing a character as a judge on a show about judging drag queens. It’s all about TV and looking critically. [Jeffrey] saying I wasn’t glamorous at all, that was to elicit a response because we’re on a TV show. Thinking back, Brooke Lynn is a pageant queen, so if I was really thinking hard beforehand, I’d have just tried to look like Brooke because that’s what she was looking for. Jimbo is the stage name of James Insell, a Canadian designer and drag queen most noted as a contestant in the first season of Canada's Drag Race. I also like to poke fun at social norms and ideas about femininity… It’s all meant to be funny and start a conversation that makes people not take sex and sexuality and power in sexuality as a bad thing. Read our privacy policy for more info. [Laughs] We tried! [13] In October 2020 the Chemainus-based Riot Brewing Company introduced Jimbo, a boysenberry-flavoured craft beer whose profits will go in part to funding House of Jimbo. Being a kid of the ‘80s and having lived a life of excess while being kind of bizarre, all of that is woven into my story. but then we’d all break down and he’d roll on his belly…. Challenge Wins 1 READ MORE: Drag Race Canada queen speaks out on judge's criticisms. You might be gone, but we’ll always have the GIFs of you eating your little sandwich in the Werk Room. Canada's Drag Race: Who left Canada's Drag Race first. What is Cameo? To take off my wig and things that were attached, I would’ve been bald. [1], Originally from London, Ontario, Insell and his brother Jeff were both interested in creative pursuits from childhod, including early drag play. Send your request. You’re a costumer for movies and theater, right? 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At the end of the day, I’m glad I kept the hair on! “And also to have the ability to be read by Michelle Visage and critiqued by her is a right of passage that every drag queen would love!”. He appeared on the first season of Canada's Drag Race in 2020, emerging as a popular fan favourite[7] and winning the key Snatch Game challenge for his performance as Joan Rivers,[8] but was eliminated from the competition in fourth place behind finalists Priyanka, Scarlett Bobo and Rita Baga. Was there ever a point where it seemed like no matter what you did, it wasn’t going to be recognized as great?


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