how much do alligator hunters make 2020
Because gators are so prevalent in the areas Swamp People cast members go hunting, population control is another impetus for folks to go out and grab themselves a gator hunting license each season. He comes from a family member that has been hunting alligators for generations. A 10-foot gator at $13 per foot will be purchased for $130. He is also a writer as well as a producer of many other popular shows. He handles his alligator farm for the entire year named Kliebert’s Turtle & Alligator Farm. (Which is why Bruce’s helper dove into alligator invested waters to retrieve some tags that had fallen overboard, and why Bruce didn’t stop him.) Junior Edwards is also a famous name of the show, “Swamp People.” He is from Louisiana. While we’re on the subject of the costs of alligator hunting, don’t forget the equipment, the help you have to hire (or raise), and the time you have to take off of work to be out on the swamp for a month every year. Liz Cavalier’ Biography: Net Worth, age, Her Daughter and Husband. "By the time you figured the gasoline and the other expenses, the price they were offering wasn't worth it.". (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert). . So that means that monster 12-foot gator Troy Landry pulled from a swamp would fetch him around $180 if the hide was completely intact. As for the hides, they're used in a variety of different products: from shoes, to suitcases, and a variety of other leather goods, often as an "accent. It's the tag business that makes alligator hunting such a touch and go operation: no matter what, if you catch a gator, then you need to use one of your precious tags on it, unless you own your own hunting grounds. If you've ever tuned in and thought it was a series about a bunch of people who just hate alligators and love blowing their heads off with shotguns, then you're wrong. CLICK HERE to find out exactly where the mythical “quarter-sized kill spot” mentioned numerous times on Swamp People is located! // .

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