hermione entrance yule ball song
Of course I did. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'd like the one I'm searching for better, of course. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the harrypotter community. The melody also differs from what OP is looking for. Last 15 seconds of Golden Egg sounds similar. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. (It starts at 0:37 in the video) Urgent, need it for our prom. Good call, mate! It doesn't have the royal start like in the scene. Thanks! That's not what I wanted, mate :/ I wanted the entrance song. Maybe I'll be able to use it as a worst case scenario. It's just a bit slower. I don't have an answer, but just more frustration that this piece didn't make it into the soundtrack album. It's not been released in any form whatsoever. Press J to jump to the feed. :( If you are looking for dramatic entrance music, Golden Egg from the Goblet of Fire album might help. Cookies help us deliver our Services. There is no match of the piece OP is looking for]. The first piece in the end credits differs from what was recorded for the album (Hogwarts' Hymn) and I think the credits version is better. It's literally a picture of Hermione/Emma with the title and my name. Here it is on Youtube. Took literally about 10 seconds to find through google. Welcome to r/HarryPotter, the place where fans from around the world can meet and discuss everything in the Harry Potter universe! I fear you must turn to one of the gifted soundtrack rippers who might be able to extract it for you and remove SFX and the like, sorry! I don't understand why these happened. Be sorted, earn house points, take classes with our fine Hogwarts staff, debate which actor portrayed Dumbledore the best, and finally get some closure for your Post-Potter Depression. Can I find it somewhere without the voices and applause? What's it called? Harry Potter Yule Ball Entrance song. [edit: this poster acknowledges ownership of a copy of the soundtrack and has listened through it many times. I've been searching for nearly an hour now, but still no luck. I've tried a music ID app but no dice. 0:37 at the video. But thanks anyway. I've heard Golden Egg before and it's my second choice.


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