gsmnp campsite 113
A trail savvy homeless/vagabond seems to be the culprit to me. This is about 5 miles northbound from Fontana Dam. We were finishing up a 5 day loop in the GSMNP. Trip reports, gear reviews, and anything else "Ultralight" backpacking ... March GSMNP Hike. Fires are only allowed at designated campsites and shelters and must be contained in a fire ring. Hi Steve -- I've stayed at all but 14. both 13 and 113 are nestled in gaps along the ridgeline. Building a fire in the fireplace of any historic structure or removing any parts of a historic structure, including brick or rock, is illegal. The song’s writers never exactly identified what they were referring to. 72, Perhaps somebody who was hiking norhtbound from 113 may have found some of our gear left along the trail. Bathing and washing dishes should be done well away from water sources and campsites. Knowing it's the busy season we are planning a Monday - Friday trip hoping to miss some of the crowds. That is very helpful. If you plan to ... You can only stay three nights in a row at a campsite (except for Campsite 113, one night only) and only one night at a shelter. Visits since 12/20/03 Any information of special interest should be obtained through independent verification.” Please visit the National Park Service website to verify. 66, Certified heat-treated firewood is packaged and clearly marked with a state or federal seal. Some trails very wet after heavy rain this week? There also used to be two shelters at both Beginning 1 March 2015, only heat-treated firewood that is bundled and certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) or a state department of agriculture may be brought into the park. You may not stay consecutive nights at campsite 113 or at any shelter. either The maximum group size is eight persons, except at the following camp-sites where a party of twelve is permit-ted by reservation only: 17, 20, 46, 60, 86, and 90. The National Park Service announced that the park will re-open in phases beginning May 9, 2020. They may not be used inside shelters and may not be attached to shelters in any way. He thought it was the signal. Truly blessed to see such a clear magnificent display of stars and sunrise on Tuesday morning at Shuckstack. ( Log Out /  or Maptech's RELATED: What to Do If You Encounter a Black Bear. We were finishing up a 5 day loop in the GSMNP. check out the. The tables below list campgrounds, shelters, and backcountry campsites route between 90 and 86 (see current trail map or Posted on March 16, 2011 by Stick. Can't wait! This is about 5 miles northbound from Fontana Dam. Sheep Pen Gap at 4,640 ft. is a marvelous place for a campsite. relocated campsite 21 (Huskey Gap), Great Smoky Mountains National Park Tourism, Great Smoky Mountains National Park Hotels, Great Smoky Mountains National Park Holiday Rentals, Great Smoky Mountains National Park Holiday Packages, Flights to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Restaurants near Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park Attractions, Great Smoky Mountains National Park Photos, Great Smoky Mountains National Park Guide, All Great Smoky Mountains National Park Hotels, Great Smoky Mountains National Park Pet Friendly Campsites, Great Smoky Mountains National Park Campgrounds, Hotels near Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, Browse all 4,026 Great Smoky Mountains National Park topics », Great Smoky Mountains National Park forum. Apparently they have had further reports of problems in the area. Our last night of the trip was Monday 10/26 and we were staying at Backcountry Campsite 113 (Birch Springs Gap) on the AT. Thanks for sharing. Two parties affiliated with the same group may not stay in the same campsite or at the same shelter on the same night(s). Using a tent at any shelter is prohibited. EasyGPS) Special permits may be issued for a few sites that accommodate parties of up to 12. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in United Kingdom. This is about 5 miles northbound from Fontana Dam. some closed, some new ones open. If you want to overnight at a campsite or shelter in the backcountry, you must. I'd avoid 113 during May due to AT thru hikers. Related: What are the most popular tours in Great Smoky Mountains National Park? 90, In 2012, campsite 11 was closed (storm damage). Heintooga Picnic Area at Balsam Mountain, Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail – Auto Tour, Three Big Reasons You Should Not Feed Bears, Great Smoky Mountains National Park: My Smoky Mountain Guide, Camping is permitted only at designated backcountry campsites and shelters. 78, camp.mxf, or ... We saw a ranger, who didn't specifically ask us for our GSMNP thru hiker permits, but he did ask us specific enough questions about the process that he knew we had done it. Topo maps often show old campsites or former shelter locations. As we were leaving the campsite around 6am, we noticed 2 of our food bags placed neatly by a log on the trail.


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