grey wolf 19sm reviews
Roger from Vermont says: Love the interior floor plan and the way it tows. This price is only valid for 24 hours from. If it wasn't so difficult to get out of my site I would have got rid of it by June. This just sends them a link to it so they can take a look. We are snow birds and had our brand new unit vandalized while in storage and they worked with our daughter and the insurance to fix our unit. I believed the kitchen countertop was solid surface or at least top layer was solid. Walk the talk and poduce a quality product.Please..Another wanta B..with good business models ! Again we are completely disgusted with this product, 2017 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 27RR, 2019 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 26DBH, 2016 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 26BH, 2015 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 26RR, 2016 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 23BD, 2020 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 26DBH, 2013 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 28BH, 2020 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 23MK, 2011 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 29BHKS, 2020 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf Limited, 2018 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 19RR, 2019 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 23MK, 2019 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 23DBH, 2018 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 17BHSE, 2018 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 26DBH, 2018 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 26DBBH, 2018 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 20RDSE, 2018 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 29BH, 2020 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 20RDSE, 2016 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 22RR, 2011 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 28BH. We also had electric ran to it so we can hook it up at home. We don’t use the shower much because we use planet fitness to save on grey water space, but it works whenever we’ve used it despite being a little tight. Used it on at least 10 weekend trips and all is good. With the independent dealers $$$ ? Everything on it has worked from day one. The Definitive Guide, Camping While Connected: How to Get Wi-Fi in an RV, Travel Trailer Insurance: The Costs, Finding Your Best Policy, and Ways to Save, It’s Time To Power Up: Plugging an RV into House Power, 6 Best Replacement Flooring Options for RVs, Back That Baby Up: Making Sure Your Camper Meets National Park RV Length Restrictions, Keeping Your Water Fresh, Clean, and Safe: How To Sanitize an RV Tank, Where to Fill RV Fresh Water Tank When You’re Off the Grid, Not Cold Enough? IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A QUALITY RV, THIS AIN'T IT!!! Power’s industry-leading valuations data drives Read about the experiences consumers and owners have had with Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf RVs and view their reviews and ratings on various aspects of them. Common RV Electrical Issues and How to Fix Them, Tips for Getting Top Dollar: How to Sell a Travel Trailer, Good Bones vs. Bad News: How to Restore an Old Camper. THE MATTRESS, SINCE REPLACED, WAS UNBELIEVABLE. Each unit features an outdoor shower with hot and cold water for you to get cleaned up without tracking mud throughout after your adventurous hike, and with the RVQ quick connect, you can easily hook up a low-pressure grill to cook up your best burgers outdoors. The back of the toilet leaks. I was gonna buy a Jayco but decided not to spend the extra $5000 boy was that a mistake!!! THE PLASTIC CASE THAT COVERS THE PROPANE TANKS IS CLOSE TO BEING UNUSABLE, AS IS THE BATTERY COVER. Did you know J.D. {priceLabel}: Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf travel trailer 19SM highlights: A family of seven or eight can enjoy many outdoor adventures in this Cherokee Grey Wolf travel trailer which features two queen beds, including a bunk above the front bed. THERE IS NOT ONE PIECE OF INTERIOR MATERIAL THAT ISN'T FLIMSY, AT BEST. SOLD!!! If you took a shower late at night the light would go out. (As A matter of fact, I ended up buying two identical Grey Wolf Limited travel trailers - another story for another time). Stock Number Cherokee models include the Base Camp, Campfire and Limited Packages. Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf travel trailer 19SM highlights: A family of seven or eight can enjoy many outdoor adventures in this Cherokee Grey Wolf travel trailer which features two queen beds, including a bunk above the front bed. So I get in contact with warranty department and they forgot to schedule me for pick up and said it would be another month before they could pick it up and said I should be fine to use it with the black mold in it. Overall I would not reccomend this camper to anyone. This is now October 2018. left us sranded in the worst possible spot on the high way this thing has left us stranded more than any other vehicles we ever had we feel completely ripped off it is only a matter of time before somthing brakes that we cant fix and we have to pay 1000s for towing Corp. has announced the release of its 2…, RV Satellite Internet Providers New 2020 Forest River RV Cherokee Grey Wolf 19SM. 1-855-266-9882. ... Again, it is the DEALER who is responsible for the correction of any issues. Let the problems begin!!! Great people to buy from. Read Reviews. Wish I could show pictures of the damages. Alpha Wolf also includes Extreme Weather, Arctic, and Limited Packages. Not enough metal support! Toggle navigation Menu Contact Us Contact RV Search Search RVs For … Your actual payments may vary. Fixed them myself (was an hour and half to dealer one way) It has now been at Forrest River for 4 months and they were suppose to keep me updated thru email every Tuesday on how things are going and have done that only twice. Cosmetically the siding was dented and storage locations were mounted crooked. - 2020 Forest River Grey Wolf 19SM Despite our efforts, occasionally errors resulting from typos, inaccurate detail information or technical mistakes may occur. This Travel Trailer is equipped with most everything you need - it even has the leveling blocks, extra power cords and waste lines --- Dometic RV Refrigerator Troubleshooting, Oops, Locked Out: How to Open a Camper Door Without Keys, Winter Is Coming: How to Insulate A Camper Trailer. You will find large overhead cabinets inside, plus a pantry to bring along your favorite snacks and a wardrobe for keeping your clothes wrinkle free. 435-472-2100 View Inventory. With the rear queen bed slide, you gain sleeping space without having additional tow length added. replaced both outside speakers. My friend's 15+ year old campers were dry, and I had water running down my door, windows and outdoor fridge area. There was an issue with the rear axle from the very beginning. After all that was repaired we really enjoyed it for the next few trips. It is plenty big enough for our family of 6. I wrote a review a month or so ago. We purchased a 2019 Grey Wolf 23DBH that we saw at a camping show. Have not received a damn thing back. Contact the ... Oh, and by the way, it is not my intention to have this read or sound like a commercial for Forest River Travel Trailers --- I have no affiliation or connection to the manufacturer or to any dealer ... (And I perform all of the maintenance on my own travel trailer) ... .. All Rights Reserved. ***PLEASE NOTE: Features and Options separated by region below: ----------------------------------------------------. THE LATCH ON THE DRIVER'S SIDE STORAGE DOOR IS BROKEN. THE WATER COUPLING FOR THE HOSE MUST HAVE COST THEM AT LEAST A DOLLAR. There is a booth dinette for you to enjoy your meals at or play some card games, plus a sofa for those who just want to sit back and watch. He emailed back stating the same thing and that after 90 days of purchase we were to treat the roof. The last straw for us was the first time we tried to take it this year the tire blew out and ripped the whole wheel well in seconds out with wood and power lines. All warranty info is typically reserved for new units and is subject to specific terms and conditions. Biggest mistake buying this cheaply made trailer. Pannels keep coming loose. We are completely satisfied with our Greywolf 23MK limited. My wife likes to have a quiet dinner out there without the kids. The pullout sofa can sleep one or two adults. The selling price is below the NADA price value and there is financing available if you want it. We added some memory foam to make it really nice. 2020 Forest River RV Cherokee Grey Wolf 19SM IMG 4856; Next. Anyway, take this posting for what it is worth, in my personal experience, the Grey Wolf Limited travel trailer is worth every dollar of its value. ...more. I have some comments about the Forest River Grey Wolf Limited ...I bought a Grey Wolf Limited new in 2018. 435-472-2100. A"heavy half" ton pickup or SUV can easily tow the Travel Trailer to just about any where you can travel to. Plus tax, title and license. All Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf models are quality built with distinct features and superior comfort in mind, and they are all set at an affordable price point. I emailed him back and asked him to please show me where I was informed to do so. After the first trip out, 5 weeks, the camper was back at the dealership for over a month. Our camper has been a lot of fun for my wife and I and our 4 kids. Full Specs and brochures for the 2018 Forest River Grey Wolf 19SM. Really ! The retailer we purchased from tried his best to get Cherokee to back up their product but refuses. Inside, you will enjoy the HDMI entertainment center, the LED lighting throughout, and a kitchen skylight with a shade, and if you get tired of being indoors during inclement weather, the outdoor power awning will provide protection. Nothing but a pile of crap on wheels (that leaked) since the beginning. It also leaked since i got it The shower is a little small. Tires would be low/flat after sitting for more than a month. 1 of 6. Read all the latest Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 19SM information and Build-Your-Own RV on RV Guide… Slid out the couch and trim work fell off. So I get in contact with Forrest River and they tell me it will be 2 months before they can pick it up. All I can say is spend the extra dollars and get a real camper! seller to confirm any prices as they can change without notice. JUST RETURNED FROM A SHORT WEEKEND GETAWAY. The RV dealership Petoskey RV said the axles flexed normally. It developed hairline cracks, approx. Ive owned this camper for 4 years and every single year i have serious issuses 20. Our {brand} prices are so low, {mfg} won't allow us to display our wholesale price without you requesting it. They have been wonderful! Thinking maybe we got a lemon but with a few more replacement will be cherry! My wife and I purchased our new trailer from Keith at Castle Country RV, and we are absolutely delighted with the personal service and follow up he's provided. At Forest River, Inc., quality and dependability are a necessity in everything we make.


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