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Even the Fortnite World Cup solo final (more below) couldn’t pull in those figures, though a concurrent 2.3 million isn’t too shabby. For a bit of context, May 2019 Fornite revenue is reckoned at $203 million. The Verto Analytics figures below do not take into account players under the age of 18, who are likely to account for no small proportion of players. Ever since then, the popular video game has been released on two new platforms: Nintendo Switch and Android. Make a Meme Make a GIF Make a Chart Make a Demotivational Flip Through Images. 1,200. By the end of 2019, Fortnite made a staggering $1.8 billion, which is a mightily impressive number. Apex Legends’ sudden surge didn’t do much to dampen its viewers overall, with Fortnite briefly returning to the Twitch summit from March 2019 to July 2019. However, certain data that would be more reliable isn’t publicly available. The above chart shows the Google search term trends from the 5 most popular video games in 2018. Of the two, the official Fortnite YouTube channel was the most-watched during the tournament proper, logging 5.6 million hours of live content during the finals, compared to 4.5 million on Twitch. If we cast our eye back to May 2018, we see Fortnite: Battle Royale revenue of $318 million (the highest-reported monthly figure by this juncture). But one of the very biggest worldwide cultural phenomena of this century Fortnite certainly is. Join Cultured Vultures as we bring you some of the biggest news from the world of wrestling. Activision/Blizzard publishes five of the twenty top streaming games on Twitch. It takes great skill with anger management not to throw your controller. Name Current Players Last 30 Days Peak Players Hours Played; 1. According to 2019 analysis, the vast majority of spending on Fortnite goes on V-Bucks to be spent as players please, with packs accounting for 13% and bundles for 3%. Ninja’s total 2018 earnings stood at $10 million. A free online tool provides data about search terms using Google. Partner. You’re right. Additionally, Fortnite Battle Royale was released on Nintendo Switch between June and July, but it was just recently released for Android mobile devices. Around half of this was thought to be attributable to the Fortnite roll out, with the normal daily peak at around 50 Tbps. Players become eligible by qualifying for the Champion League in the game’s Arena mode. Game popularity chart. In the world of pro-Fortnite, surprises are certainly possible. This was in September 2013 which was the initial release date.I still remember that day and the 10/10 reviews it received from sites like IGN. They would go on to compete in the tournament. Hollywood Reporter reports that Fortnite revenue in January 2019 was down 48% on December’s record levels (though still comfortably up year-on-year over the early days of January 2018). I want to like PUBG but the pacing sucks. According to analytics firm SuperData, Fortnite 2018 revenue came to $2.4 billion – the highest annual revenue figure in gaming history by its reckoning. One change is coming in the demographics of the opponents against whom players will be lined up, according to an Epic Games blog post: they may not all be human. Certainly, the lucky or secret combination of factors that have led to the game’s success is something other game or app developers (or any cultural makers for that matter) will be studying closely for years to come. Accordingly, it sat at the top of the Switch download charts for some time. Back in early 2018, a Newzoo analysis that weighed up Fortnite against PUBG among core PC gamers found a few regional trends. Partner. I enjoy Fortnite way more than PUBG, but PUBG is still a much larger and more popular game than this is. The final tournament took place July 26-28 2019, in the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City – most famously the largest venue used for US Open tennis. US battle royale gamers: Reasons for choosing games. Despite its newness in the e-sports world, professional Fortnite players are already some of the highest earning sports stars in the e-sports world. Overall revenue in 2019 compared to 2018 saw a 52% decrease before Chapter 2 launched, though it did manage to bring a lot of it back later. January 2019 saw the highest recorded figure in terms of average Fortnite Twitch broadcasters, at 13,715. If we include other channels, total viewership hours increases to 6.1 million, and the average concurrent viewership stands at 1.3 million, with a peak of 2.2 million. By this reckoning, Fortnite was ninth terms of PC revenue, seventh in the console revenue chart, and did not make the top-10 in terms of mobile game revenue in September 2019. Whether it’s WWE news or something from across the sea, let’s talk shop. EN Fortnite Seen Sat, Oct 31 at 4:20. In early 2020, Epic reported that there were 12.3 million concurrent players for the first showing of the Travis Scott event, smashing the previous record held by Marshmello when 10.7 million people attended that concert back at the start of 2019. While being free-to-play, a range of in-app purchases are available; largely access to cosmetic updates to players’ characters, which are released in limited-editions over 12-week seasons. But as of writing in June 2019, Minecraft has overtaken it. With the launch of Chapter 2 bringing a whole new set of eyes on the game and also possibly bringing some old players back, the amount of people playing Fortnite is still massive. I play fortnite a lot and i don’t think it was ever as popular as minecraft but i don’t think google trends truly shows the popularity of a franchise as you stated in this article china doesint have google so you can only get a rough and not very accurate analysis on how popular it really is, just stick to copies sold, or game downloads. CNN notes that they were not hotly-tipped to take home the prize, compared to some of the bigger teams present. Switching the measure to the number of viewers and broadcasters, October 2019 saw 105,100 average concurrent viewers on Twitch. Posted by. Laughed my ass off when I saw the No Man's Sky one. Over the course of 2018, Epic reported profits of $3 billion. Around 2.4 million players have used the site, logging an average of 432 hours, or around 18 days…. That’s a pretty impressive growth spurt. Best monthly revenue for free-to-play games. Epic Games stated they would be offering no less than $100 million in prize money over 2018/19 season. Fortnite gamers overwhelmingly prefer console gaming, while we see more of a mix for the other titles. PUBG, it seems, dominates in east Asian markets. Close. : The One True PS4 Exclusive, Godfall’s PC Recommended and Minimum Specs Suggest One Beefy Game, Let Him Go REVIEW – An Emotional Rollercoaster, Make the Case: 5 (Reasonably) “Feel-Good” Movies, 5 Biggest New Movies of November 2020: Family Dramas, Christmas Romance & More, INTERVIEW: Lindsay Jones And Barbara Dunkelman Talk RWBY. However, it’s a significant decrease from the $2.4 billion it achieved in 2018; a decrease of roughly 25%. The latest game play addition that scandalised the fanbase was the addition of powerful mech-like battle suits in August 2019, which were deemed to be disproportionately powerful. That month also saw average viewership of 170,136 – which is not too far that 2018 peak. It’s powerful, beautifully designed and comes with everything you need to engage your visitors and increase conversions. Chapter 2 of Fortnite: Battle Royale was rolled out in October 2019, with a new map to explore and a raft of new features. Close to two-thirds of this revenue was being generated by players in the US ($126 million) – 12 times as much as the second-biggest market of the UK. However, this has prompted Twitch to break the category down into multiple sub-categories. 3 Jawbreaker. Epic Games also announced that the Epic Games Store has enjoyed over 100 million users, suggesting that they are going to have whatever funds they need to keep supporting the game for years to come. Interestingly, other titles seem to spike a little earlier or later, meaning that the lion’s share of that Christmas revenue went to Fortnite. Renegade Raider. Explore search interest for Minecraft, Fortnite by time, location and popularity on Google Trends Sports stars are also well represented. Around 40 million players took part in the qualifiers. Fortnite has had a meteoric rise to popularity since It was released in July of 2017 and hit 78 million monthly active players by August 2018. Fortnite has been a very healthy source of revenue for Epic from the off. When I went back to China, Fortnite was banned in the place I lived in, whereas Minecraft is not. This could go either way, but if the switch changes the game in a big way for the better, it may even bring back some old players. PUBG is also growing. A survey carried out by Morning Consult found that 45% of gamers were playing more on mobile than they were three years ago, compared with 28% of those who were playing more on a gaming console.


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