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; UBC Club and Student Group Database - Reviews of on-campus clubs and an actually usable alternative to the AMS Clubhouse directory. This was actually one of the most relevant classes for everyday life I've taken at UBC, plus it was a blast! reinforce the notion that there is a diversity of sexual beliefs, attitudes and practices, and. Its crazy hard though. ... Edit 2: Thanks for all the replies and feedback Reddit! Best lecturer ever and one of the few classes I couldn't wait for each week. I can't decide if I loved or hated his class. Filter by Campus, faculty, department, and course. Everybody could use that. Click here for more information about Canvas. Agree! Also Psych 350 Human Sexuality with Jason Winters. The online community of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada! I took it as a GPA booster, but the things you learn stick with you, Abnormal psychology or children's psychology (307 and 315? encourage students to appraise their own sexual beliefs, attitudes and practices within the broader Canadian multi-cultural society. FMST 314 (3) Relationship Development The study of the development, course, and decline of personal relationships. Through an examination of the research and theory on selected topics in human sexual development throughout the life span it also looks at the impact of sexual issues on individual development, attitudes and relationship decisions. Students will also look at the sexual development throughout the life span and the impact of sexual issues on personal development, attitudes and relationship decisions. What are you doing the electives for? Prerequisite: One of SOCI 200, PSYC 100, PSYC 101, PSYC 102, SOCI 240. Doing that right now, and it's pretty boring. CENS 303A With Geoffrey Winthrop-Young, its German Literature on the Holocaust. Wasn't easy but it wasn't insane hard either. I took it this summer and quite enjoyed it. The major objectives of Family Studies 316 are to: More generally, the course is designed to provide a course in human sexuality, grounded in sound science, for students planning careers in the helping professions as well as for those taking it for personal growth. (PSYC 100 pre-req. Great profs (Both Matthews and the newer guy) and really well designed labs (repeating some of Keplar's and Gallileo's original experiments with simulators). The only Arts course I've ever taken (besides first-year English) and I'm loving it. The EOSC course about natural disasters. The course is divided into three roughly equal Units. ECON101 with Gateman was very fun and useful, but by no means easy. If you've not taken a PHIL class, do it! Prerequisite: One of SOCI 200, FMST 210. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. You know those classes that kind of changed your view or were really interesting? This is an online course. 27 comments. The University of British Columbia FMST 316 Section 201 Human Sexuality – Reel Representations Course Syllabus Class: January 8 – April 2, 2019, Tuesdays 2-5 pm Location: ANSO 134 Instructor: Dr. John Cringan is the man :). But I took it as an in-class lecture. ... FMST 316 - Human Sexuality. ANTH 100A: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology was great. ), I took German 100 thinking it would be the easiest thing ever and it turned out to be pretty time-consuming and challenging. FMST 316 (3) Human Sexuality share. Easy and informative. every story we read was captivating, well chosen by the prof (and many were actually translated by the prof as well. 114, 118 and 310 are all viable options for easy marks (i also took 112 but it was a bit harder), they can be taken online too so it's really nice on your time table. If you're looking for fun credits, FMST 316 (Family Studies) - Human Sexuality is a movie-watching and discussion-based class. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. WMST 300, super easy, lovely environment. I suck at critical papers though. Complemented by UBC Profstats, which offers grading … emphasize the need for critical thinking in their reading and viewing of media and other materials regarding human sexuality. I mean I'm not sure when else in life will I experience an undergraduate experience... probably never. Creative Writing, Optional-Residency MFA Program, Faculty of Education, Professional Development & Community Engagement, Real Estate Division at the Sauder School of Business. Press J to jump to the feed. Winthrop is by far the best lecturer I have had at UBC I cannot recommend his class enough! As far as I know, the midterms and final are completely multiple choice. It made me want to save the world. FMST 312 (3) Parent-child Relationships Parent-child interaction over the life span. FMST 316 – Human Sexuality – Reel Representations, Brandy Wiebe . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I really enjoyed the course content and although it is a course that involves a lot of memorization - if you put in the work, you will get really good results because her tests are very straight forward (high school multiple choice style).


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