essay on culture in nursing
Introduction: Definition As we begin to see more and more people from various cultures come into our health system it is important for nurses to look at their own, This simply means nurses should understand culturally diverse populations and how their customs, beliefs, practices and family/support systems affect the health and well-being of the patient (Douglas et al., 2014). Leininger states that it is not a grand theory because it has particular dimensions to assess for a total picture. These can range from the best treatments for a disease process, to dietary needs, to even the people who are helping the patient in their time of need, This assignment will look at the impact of culture in professional practice and how it will affect patients and their needs in nursing. Worldview refers to the way people tend to look at the world or universe in creating a personal view of what life is about. Because of its intimate nature, as exemplified by the essence of nursing, nurses can make the most significant contribution to patients’ experiences, safety, and healing. *You can also browse our support articles here >. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of As I move forward in my nursing education, the values and beliefs that I have associated with a diverse patient population, health, the environment, and the role of the professional nurse will progress with me. For this reason it is of utmost importance to promote cultural competence among all nurses. “Culture has been defined as socially transmitted patterns of human behaviour which include communication styles, Diversity has many definitions but only one true meaning. During assessment, the plan of care for the patient will be established. According to the article the expression of pain and its management has social and cultural facts that affect the biological state of the person, therefore many societies and cultures have their own ways and perception to pain and how they treat it. McEwen & Wills (2011) places Leininger’s Theory in the high middle range theory classification based on the level of abstraction or degree of specificity. In 1954, she earned her Master’s degree in psychiatric and mental health nursing from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. She was awarded with a Doctorate degree in cultural and social anthropology from the University of Washington, Seattle, Madeleine M. Leninger is a nursing researcher that founded transcultural nursing education and practices (Ray, 2013). Maisha Amen Nursing is a learned profession with a disciplined focused on care phenomena. Cultural care accommodation or negotiation adapt or negotiate with the others for a beneficial or satisfying health outcome. The aspects of culture this assignment will look at are religion, language and gender and how nurses develop cultural competency and cultural sensitivity towards their patients. Madeleine Leininger is well known to as a nursing theorist who developed transcultural nursing model. Unquestionably, it is the theory of today and tomorrow and one which will grow in use in the future in our growing and increasingly multicultural world. This paper explores the concept of culture, its definitions, and its application to nursing and health care. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. Caring is an action or activity directed towards providing care. Culture, as define by Giddens, is a “pattern of shared attitudes, beliefs, self-definitions, norms, roles, and values that can occur among those who speak a particular language, or live in a defined geographical region.” (Giddens, 2013, p. 29) When constructing a nursing care plan it is important to understand the patients’ cultural background to fully understand how to care for them. This concept Analysis is dedicated to exploring the broadened sense of diversity through active concepts with respect to term usage, and current literature research to support the understanding and relevance of the term itself. Study for free with our range of nursing lectures! A challenge to nurses is to find a delicate balance that allows a patient to practice what is important to them and their culture within the confine of acceptable practices in a clinical setting. The classic definition for culture was proposed by Tylor (1871/1958) and still commonly cited: Culture is “that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, arts, morals, law, custom, and many other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society” (p. 1). Her theory of Culture Care is now a nursing discipline. We're here to answer any questions you have about our services. Dr. Madeleine Leininger coined the, clinical experiences and nursing education thus far, I acknowledge that I have unknowingly developed a set of values, beliefs, and virtues that makes up my personal nursing philosophy. Culturally competent care includes knowledge, attitudes, and skills that support caring for people across different languages and cultures. ‘Culture’ refers to the ways in which people in a given society live together and how … The understanding of culture, not only as a concept, but how it relates to health care is imperative for providers. Essay On Nursing Culture 965 Words | 4 Pages. In addition to providing culturally compatible care to individuals of different ethnic or ethnic ethnic groups, we also offer different groups based on age, religion, socio-economic status or sexual orientation. The American Heritage Dictionary describes the, viewpoints of two influential nursing theorists, whom have helped to provide nurses and the public with insight on their understandings of each of the four concepts that make up the nursing metaparadigm. A patient’s safety is first and foremost and some practices might not fall within the limits of safe practice in such a setting. Cultural and social structure dimensions include factors related to religion, social structure, political/legal concerns, economics, educational patterns, and the use of technologies, cultural values, and ethno history that influence cultural responses of human beings within a cultural context. She received a diploma in nursing from St. Anthony’s School of Nursing, Denver, Colorado in 1948. Knowledge regarding this variation is important for the nurses to know to provide quality care. She gained her Bachelor’s degree in 1950 from St. Scholastica (Benedictine College) in Atchison, Kansas. Health along with other phenomena is a social construction interpreted within a multiple societies of forces that combine to create and adjust the phenomenon, Kiersten Sadoff Cultural sensitive care My parent’s cultures both have influenced me such as I tend, assignment is going to look at the impact of culture in a professional practice and how it will affect patients and their needs in nursing. The Hipic population who voted for President Obama put him … We've received widespread press coverage since 2003, Your purchase is secure and we're rated 4.4/5 on This paper will describe some of the key components of conducting a comprehensive cultural assessment. Concepts of culture care have different and similar aspects in different parts of the world. Reference this. Clients who experience nursing care without incorporating the cultural issues experience stress, cultural conflict, noncompliance, and ethical moral concerns. Nursing Care is to assist others with real or anticipated needs in an effort to improve a human condition of concern or to face death. In this modern health care system, nurses should consider culture as an important aspect to provide holistic care. With the patient’s permission, involving close family member can give the patient emotional support. All rights reserved. Culture refers to the collective deposit of knowledge, experience, beliefs values, attitude, meanings, hierarchies, Introduction The central focus of the theory is care. All rights reserved. Culture consists of the merge heritage of language and communications technique, health beliefs and health practices, rituals and customs, and religious beliefs and practices. Each human culture varies in folk remedies, professional knowledge and practice. Many things influence a culture such as environment, expectations of society, and the national origins. (2014), there are several topics that are imperative for the nurse to learn in order to provide evidence-based care while maintaining cultural sensitivity. Search Terms: Diversity, Ethnic Variety, and Variation My ethnicity is Slovenian and German. Using the right interpreter such as someone who is certified and competent in the patient’s language is beneficial to prevent the wrong information being given to the patient. Russell Mannion and Huw Davies explore how notions of culture relate to service performance, quality, safety, and improvement ### Key messages If we believe the headlines, health services are suffering epidemics of cultural shortcomings. My definition of nursing is similar to that of the ANA as well as of nursing theorist, Madeleine Leininger, Nursing theories have guided and improved nursing care practices for over 100 years. In the final analysis, cultural competence in nursing is about social justice. Her theory gives nurses avenues on how to provide care in harmonious way through applying the patient’s cultural beliefs, values and practices. There is no cure without giving and receiving care. She attended University of Washington in 1965 and studied cultural and social anthropology in which she was awarded a Ph.D. Nursing Practice Issues Transculture theory was developed to provide nursing care in a holistic and comprehensive approach. This definition focuses on attributes that are acquired through growing up or living in a particular society, rather than through biological inheritance (Kottak, 2002). Aspects of Cultural Diversity in Nursing. When a culture of bullying, intimidation or harassment is tolerated, nurses feel unsafe, unprotected, and vulnerable to … Copyright © 2000-2020. It involves ethnic, religious, socioeconomic, sexual, and health customs to name a few. Importance Of Transitioning From Spanish To English, History Of The Abstract Expressionist Movement. Registered office: Venture House, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7PJ. Culture is defined as the “beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time” (Merrian-Webster, 2013). The dictionary definitions for the term “Diversity” are fairly similar in nature. It is better that doctors, nurses, and other medical experts have knowledge of different cultures in the workplace to foster adequate care to the patients as their primary mandate […] Patients come from different cultures with different values and beliefs. The nursing theories of Sister Callista Roy and Madeleine Leininger will be the focus of study in this essay. No plagiarism, guaranteed! Thorough knowledge of the culture is necessary to provide competent care to the clients. In Giger and Davidhizar’s, Leininger was born in Sutton, Nebraska. diverse groups understand the social and cultural reality of the client, family, and community, develop expertise to implement culturally acceptable strategies to provide nursing care, and identify and use resources acceptable to the client (Boyle, 1987). There are many different nursing theories and each theory is composed of its own unique ideas and characteristics. Culture When the nurse develops the basic understanding of health behavior of a culture, this helps to have a positive impact on the nurse-patient relationship. Madeleine Leninger was born on July 23 1925 in Sutton, Nebraska. In today’s healthcare field, it is required for nurses to be sensitive to their patients’ cultural backgrounds when creating a nursing plan.


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