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The following are the advantages of Direct Registration: For more information on Direct Registration shares and how to have your shares held by Direct Registration, please call EQ Shareowner Services at (800) 647-7147. 8. The statements are generally available for viewing the same day they would be sent by mail. How can I hold my securities in Direct Registration? I sent the paperwork in three times, each time it was sent back with minimal explanation for the rejection. EQ Shareowner Services is transfer agent, registrar, and dividend disbursing agent for Honeywell International. Instruct EQ Shareowner Services to sell your securities (according to the terms of the company's Dividend Reinvestment plan, Direct Purchase plan, or Direct Registration sales feature); To see if this option is available for your stock, please refer to information on the back of your account statement or log into shareowneronline.com and view your stock. Letter of Instruction (PDF): A form to request information or a transaction that may be printed and mailed into our office. May I have dividend checks electronically deposited? Please see a tax professional for assistance in determining your tax-basis on non-covered securities. 1. You can sign up for additional alert options at any time. A nominal administrative charge will apply to sales of Plan shares. The acquisition price will reflect any adjustments due to wash sales or corporate actions. Send written correspondence to our transfer agent: EQ Shareowner Services P.O. BBB remains operational and focused on serving our business community. The documents will be delivered by the method you currently have consented to. Mail your completed form to: EQ Shareowner ServicesPO Box 64856St. Have your securities held in book entry form under direct registration by EQ Shareowner Services, your corporation's transfer agent. In this situation each tenant owns an undivided interest, which, upon the death of one tenant, passes as such to his heirs or devisees and not to the surviving tenant(s). Internet Service. Manager, Investor Relations program. 224-1W-02 as described on the reverse side of the Stock Power form. The purchase dates vary by company. EQ Elect Our portal to assist shareholders with completing documents for receiving their entitlement proceeds related to a merger or other corporate event. How can I transfer the shares on my account? 5. Bldg. If your company does not offer account access through www.shareowneronline.com, please contact us to determine how to terminate your account. solutions, Our superior technology, global capabilities and We’ll guide you through the process. The Rise Of Portfolio Level Management During COVID-19. 9. Bldg. EQ Shareowner Services is transfer agent, registrar, and dividend disbursing agent for Honeywell International. The beneficiary has no rights to the security until the security owner(s) dies. You will generally receive a statement of ownership instead of an additional certificate. For all other questions and information please go to https://www.shareowneronline.com/UserManagement/FaqGeneral.aspx. If the company offers account access through www.shareowneronline.com, you may be able to view the plan's prospectus online.


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