enemies of fruitfulness
Open them tonight! ), But I'm trying to illustrate the power in the spoken word because that woman said, “Useless man”, their quarrel was never settled. The power of the enemy would always want to oppose our fruitfulness as God‟s people. We send our subscribers valuable contents and resources from time to time. Anointing can come by being sent to you and anointing can come by pronouncement. Help me to love You in return! to be merciful to you tonight Ask Him to be merciful unto you tonight! Go ahead! At times they lay a siege against your womb. (Amen!) what the Lord said is, I will protect you and the nation that I have given you until it is accomplished. As Ananias laid his hand on Saul and all of a sudden Saul became Paul, I knew something would happen. Have mercy Lord! These people have come to You now. If it comes out and you receive it the miracles will begin. When God anointed David and said, ” You are going to be great.”, very quickly he changed from a shepherd boy to a king because that anointing is also there for multiplication. At times they lay a siege against your health. It is what God has given to us to do that He will bless. Mat 12:33 Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or else make the tree bad and its fruit bad; for a tree is known by its fruit. It is ordinary wood but inside the wood is the ability to become fire. ……. God will be saying to you, be fruitful and multiply so you don't become extinct, or it could be a plea, God might be saying, Help me now, I don't want to begin creating man all over again, Be fruitful and multiply. The I AM that I AM! Foursquare Gospel Church Wuse District© 2020. In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed! When You open no man can shut- open doors unto me - doors of success, doors of progress, doors of promotion, doors of anointing, doors of power, progress, doors of prosperity - open doors unto me, open doors unto me! (Amen! Let me worship You! What God honours is His word because it is infallible. "Those of you who have strangers trying to steal your husband, I make a pronouncement now: The Almighty God will start a quarrel between the strange woman and your husband (Amen!) (Amen!) in the name of Jesus. (Alleluia!) Glory! I say there is somebody here tonight…and it's everybody, I said there is somebody here tonight who will never weep again. ), Father, You are the way where there is no way! He said, Oh your brother will serve you. (Amen!) the hand of God is not shortened, his ears are not heavy, that he cannot hear: It said that your sin has separated between you and your God! Make a way for me. Have mercy Lord! Do something special! (Amen!) Open them tonight! Give me the grace to serve You with all my heart! F. See fruitfulness, even when it is delayed in coming. Every siege against my family! And then this person who has the key, who can open and no man can shut also says he's the one who can open the windows of heaven. I love You! However you may interpret the above verses, they make it abundantly clear that God will not be happy with fruitlessness. Never! In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed! Jeremiah 33:22 Tonight we want to talk about anointing for fruitfulness and multiplication. There are people here tonight that God can use to perform miracles. Cry to the Almighty God for all these people! Let them be opened now! ), Then there is anointing by covering. I believe it is a command. I can say something that will annoy all of you so much that you will just go home and I can say something that will make your joy full – just by saying so – there is power in the word….. Let me give you one little testimony quickly just to show you the power in the word. And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee…. When God wants to make someone who is already past the age of fruit bearing to bear fruit He asks the Holy Spirit to cover the fellow. Thank You Father! Anything that can come my way tonight that will not allow Your anointing to reach me, Father put it under Your blood. And when I saw this man I said, this man, if he touches me that thing will come out. Save my soul, forgive all my sins; I will live the rest of my life for You! He was sitting down there. He co-founded SmileKeys as a means of expressing what He believes to be God-given Principles for Walking with God and Excelling in the Christian Life. Every womb that the enemy had shut, in the mighty Name of Jesus!, let them be opened now! "Ah, I'm not asking him to beg me, just let him come back!" The Bible says, children are a heritage of the Lord. I just reminded them. Your joy will never end (Amen!) Isaac made a pronouncement on Jacob. If You had not been there when the enemy rose up against me, what will I be saying now? Go ahead! Psalm 92:12: “The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.”. Talk to the Almighty God! Do something powerful! (Amen!) Help me to serve You! When we saw him he asked us what we wanted. Open them tonight! Thank You for fighting my battles. The power of the enemy would always want to oppose our fruitfulness as God‟s people. Glory be to God! .. Open doors unto me Lord! I will surprise them! Show Him that you love Him too – Father, I love You, I appreciate You! Almighty God! Let every siege be over today! Now if you are that somebody let me hear you shout Alleluia! It is in them but they don't know, But tonight as hands are laid on you, suddenly the power to do mighty things for God will come forth in Jesus Name! Arise O Lord! Talk to the Almighty God! (Amen!) (Amen! Make a way for me! In your marriage? Today, all the power of God that lays hidden within will come forward as they taste the anointing in Jesus’ Name! (Alleluia!). Blessed be Your Holy Name! Where there was no way before make a way for me – Almighty God! God has an expectation that we will bear good fruit for Him. Alleluia! And there is somebody here tonight, very soon, they too will be commanding at least 400 people. Thank You Lord! Grant his request! …..Thank You! I glorify Your Holy Name because You love me in a very special way and because You love me, that is why I'm more than a conqueror! Any door opened to the enemies in my life through which oppression enters into my life and marriage thereby preventing fruitfulness, by the key of David, I lock you up in Jesus name. When a girl is born, the power to become a mother is already inside. So if you want His anointing to be effective upon you tonight, you have to make up your mind to forsake the ways of sin. It will yield abundance soon – (Isaiah 32:15-20). And Father, let their new joy begin today in Jesus’ Name! If they come against you one way they will flee seven ways.(Amen!) Just think about that. (Amen!). Let me serve You! God said to Abraham and to Sarah, you are going to become parents to nations. (Amen!). But when the anointed hand of Peter touched him the siege on his fruitfulness was dismissed and I can guarantee you that when everybody saw him, jumping, leaping and praising God, he became the talk of the town! Thank You for protecting me! Thank You Lord! For an egg to become a chicken the hen must brood over it, cover it up. Every siege against my family! If you have not made up your mind yet, this is the final call. When the quarrel started, the woman said, the strange woman said, Useless man! Glory be to God! Open your mouth, talk to the Almighty God!! But I don't believe it is either of the two because my God is not a beggar, He is the Commander-in-Chief of the Hosts of heaven. (Amen!) Any covenant that God made with Abraham, He made with me! Alleluia! I will praise You Lord! Almighty God! No, no, no, Let's pray. Give me the grace to serve You with all my heart! (Amen!). He will grant us fruitfulness and make us exceedingly more fruitful even in areas of our lives where it seems we have been fruitful before. If you remain in sin you cannot expect grace to abound. I am not even asking for financial breakthrough now, I'm only asking for children. I am grateful! Certainly not me, the Almighty! I said Lord I thank You King of Glory!, the Ancient of Days!, The I AM that I AM!, the Unchangeable Lord!, I love You too! Those of you in front, begin to talk to Almighty God and ask God to please have mercy on us, forgive all your sins and save your soul, open your mouth and cry to God. Put it under the Blood of Jesus! A great way, a mighty way! that's anointing by pronouncement. Open doors unto me! The Almighty God said, As the hosts of heaven can not be numbered and the sand by the sea measured: so will I multiply the seed of David my son and the seed of the Levites that minister to me…… (Amen!) You too must succeed through God – (Psalm 60:12). Ancient of Days!, Grant his request ! We discovered that within a very short time, David, who was a lonely man in 1 Samuel 16, by the time we got to 1 Samuel 22:1-2 the same David had become captain over 400 men. (Amen!) (Ps 113:9, NLT), He honors the childless wife in her home; he makes her happy by giving her children. The condition for us to enjoy the reward is to walk worthy through being fruitful in God‟s vineyard – Colossians 1:10. (Amen! Then you must protect me from the foxes, foxes on the prowl, Foxes who would like nothing better than to get into our flowering garden. (Amen! You have not seen anything yet! Thank You Lord! • This year, I inherit from the Lord of Hosts, A FLOURISHING FAMILY!!! All those forces that are against my greatness arise O Lord and scatter them all! Psalm 127:4-5:“As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.


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