electrolux refrigerator ice build up
Deposit build-up on evaporator b. I’m not sure what the process is but I was never informed about this settlement. same issue. An “NO, I did not purchase a Fridgedaire or an Electrolux for a replacement!”. You might consider a local class action attorney. I then noticed the back of refrigerator, behind top ice maker, was rusting through. I had to get an ice maker machine that sets on the counter next to the refrigerator. Page 23: Will Not Eject Ice (Water Frozen) Defective bypass valve. Ice is formed because moist air is drawn into the appliance. Was manufactured by or for Electrolux, and You can see the layers of freezing in the chunk. You can’t the deadline has passed and this is no longer available. I would think the issues apply to both wave and IQ touch models. This is the first time I hear about a full replacement. Totally disqusted with this whole mess!!! All we want is to get what we paid for! Besides well out of luck. I encourage you to contact a class action attorney in your area to share your story. A “Gen 1 Ice Maker” is an ice maker module that: Is mounted in the refrigerator compartment. Check the set temperatures are at or near 38°F in the refrigerator and 0°F in the freezer, or set between 4 and 6 if the unit has a dial control. Always do your research before buying a high dollar item. Same problem. I just discovered that there was a class action suit against Electrolux. Rust isn’t the root cause of the problem. Then water was coming out of the top and freezing in my fridge. You as a consumer by selecting other brands. We will never ever buy frigidiare again. Water Leaking From Fridge / Fridge Freezer, Terms and Conditions of Electrolux website, The door being open too long or opened too often. Contains a Gen 1 Ice Maker. If you observe ice formation in your fridge please check the followings: The door being open too long or opened too often. Ices up frequently, ice maker recently replaced. If anyone pursues anything regarding this, is there a way to find out because i don’t even know where to begin but this definitely seems criminal! Let AutoDose decide. I was never informed of the suit He was part of suit. If interested in another Electrolux refrigerator, I would be very wary if the ice maker is similar to the one in this unit. They suffer from daily wear-and-tear just like other home appliances. If you believe there are grounds for additional class actions I encourage you to find a local class action attorney and explain your case. We have been fighting the same issue for over 6 months now with at least 5 services and even more stood up. TWO DAYS OLD!!!??? Is the temperature inside the fridge freezer the same in every part? 2. In case it’s under warranty? c. Adjust ice thickness dial accordingly. They replaced with the Electrolux Model: EL28BS65KS9 and have service calls and continuous problems. I have dealt with the same ice maker issues mentioned. I will look into another lawsuit for the rest of us. Only made ice for one day after the repairmen was here, Oct. 19, 2018. There appears to be no recourse once the settlement comes to a conclusion despite the manufacturer continuing to produce and distribute defective units and those units continuing to be sold at a premium with no disclosure of defects. He says the drain is too close to the compressor (I think that’s right) and causes the drained water to build up and eventually burst everything.


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