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When Benjy was one, she did some nude modeling under a pseudonym in Atlantic City, revealed to Monk in that episode when Dexter Larsen threatens to publish these photos to keep Monk from investigating him further. I've read of many people who said 'I've just watched 08×10 and Natalie was so much better than Sharona!'. There are even a few episodes where Monk is exposed to a fear and it subsides a bit afterwards. Sharona was limiting, and presented herself poorly with clients (she dressed pretty tacky and talked quite tacky/classless). Sharona is a divorced registered nurse from New Jersey and a single mother with a young son named Benjy. Natalie was so much better for Mr. Monk, hands down. and you can clearly see it when Sharona returns. Sharona was good, too. After Monk exonerates him, and Sharona and Natalie—who also have been framed by Ian Ludlow, the real killer—Sharona goes back to Trevor. Dale "The Whale" Biederbeck We get to know Natalie's family, and more about her childhood and past than Sharona. Plus I felt like Sharona was more of a character (with her own past and demons). However, in the season 2 episode "Mr. Monk Goes to the Circus," Sharona is revealed to have a fear of elephants, due to seeing a girl falling into an elephant pit when she was seven years old. At the end of "Mr. Monk and the End", it was shown that Randy and Sharona had found a home together in New Jersey. Friends/Allies Traylor in ‘You Will’ Traylor Howard first appeared in series ‘You Will’ of AT&T Corporation in 1994. Alias She meets Natalie Teeger, Monk's new assistant, and it seems that they are going to get along until it is revealed that Monk paid Sharona $20 a week more than Natalie. Natalie is just a common assistant who happens to be very good at her job and with time they obviously grow attached to each other. In "Mr. Monk Gets Fired", after Monk's investigation license is temporarily suspended, she temporarily returns to work as a nurse. She also does all kinds of things that Monk's OCD and phobias prevent him from doing as she has few such reservations herself. By this point, Sharona and Natalie have become friends and Sharona is sure Monk is in good hands, thus serving more closure than on the television series. Traylor Howard Filmography. In this episode, she also begins her relationship with Randy, with whom she had regularly had questionably flirtatious verbal banter. Sharona is mentioned again after her character left the show in "Mr. Monk Is On the Run (Part Two)", having sent flowers for the "deceased" Monk and flying in with Benjy to attend his funeral. A primary subplot of the episode is the way in which Monk is torn between Natalie's methods and Sharona's. I love that they were able to bring her back for an episode though and didnt forget about her existence completely ! She's also slightly more formal with Monk than Sharona was, as she calls him "Mr. Monk" while Sharona called him "Adrian.". Natalie has one daughter, Julie Teeger, whom she loves unconditionally and values above everything else in her life. We were introduced to Natalies family a few times, and details about her life in high school and college (Sharona didn't finish h.s.). A recurring joke during Sharona's tenure on the series is her love life. There was also a surprise hug between Monk and Sharona, which shows the first time Monk has returned a hug given by anyone (excluding when he hugs Captain Stottlemeyer in “Mr. I hope Bitty Scram comes back for the final season and I believe there is a good chance she might. However, Natalie refused to live the upper- crust life of her family or accept any kind of financial support from them, preferring to get by and make a living on her own. Net Worth – $2.5 Million Enemies :) from a clinical standpoint, Sharona was a bit better for him. In "Mr. Monk and his biggest fan" you can see that he actually considers replacing Natalie with Marci; I think he would never have considered replacing Sharona with anyone. Taking care of Adrian Monk, solving crimes, being a good mother, Bobby Davenport (father), Peggy Davenport (mother), Jonathan Davenport (brother), Mitch Teeger (husband, deceased), Julie Teeger (daughter). She is not the special person who can give you life again. Natalie was so much better for Mr. Monk, hands down. Press J to jump to the feed. Dirty Natlie, The Eager Ms. Teeger, Natalie Teegerb Despite her astuteness in both helping Monk navigate his life and in assisting him in solving homicide investigations, her judgment regarding potential romantic partners for herself is remarkably poor. It's true, that Sharona called him Adrian and Natalie called him Mr. Monk - but that does not speak directly to their relationship, but more to their different personalities. And we see how MUCH Monk grows with Natalie. Yeah, I'm sad it's going to be over ): There's no way they will hook up, that would just be weird, and even if she develops feelings, Monk will always love Trudy. So, I'm on Season 8 episode 3 atm. Her father, Douglas, owned a hardware store and died when she was a child. She is so funny and cool. She is noticeably more laidback and patient with Monk than Sharona was, though not afraid to call him out when she feels he's being unfair or unreasonable. Gambling, spending time with her daughter Julie. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In the final episode of the series, Randy moves to Summit, New Jersey to live with Sharona. She has a messy life and that makes her character more sympathetic. "Benji is going to college!!" Natalie! She seems more kinder tbh. Above all else, here’s goodbye to the greatest former, former, former Detective, Adrian Monk. She was a hard worker. She can be tough, but she deeply cares for Adrian. Sharona was spunky, liberal and forward, so she called him by his first name - she saw him as equals, though they were not. Everyone just calls him Monk/Mr. As revealed in the novel Mr. Monk on Patrol, one of the criteria that the SFPD had for employing Monk as a consulting detective was that he had to have Sharona with him, in case he has a breakdown. Schram was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance. It was also stated that Sharona was a registered nurse before becoming Monk's practical nurse. And the mystery doesn't really matter because it's just fun to see everyone interact. During the course of the investigation, Monk proves to be an honorable and kind man who'd make for a much better employer than the bar owner she worked for at the time, and she becomes Monk's assistant. I might feel differently if I were watching it for the first time now and was bingeing it all at once or something. I’ve always liked Sharona more. Do-Gooder Before becoming Monk's assistant, Natalie was married to Mitch Teeger, a Navy pilot who was shot down in Kosovo in 1998. Was curious who the other fans prefer: Sharona or Natalie? Sharona goes back to her position as a registered nurse. (And she was a lot better in my opinion!) Natalie Jane Teeger Guys, the old (and true) Sharona is very different from the way she is represented in season 8. I've read a few comments saying Sharona "had a past", thereby making her more interesting. Kind 'o like Monk calling the Captain; "Captain" instead of Leland and vice versa (He mostly says Monk), and they are close friends. Anyway, her ways with Adrian have been proven to work: he's healed a great deal with her. NATALIE WINS IN MY BOOK. [4] In the season 1 episode "Mr. Monk Meets Dale the Whale", Dale "the Whale" Biederbeck asks Sharona if she is "still making house calls," to which Sharona replies that "she doesn't do that kinda stuff anymore," implying that at one point she used her LPN training to do home health care.[5]. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. She might seem more professional because she calls him Mr Monk and dresses like an old woman, but she's not a sister/motherlike figure to Adrian. The characters seem to get along better. Investigation, bartending, morse code, gambling, charisma So, I'm not sure. Sharona's 'quitting' became a running gag in the show, until she finally left in 2004 to remarry her ex-husband, Trevor Howe, following "Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine". It is hinted that Sharona and Randy may be dating. But the episodes with Natalie seem to be more re-watchable. (Yeah Natalie has problems too but she still comes from a super wealthy family and her daughter is so spoiled!) Monk takes His Medicine”), and also a surprise kiss between Randy Disher, whom Sharona regularly traded teasing barbs and banter in the first 2.5 seasons. I prefer Natalie. Her prominent role was Natalie Teeger in the American television series Monk. Sharona plans to return to work with Monk and thus results in open hostility between her and Natalie. Varla is the one who would say "shake it off", not Sharona. "[6] The series started a while after she took the assistant's job, and just how she got it and what their early relationship was are never explained, although it is revealed that Captain Stottlemeyer originally arranged her as a nurse for Monk. Sidekick A subreddit for your favorite obsessive-compulsive detective-based television show content! Natalie Teeger became Adrian Monk's assistant after his former assistant, Sharon Fleming, moved to New Jersey to be with her ex-husband again. EDIT: He DID grow, and definitely healed a great deal under Sharona. She held several jobs, including bartending, which she quit after becoming Monk's assistant. I personally prefer Natalie though, as she’s silly and supportive and very empathetic. Besides Trevor, other men she dates include an architect who turns out be the secret streaker who is interrupting Stottlemeyer and Disher's press conferences ("Mr. Monk and the Red-Headed Stranger"), a mob enforcer ("Mr. Monk Meets the Godfather"), several married men, and sometimes the very murderer who Monk is investigating. I disagree. Sharona was good, too. I, too, enjoyed the episode where she returned. She saved my life. I disagree. NATALIE WINS IN MY BOOK. It was revealed in the series finale that Randy had spent two weeks visiting her, and that he has accepted a job as Police Chief in Summit, New Jersey to live with her. [1], Sharona's childhood is only mentioned during a session with Dr. Kroger in the season 3 episode "Mr. Monk and the Girl Who Cried Wolf". EDIT: Almost done with Season 8 Episode 10: MR. MONK AND SHARONA. She has financial problems and has to raise Benjy on her own, her car is never okay. :), Oh it’s hard to choose.... but probably Sharona. Sorry. Plus, she's more involved in solving the cases and you can see that in Mr. Monk and the billionaire mugger, Mr. Monk goes back to school, Mr. Monk gets married, Mr Monk goes to prison, Mr. Monk and the employee of the month and a bunch of others. It's a sign of respect and care - which imo consolidate that Natalie feels closer to him than Sharona. Bobby Davenport (father), Peggy Davenport (mother), Jonathan Davenport (brother), Mitch Teeger (husband, deceased), Julie Teeger (daughter) Dirty Natlie, The Eager Ms. Teeger, Natalie Teegerb, Investigation, bartending, morse code, gambling, charisma. The events of the book run somewhat contrary to how her return was later depicted in "Mr. Monk and Sharona", although some elements of the novel, like Natalie and Sharona's open hostility towards each other, are adapted over. In "Mr. Monk and Sharona", it is revealed that she and Trevor had divorced again, and that it was probably best for both of them. Ya know, I didn't like that she abruptly left like that either. Natalie allowed Monk to grow, and encouraged it. Sharona made a special guest appearance in Mr. Monk and Sharona, in season 8, in order to meet her lawyer about a lawsuit involving her uncle, Howard Fleming. Monk and Natalie meet her when they bring Julie to the hospital to be treated for a broken wrist. Sharona was mean to Monk. Natalie was barely a character to me. Just a nice person and a good worker.


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