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Made with single-, double-, or triple-layered, buttered, very thin white bread with crust removed. ), but the original version -- with polony (essentially bologna), fries, and achar (hot sauce commonly made with green mango and chili) or sometimes classic South African hot sauce piri piri -- is the truth. In 1920, the class was designated SS-20–SS-23. SpainFor pork loin, jamón serrano, fried green pepper, and sliced tomato, have a serranito in Andalusia. They can be filled with cold cuts or intricately prepared meats like puerco pibil or carnitas or milanesa. Prepared with cooked spaghetti, sauce and bread. First nuclear submarine; hull design enlarged from fleet boat, First class with bow sonar sphere. Most sources say it originally came from Egypt, where it was made by Coptic Christians with mashed, fried fava beans and called ta'amiya (various other versions put its beginnings in India or Yemen, but let's not further complicate things). The recipe varies slightly depending on the region, but there are even documented cases of grape jelly usage, so feel free to access your inner sandwich anarchist if the kitchen’s nearly empty. What remains a constant is the whipped cream and the fluffy white bread, with crusts trimmed, that encase the juicy produce. Since the war’s end, the three-ingredient sandwich has skyrocketed in popularity, so much so that a 2016 survey determined the average American eats almost 3,000 in their lifetime. Flatbread with of meat (traditionally lamb) cooked on a vertical spit. It was transplanted to America in the late 19th century by Italian immigrants and is known as the "roast" pork sandwich, very popular in the northeastern United States. The sai gog is loaded with lemon grass, garlic, ginger, shallots, and fish sauce -- all your favorite Southeast Asian flavors -- and is typically made with pork. The origins of the sandwich are unclear, but the general consensus is that someone wisely decided to put meatballs in bread around the turn of the 20th century, and no one has questioned its utility since. Other derivatives swap out cold cuts for different hot proteins: barbecue pork, lemongrass beef, and grilled chicken are all classic options. Legend says that a man “accidentally” invented the club sandwich after stacking an assortment of pantry finds onto toast late one night. Hong Kong's sweet boh loh yau proves a slab of butter can stand alone as a perfectly sufficient sandwich filling. With no jus, there is no dip. But there are key differences that bring it to a completely different level, beginning with the bun. Dry hot dog bun containing guacamole, sliced cabbage, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. It can go the savory route, with spices, chili oil, eggs, and scallions, for the ultimate loaded Thai-style breakfast sandwich. It’s then stacked with fresh tomatoes and green beans, which add an unexpected blast of juiciness and texture to an already explosive-yet-simple flavor profile. A sandwich made of roast pork with italian-type spices such as rosemary, garlic, fennel and others in varying proportions. Find them on the streets of Italy, in train stops, in cafes, and take them to go as the perfect portable snack. Perhaps it’s time for the sandwich to be less humble. and that an enterprising investigative sandwich blogger named Jim did an incredible job breaking down said sandwich's mysteries (read more here) and recreating it in America and basically came to the conclusion that it's actually very similar to bologna? So it only makes perfect sense that it was turned into the more portable and handheld Ploughman's sandwich, which usually features wheat bread, layered with cheddar, lettuce, and Branston pickle, a sweet-and-savory thick jarred chutney that is beloved in Britain. Buttered bread, with fruit jam/conserve, normally eaten at lunchtime or as a quick, Cheeseburger with the cheese inside the meat patty rather than on top, Any type of bread with all kinds of additions on it, like meats, cutlets, sausages and all varieties of cold meets, cheese, eggs, vegetables, it can be with butter, goose fat, or other soft spreadable, sweet version kanapka consists of butter and jam/ honey, sweet cheese, cream (and sugar). Hot drawn butter à la Connecticut or slathered in mayo à la Maine? Nearby Sicilian farmers would snack on meat, salad, and bread from trays on their laps antipasto-style, and soon enough the market’s owner Salvatore Lupo suggested putting them all together. That might sound like a silly thing to say about something that can essentially be described as “something delicious jammed between two hunks of starch.” But that basic template allows the sandwich to be so much more, and its presence in virtually every culture on the planet and across the centuries speaks to its universality. Fired. Marinated cubes of chicken, pork, lamb, veal, venison, or beef, grilled on a spit, and served in a bun. South AfricaIn 1976, fish shop owner Rashaad Pandy realized he didn't have anything put together to feed some day workers. That’s just general life advice, but here it takes an already succulent sandwich to new heights. USAArguing about barbecue ranks only slightly behind actually consuming barbecue in terms of American past times, so trying to sum up the various preparations and traditions surrounding the pulled pork sandwich is a daunting task. The magic of a moo yong sandwich is how versatile it is. Condiments may include garlic, vinegar, olive oil, salt, and pepper. But for all the pleasures of hot honey and whatever aioli and artisanal cheese you might want to throw into the mix, the two base components remain all you really need. We decided to take a cue from Phileas Fogg and take a jaunt around the globe to look at the world’s many, many sandwiches. Prepared by filling a hollowed-out long loaf of bread with cooked filet mignon steak, cooked mushrooms, salt and pepper. It definitely goes to another level when it's topped with a layer of bechamel and an additional sprinkling of cheese melted under the broiler. But now it captures and clogs hearts on the international stage. When sandwiched between two halves of soft, sliced white bread, they turn into a croquette sandwich -- or korroke sando in Japanese. That’s a whole lot of lamb to spin. They’re generally filled with a mix of papas con chorizo -- potatoes and spicy sausage -- with a little cream, queso fresco and lettuce to chill things out, but not before the bread hits the grill to seal in all the flavor and prevent gushing. Usually but not exclusively the bread is a white baton or a short baguette type of bread. The Schmitter is a steak (beef) sandwich but not a. NetherlandsEven though the term croquette is French, the Dutch are such fans of the breaded and fried minced meat that they’ve all but taken over the croquette game, thanks in large part to the broodje (sandwich) version. Vegemite's taste can be described as strong, bitter, salty, meaty, and extremely heavy on the umami. There are many types of sandwiches, made from a diverse variety of ingredients. The bread must be French. ChileAt its base, a chacarero isn’t all that different than its cousin, the Barros Luco. Known as "pig boats", or "boats", due to foul living quarters and unusual hull shape. But it's so much more than the sum of its parts -- when done right it's a salty, fatty, crusty study in flavor, texture, and simplicity. Or stop trying to draw comparisons and just enjoy the incredible sandwich you're eating in paradise. Meat cradled in a crisp leaf of romaine or meat pure and unadulterated? You can find them at basically any fish and chip shop, and they are so beloved that fans of Sheffield United (that's a soccer team) even sing a song called the "Greasy Chip Butty Song" at games. The sandwich might also feature tomatoes, mayonnaise, arugula, and even some ham. CanadaFirst of all, it only used to be rolled in crushed yellow peas (thus, peameal). It doesn't matter, we're still eating it. USAWhat makes a sandwich a sandwich? Hong KongBoh loh yau, also known as the humble pineapple bun, is a delectable carb bomb of butter, sugar, and more butter. Toasted bun or squishy bun? Fun fact: Lebanese immigrants bringing their shawarma game to Mexico are responsible for your tacos al pastor. It is popular as street food (usually sold from white trucks) throughout central Italy. Some folks say they’re basically burritos served on bread instead of wrapped in tortillas. From there, you can get wild and throw in eggs, potatoes, onion sauce, or even pasta. The gyro is said to have appeared first in Greece, though it resembles Turkish doner kebab and Arab shawarma, but the world’s largest manufacturer, Kronos Foods, is based in Chicago. USAYou can get one most anywhere -- your local bodega, drive-thru, or diner. Those familiar with the Cubano will find a lot of common ground between the medianoche and its Americanized cousin, including the presence of roast pork, ham, Swiss, pickles, and mustard. Round bread (bread bagnats) topped with green salad, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, tuna, anchovies, cucumbers, fava beans, artichokes, green peppers, radishes, onions, basil, and black olives. This chewy, spicy, sweet, savory street food comes from Trinidad, the larger of the twin island nation Trinidad and Tobago. JapanPanko-crusted pork cutlets are already amazing on their own. Sandwiches. Seasoned with salt and pepper and, Stuffed and fried bread roll (sometimes called stuffed pistolettes) in the. These days, the sandwich is one of Cape Town's most famous exports (in Johannesburg, another iteration of the sandwich is known as the AK-47, because it's so big you can hold it like a gun). It'll make you forget there is no bacon. It’s called a khao jee, but instead of the typical bánh mì proteins of pork loaf, cold cuts, and pâté, Laos’ version often features an herbaceous sausage, or sai gog. And it manages to be presidential and populist without a side of eye-rolls. Selection of grilled meats topped with french fries, coleslaw, and tomato on Italian bread. Known as "pig boats", or "boats", due to foul living quarters and unusual hull shape. Ever since, the summer staple has dispersed through Cape Cod, Boston, Newport, Portland, and the like, eventually reaching NYC where it became a chef’s darling menu item in the '90s and fully entered the American culinary lexicon. In the United Kingdom it is named a, Thinly sliced white bread with crusts removed, lightly buttered, containing a light spread of, Slice of toast with ham, a maraschino cherry in the middle of a, Two slices of bread with various fillings, toasted in a. Tofu, typically broiled or baked, with vegetables. Though it was first invented as a cheap and filling meal for textile mill workers, vada pav has gone on to become the sandwich that is beloved by everyone in Mumbai -- from broke college students to wealthy Bollywood stars. While a classic French dip relies on roast beef for density, other meats like pork, turkey, and lamb have been employed as tasty substitutions. A sandwich is a dish consisting of two or more pieces of bread with one or more fillings between them,[1][2][3] or one slice in the case of an open sandwich.


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