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VAT and duties excluded), Ever get range anxiety on your e-bike? VAT and duties excluded). If you pre-order a Top 3.0 through June 30, 2020, early bird pricing is U.S. $5,649. The keys for the Top 2.0 minced no words when talking about the power they unlocked. How Much Does It Cost To Charge An EV With A Plug From Your House? All Rights Reserved. Get $500 … For more subscription information contact (800) 767-0345, Readers’ Rides: Tandem Ventana El Testigo Experto, Electric Bike Action Product Test: Oneup Components EDC Stem And Carbon Handlebar, Electric Bike Action Product Test: CushCore Tires Inserts, BOSCH ANNOUNCES NEW PERFORMANCE LINE SPORT MOTOR, To Protect & Serve – Three New Cycling Wallets, Got something on your mind? We were not able to put this to the test, but in our testing, it was clear this thing has plenty of battery capacity to spare. This is how change comes about. Attempting to pedal the Top 2.0 around even a small stretch of street reveals how useless the pedals actually are at moving the bike around. 72V 48Ah LI-Ion battery. Now you’ll be able to go a long way. Sure, they might get it started from a stop, but it is a challenge to get its 158-pound frame moving much more than a few miles an hour with the pedals alone. riding. You have an opportunity to get the Delfast e-bike with the best possible price. VAT and duties excluded), Feel that a limited range is holding you back from buying an e-bike? In fact, with a bike like this, you don’t even need a bike lane. The Top 2.0’s motor can be set to any one of 5 levels, with levels that can be set at a touch of a finger from the handlebar-mounted controller. VAT and duties excluded), Need long trips and want to go off-road? Save an incredible $2,541 off the planned retail price of $6,890 and get free shipping. Delfast clears a distance of 236 miles on a single charge. Only for the 10 Early Birds. If you’re taking this thing to private property, or racing it, or getting into innocent shenanigans on your own time, then that’s awesome. By pledging you agree to Kickstarter's Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy. Delfast will ship a Top 3.0 to you anywhere in the world, including the U.S. MSRP is US $6,649 if sold to U.S. buyers, or 6,249 Euros for European buyers, or US $6,799 to anywhere else in the world. Published on August 6th, 2020 | It feels like a tenuous line to walk, if you ask me. Order Delfast legend Prime, bike of the year 2019 Offroad, Sur-Ron's killer Cross Dirt, Delfast bestseller of 2019 Top 2.0, worldwide delivery, installment plans availible | Delfast electric bikes power and range Save $671 off the planned retail price of $4160 and get free shipping. © 2020 - Electric Bike Action. Invariably slow governments gradually pick up on the fact that something has changed and within a decade or so, issue new regulations to govern, restrict, and frame up a new set of parameters. Electric Bike Action Product Test: ISM Seat’s PM 2.0 Saddle, Electric Bike Action Product Test: Sidi Dimaro Shoes, Electric Bike Action’s New Products: Bimotal’s Portable e-Bike Drivetrain. Either way, that’s still a massive amount of range per charge for an e-bike. Happy Customers. Available from the Apple Newsstand for reading on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. (Shipping included. Front turn and automatic brake lights will Delfast – e-bike with 236 miles (380 km) on a single charge. Rear hub motor 750W / 5000W with sport mode. Now the company has set its sights on the world of high-performance fat-tire bikes with the Delfast Offroad e-bike. And to be honest,  I can see it. This is your last chance to get a Delfast Top bike before the start of retail sales. Tags: Delfast, Delfast Top 2.0, Delfast Top 3.0. Not quite Guinness level, but good enough for an afternoon adventure on the trails. This is your last chance to get a Delfast e-bike before the start of retail sales. (Shipping included. At the level 1 setting, the Top 2.0 works much more like a traditional e-bike, with a predictable and tame throttle response. But despite meeting the technical definition of a bicycle, the Delfast Offroad appears to be an electric dirt bike or trail bike with pedals. Between the Tektro Dorado 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes, 72V battery, hydraulic dropper seat, functional pedals and the full lighting kit with turn signals and high/low beams, the Delfast Offroad seems to have one wheel in bicycle territory and the other in light electric motorcycle territory. The times they are a changin’. Up front, the Top 2.0 sports a beautiful color display with a design that puts every other e-bike and motorcycle dashboard I’ve seen to shame. The Top 3.0 boasts a claimed 200-mile range on a single charge of its 72v 48ah Panasonic battery. To make the bike dynamic, we’ve incorporated (Shipping included. Class 3 ebike with top speed 28 mph able to unlock for the special roads to 50 mph. Delfast has since come out with the Top 3.0, boasting improved specs for the same price of $6,199. In the same way that putting a pedal kit on the Sur Ron only sort of makes it a bicycle – technically speaking – the Delfast Offroad is quickly approaching motorcycle specs – and not just in terms of performance, but also in terms of price. News is published on, while reports are published on and buying guides are here. We’re itching to ride one! The biggest change between the new Top 3.0 and the previous Top 2.0 is how it’s driven. The Special-Edition Royal Enfield 650s We’re Missing Out On, Here's What It's Like Driving The Largest Motorcycle In The World. Send me your videos. Save $1,591 off the planned retail price of $5,180 and get free shipment for your Delfast – e-bike with a 236 miles range on a single charge. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Delfast impressed us with their longrange, high-performance electric bike called the Delfast Top. The Top 3.0 has a carbon fiber belt drive that transfers power from the electric engine to the rear wheel. Fast and fun and affordable electric scooter! It's a way to bring creative projects to life. Delfast upgrade their supercharged Top e-bike, with a huge 200 miles of range.


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