degrassi clare and drew fanfiction
In Take a Bow (2), Drew reports to Katie and Marisol that he has a clean bill of health. Jenna snaps back at her so Drew tells Jenna to calm down and K.C. Clare then debates, and makes Drew nervous when she says that you can't "please" everyone all the time. He then announces to the class that Bianca got into university, which everyone is impressed by. She goes upstairs to make snacks and sees Drew having a nightmare. He finds Dallas, who tells Drew that he had. Later at the auction, Fiona buys the tickets to Vegas so that Drew & Bianca can get married over spring break. Drew also mentions he just wants to sleep but Zoë reminds him that they had a deal and Drew says he can't go like this. Drew is seen classy, dressed in a suit, informing Adam on the research he'd done on her, saying she likes 'classy' guys. After Adam tells Drew that after kissing Imogen all he can think about is Becky. He wanted to make her his forever. In the end, they have an engagement party celebrating their engagement. Fiona gets annoyed saying he should have called and he claims that it's also his condo now and he shouldn't have to. In My Hero, Drew and Dallas have a fight about the project and he thinks it better than working on the stupid project so Dallas responds, "I'll just be single D." Drew says it's not like that and walks away. In Smash Into You (2), Drew and Marisol visit Katie in the hospital. He suggests Imogen just apologize to Fiona. Clare then wishes him good luck in the debate. Bianca comes down accompanied by Dallas and tells Drew that everyone was asking about him upstairs and she brings him his favorite sandwich, egg salad. He broke up with me and I feel relieved. Once people arrive he introduces some of friends on stage. Drew says she was doing it to protect her but that it doesn't matter anymore because he took care of it. Drew and Bianca kiss when Clare leaves. He leaves the concert and finds Anson attempting to rape Bianca in an alley. She tells him that the change is so overwhelming and he tells her that he's taking his time adjusting still too. Drew goes up against someone and almost gets knocked unconscious. The next day, he looks through pictures of Rocky and tells Dallas that he didn't have any idea that Dallas was a father. In Thunderstruck, Drew and Becky are trapped in the Boiler Room. Drew leaves. While in a newspaper club meeting Katie asks Drew to write an article for the newspaper. Adam decides to be Drew's wing man, helping him out, since Drew has always been there to help Adam. Reason: Bianca said she didn't feel like the kind of girl she used to be prior to her time at university anymore, and they broke up. Reason: Drew believed that Zoë was clingy and wanted to focus on his career. Drew gets a text from camp and decides to check into camp to tell everyone that Adam is going to be okay, but partly to escape the hospital room. Then they are both at Colton and Madison's "wedding". After Marisol lies and says she likes a same band that Drew has, and orders everything the same as him, he realizes she's boring and he likes Alli. Drew explains that his doctor won't give him any more sleeping pills because they are habit forming. I looked around the hallway, searching for someone, anyone to save me. He says that it doesn't matter and that he's failing all of his classes anyway. Clare is unsure. She makes them come upstairs and calls Alli a whore, and feels sorry for her son. That angers Clare and with every muscle in her body pumping with rage, she pushes him in the kiddie pool in front of everyone, embarrassing Drew. In the end Drew is with Eli and Clare, and Adam and brings Gracie's clothing, Adam is ready to burn them. He says because he is scared of Vince and that he wants to transfer school's. He tells Adam's he physically is not a "guy." She says she loves him and the two kiss, rekindling their relationship. Drew asks Dallas what he's supposed to do and Dallas tells Drew to pray for a miracle and hope he wins the vote at council. After the party, he sits on the couch while Bianca cleans up and rants about Clare being there. When my friends aren’t around, almost everyone else takes it upon themselves to make me their personal target. He's the second person to sing to his love their special song in order to get back with together with her. And this blog is also a mesh of fandoms that I love. Drew confronts Alli in the hallway and tells her that it won't happen ever again, and that it was just a stupid kiss. She wakes him and helps comfort him. She questions, "Me? Drew looks at the kids toy in his meal and finds a 'diamond' ring. He and Adam suggest that Clare wear wigs. There's going to be a study group at Drew's shared loft and they agree to hang out then. Clare responds by saying that they both can have equal access to students and that he's not smart enough. He also watches Maya make a scene. Katie comes over to where Drew is and they start flirting. Drew begins stripping and saying the ocean is beautiful. Drew does not remember any details of his encounter with Katie the night before, and is surprised when she is acting flirty and understanding with him. Drew answers about Mrs. Hollingsworth working him all week and asks if they can work on the proposal after school. In You Oughta Know Drew is seen holding auditions for Degrassi TV. In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Drew finds out that he got Clare pregnant. Designed by Manasto Jones. Drew says he has and Mr. Simpson asks if he booked the police officers, talked to the cafeteria ladies, and rented a sound system. When Drew is confused Zoë asks if they're going to the dance together and Drew seems confused by this, as well. Later at school, he puts on an act with Owen, and K.C. In Spring Fever, Drew and Bianca attend a contest to win tickets for a Keke Palmer concert, which Bianca wins thanks to her dancing skills. In Dig Me Out, Drew and Zoë try to take their friendship to another level after Zoë calls him her boyfriend when he isn't. He was portrayed by Luke Bilyk. He says he is going to let the children who win the event that day at the Degrassi Camp play with Waffles. Bianca has oral sex with Drew, in the Boiler Room and Alli doesn't know yet. They admit their feelings for each other and Eli shows up. He states that they are planning to get married in the summer after graduation, but his mother is shocked and tries to talk them out of it. ", (To Katie): "It wasn't pointless...Katie. Drew takes him up on his offer and they go on a date at the Dot. Clare ends up getting regurgitating after a few seconds on the obstacle course and sits out. Katie says she thinks Drew is interested in someone else. Drew is then seen walking down a street when a bunch of Vince's thugs appear. Clare shows him a delivery order forum and as he walks away with the forum Imogen stops him to ask him if they find out who ordered all the props they will ask that person to get a mini wave pool, too. Student The next time Clare sees Eli she's in New York and gets the call about being pregnant at the end of the episode. In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), Drew and Bianca appear to be happy together, and enter the school holding hands. When Drew contacts his mom, Audra travels to Las Vegas determined to put a stop to the ceremony, leaving Bianca furious that Drew is second guessing the nuptials. In Not Ready To Make Nice (1), Drew attends football tryouts with K.C., Conner, Mo, Owen. Drew is later seen in Mr. Armstrong's class and has a jittery leg, in which one kid asked if he had too much coffee. Andrew "Drew" Torres is a Class of 2014 graduate of Degrassi Community School, having transferred there at the start of his Junior year and dropping out for most of the 2012-2013 school year. In Ray of Light (2), he is seen in the yearbook video. They find a man named Vince who reveals to have taken Bianca's bracelet and used the name to find out everything he needs to know about she and Drew. Drew Torres He turns the corner. Eli walks off, and Clare accepts Drew's offer. He says he knew that already. Dallas suggests working on the dance but Drew claims he can't because there's too much, he is too tired, and he doesn't even know where to start. Production Imogen gives Drew her whistle, and they go to settle out her kids, especially Colton. Drew gets frustrated and storms out. He informs her that he's leaving the next day and leaves to go pack, leaving Fiona very angry and disappointed. Clare attempts to propose a texting and driving event to honor Drew's deceased brother, Adam, but Drew doesn't like the idea. Drew tells her she doesn't have to while looking at Bianca, then he tells Alli to go get all sexy looking. Later, while Dallas and Vanessa argue, he walks their son, Rocky down the stairs and watches Dallas as he interacts with his son. Drew tells Zoë if she knows anything about planning a dance he defiantly will call her. In Believe (2), Drew and Becky are in the woods scared hearing noises and it was Becky's mother who found the both of them. She says that they will split the rent 50/50 as well as a few other rules and he agrees. He argues back saying that she's changed, but he wishes things could go back to normal. In Still Fighting It (2), Wesley tries to become cool after Drew gets a B+ on his test thanks to Wesley. Now drunk, he goes up to see Katie, and the two have a peaceful talk, though Katie does not know that Drew was drunk. He argues that there should be a beach bash dance instead. Adam once again tries to change groups because Imogen acts hostile towards him. He agrees to meet Katie up in his room, and says goodbye to Bianca. Drew is having trouble sleeping and he takes his medicine. While watching the wrestling Drew gets into a conversation with Mo and invites him to fight.


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