cities: skylines not enough customers
Commercial buildings can act as a service for industrial buildings by giving them locations to sell their goods. Goods not being able to be delivered can become problematic. You might have over zoned your commercial areas, it's easily done. I seem to have fixxed it mostly by adding a neighborhood at the other side of the commercial zone. This just crates more problems with traffic and ends with "Not enough goods to sell". Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm trying to figure out what is wrong. This does not happen with electricity or water. If you've played Cities: Skylines for more than a couple hours, you've probably seen a number of buildings pop up with indicators stating 'Too few services'. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Text or video, pick your media of choice: You make a cargo train station, hundreds of trucks keep spawning at it, you make a harbor, same thing happens, your highways are packed full of pink trucks bringing goods to your city. If that were the case wouldn't that also affect the offices that I replaced the commercial with? I can't explain why this happens, but it is something you do need to keep in mind when looking through your overlays, trying to find the services your residential area is asking for. Why are my tourist areas suddenly getting "Not Enough Customers?" My advice is look at the age distribution. Problem solved, right? Scary_Turtle For residential, it can mean anything from basic services (like healthcare) to something more complicated (like land value). Do the opposite when unemployment is low. No one wan'ts to drive 5 miles to be able to buy a pack of smokes or get some gas. ETA: I also tried de-zoning any commercial building that displayed the message to stop them from rebuilding and increase commercial demand, but the message just appears over new buildings. Importing creates traffic, high traffic slows everything down, making commercial buildings lack goods to sell, which makes them go out of business. You can see them in the ground, but not in the all important import / export overlay. What kind of residential (low or high density) do you have zoned and what kind of commercial (low or high) do you have zoned? Confusing players who have product producing oil, forestry etc. I don't understand how everything could be fine and then out of the blue several resorts start showing NEC. I keep commercial and industrial at around the halfway point. My tourism based archipelago city on Xbox - Why am I being punished for having dreams and ambition? In rare cases, this may be just what your dissatisfied industry needs. Cities: Skylines. Dale. Once the city reaches a few tens of thousands – assuming it’s relatively well-managed – you’ll probably be sitting on a few million in the bank and have enough to build pretty much whatever you need. tldr: your districts might be too big and not have enough "attractions". Trucks take goods from generic industry or import it from the region, marked as pink in the outside connections overview, to commercial buildings which then sell these goods. A subreddit for the City Builder game developed by Colossal Order, Cities: Skylines. Apparently, there aren't enough customers. If commercial buildings don't get the goods in a fixed amount of time, after this warning they go out of business and abandon the building. There is also this guide on Steam I wrote on this subject, expanding it with an additional idea of solving this problem, at least for a time using district polices. Why? These solutions aren't sure-fire, but they have worked for me on occasion and will hopefully help you as well. It takes some time for the game engine to connect demand with supply. These two are confirmed factors in your industrial districts' service satisfaction, but you may want to check garbage collection and hospital coverage as well. Be sure to pay attention to road coverage when placing your service buildings to prevent waves of houses requesting more services. Cities: Skylines 5433 Support & Bug Reports 6514 Suggestions & feedback 2715 Modding & Resources 1737 Official Information & Announcements 127 City Journals and Let's Plays 465 Cities: Skylines Console & Windows 10 Edition 770 And even after so many years, it is still giving headaches to mayors of virtual cities. From the a generic industry building, highway, train station or harbor. Hopefully this helps you out, as I've had quite a time trying to figure this puzzle out myself. What continues to perplex me is that this message even appeared in zones that were right next to metro and bus stops and that the commercial demand is just below half. In Cities: Skylines, something a lot of us run into is buildings saying they don’t have enough workers when it seems like there’s more than enough to go around. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Make sure your tourism districts have plenty of unique buildings and leisure/parks to draw in the tourists, direct subway links to the international airport and harbours might help, also a normal airport.


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