captain t pol

Captain T'Pol (L.90) Similar Looking Items. Nach dem romulanischen Krieg und der Gründung der Föderation wird T'Pol zum Captain der USS Endeavour, dem neuen Flaggschiff Admiral Archers, einem neuen Schiff der Columbia-Klasse, ernannt. (ENT novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing). It was later revealed that T'Pol contracted Pa'nar Syndrome during the meld. that's a new one, It would be impossible handle the Trick or Treat v, 12" Knit Beanie with KP Logo - Heather Grey, 12" Knit Poofball Beanie with KP Logo - Royal Blue. However, when she asked him to stop the meld, he refused and she had to use force to escape. She acted as \"chaperone\", in exchange for the Vulcan provision of star charts and the Klingon linguistic database, but was not immediately accepted by the crew. (ENT novel: Surak's Soul), When T'Pol was ten years old, she and her fellow students attended a lecture given by Vulcan master Sklar, during which he questioned her if it was right for one to use violent means to defend one's self from violence. Finally, she convinced Admiral Shran, who approved her plan. Just after the formation of the United Federation of Planets in 2161, T'Pol was promoted to the rank of captain and was placed in command of the USS Endeavour. On boarding the Selaya, they found that the crew of 140 had been driven insane as a result of poisoning with Trellium-D, which was a neural toxin for Vulcans. 'All Crew Rank' reflects position among the entire available crew. In the following years she worked closely with Admiral Archer, who selected Endeavour as his personal flagship. Characters may appear in multiple TV shows, but will only appear in Movies if they only appear in movies. Captain T`Pol    T`Pol    Vulcan    Jolene Blalock    Enterprise    Super Rare Crew    Vulcan    Starfleet    Astrophysicist    Tactician    Telepath    Command Skill    Diplomacy Skill    Science Skill    Evasion, I'm at the Wellsboro Food Pantry delivering the items collected from the Halloween Food Drive... very many thanks to everyone who participated in this great event! This page was last edited on 15 June 2020, at 16:23. She was referred to as a \"spy\" by the ship's chief engineer, Commander Charles Tucker III. (ENT novelization: Broken Bow), When P'Jem was destroyed by the Andorians later in 2151, T'Pol was recalled from the Enterprise by the Vulcan High Command; she went on a last mission to Coridan III with Captain Archer in a shuttlepod. She trapped the animal, intending to release it the next day, but did not give it enough food and it died that night.

(Broken Bow), "The situation must be analysed logically." T'Pol and Lieutenant Commander Sato surrendered themselves to the "Mutes," in order to communicate with them and convince them to stop their attacks. (ENT episode: "The Seventh"), Another mission T'Pol undertook as a V'Shar agent was also in 2135, to the Vulcan outpost settlement on Trilan. (ENT episode: "Zero Hour") When T'Pol was five years old, a ch'kariya killed her father's prized kal'ta plant. Captain T'Pol is particularly useful in X mission because they have the combination of Z skill and Y trait, and can unlock a path. A weighted scale also provides points for crew traits and eligibility for cadet challenges. Captain T'Pol has the skills of Command , Diplomacy , and Science . She insisted on coming up with a peaceful solution, rather than starting another war. By 2162 she had been promoted to the rank of captain and was serving as commanding officer of the USS Endeavour. Captain T`Pol is a member of the Captain KellyPlanet Crew Captain T`Pol is frozen in the Cryostasis Vault STT RELEASE: Creation Date coming soon (2020) More information can be found at these resources that have thousands of contributors instead of - ya know - just ME.

Although initially wary, Subcommander T'Pol eventually showed some curiosity about their unorthodox philosophy and agreed to a mind meld with Tavin's first officer, Tolaris. These items are required by Captain T'Pol in order to advance through groups of levels. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}) The incident served as a reminder to T'Pol to avoid causin… T'Pol returned to the Enterprise before she could finish the investigation, so she left it in the hands of Charles Tucker III, Ych'a, Denak, and Terix.

On board was a group of V'tosh ka'tur (Vulcans without logic), led by Captain Tavin. T'Pol und ihre holografische Projektion wurden von Jolene Blalock gespielt und von Susanne von Medvey synchronisiert. On P'Jem, T'Pol underwent the obsolete Fullara ritual which suppressed the memory and emotions of the event. All stats are showing at their base level.

'4 Star Crew Rank' is the position among 4 Star Crew only. (ENT novel: To Brave the Storm), For T'Pol's Mirror Universe counterpart see T'Pol (mirror). The squad was led by Denak, and also included Eskren, Vekk'r, Ych'a and Yekda.

(ENT episode: "Zero Hour"), When T'Pol was five years old, a ch'kariya killed her father's prized kal'ta plant. With Captain Archer's help, she succeeded in doing so. She trapped the animal, intending to release it the next day, but did not give it enough food and it died that night. (ENT novel: Kobayashi Maru), T'Pol joined the Vulcan Science Directorate circa 2136. The Star Trek Timelines database on is designed, programmed and maintained by erickelly at kellyplanet.


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