can a sorcerer become a lich
Darkvision, Truesight[1] Rarely, good-aligned or nonevil liches exist. History Undead During this point the lich will be more vulnerable, however, as their soul and body will be in a single place. [1] Examples include the Bronze Lich and the Whispered One. [1] They have lived long enough to acquire an exceptional amount of wealth, though they do not necessarily have any particular love of gold as dragons do. Liches are hunted by the maruts, a class of the planar constructs known as inevitables. Creating a phylactery is an extremely expensive and time-consuming process, and destroying one is likely to halt the lich's plans at least temporarily. Liches are highly intelligent and well-read, and typically speak many languages. Liches are described as unspeakably evil, although Monsters of Faerûn (2001) presents the rare good lich, a category which includes the human archlich and the elven baelnorn. A lich is a decayed, gaunt, mostly skeletal humanoid. A lich is an evil humanoid spellcaster who has become undead through the use of dark magic. However, he is not explicitly identified as a lich in the work, and whether the author was directly inspired by the Dungeons & Dragons creature is unclear. If their bodies are killed, they will continue to resurrect once their soul jar in intact. [24], Extremely powerful liches may form temporary alliances with rare and powerful undead such as the winterwight[25] or atropal.[26]. Creatures named "lich" make numerous appearances in the Final Fantasy series of games. Become a Sorcerer 3.0: Specializations. ... Once you made it to become a Lich, you can't transform back, which is why a Lich transformation Ultimate ability makes no sense. Alignment Either way, they take advantage of their resilience as they do not have to fear the consequences of hitting 0 HP, as well as their ability to drain life from the living. Type A lich does not need to eat, sleep or breathe, but over its epic lifespan must eventually consume mortal souls to sustain the magic that protects its undead form. They are typically found in their lairs, and are described as appearing skeletal with empty black eyesockets that glow with points of light. The lich Vecna arose to godhood himself, and some powerful undead are known to be followers of him. It does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe air. A true dragon who enters lichdom becomes a dracolich, while a mind flayer lich is known as an alhoon. The Harry Potter antagonist Voldemort is sometimes identified by fans as a lich, as a powerful evil spellcaster who achieved immortality by placing his soul inside objects. It could also take other shapes if the lich expended more gold and experience to make such alterations. Its touch is freezing cold and paralyzes its victims, although a lich usually prefers to avoid unnecessary physical combat. Fox's Kothar is specifically cited in AD&D's Appendix N as an inspiration of Dungeons & Dragons. An integral part of becoming a lich is the creation of the phylactery in which the character stores his soul. The lich appears in the D&D Monster Manual (3.0) (2000) and Monster Manual (3.5) (2003), p.166-168. Size The lich cannot be killed without also destroying the phylactery. [9], Liches often did not have lips or the necessary organs to produce natural speech, but they had the ability to project speech from their mouths magically, moving the jaw (if present) to aid the illusion. Lich [10] Vecna rose to conquer the Empire of Vecna before being betrayed by his vampire lieutenant Kas, creating the Hand and Eye of Vecna and ultimately leading to Vecna's ascension to divinity.


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