bmw m42 transmission
Whether it’s extreme temperatures, long commutes, towing, hauling, the added stress of a turbocharger or you’re simply extending the time between oil changes, our motor oils will keep your 1995 BMW 318is protected. -We “blue print” the shimming on all bearings for zero end play. You will also have one main harness ground on this side of the engine bay. In solving these two problems we have produced a very strong, long lasting transmission. While Joel built the new throttle bracket, I replaced every air line on the engine, including the throttle body heater assembly. We re-engineered the synchronizer assembly for improved clutching action (a synchronizer is actually a form of clutch) and we’ve greatly extended the wear limit of the synchronizer as well. The harness hole was drilled straight through into the glove compartment just above the glove box mounting frame. A hole was drilled in the top of the rear seat frame to run the cable straight up to the new battery location. 11-17-2010, 08:51 AM. The M42 has approximately 40 more horsepower than the 320i's M10 and will achieve that while using less fuel. Next you can use a speedo drive box to run the stock speedo and finally you can get custom gauges. Now is also a very good time to make the hole for battery cable and engine wiring to the DME (engine computer). There are no valve adjustments to be done like in the prior generation of engines. The existing 320i throttle cable was not quite right with the M42 throttle bracket. The M42 has individual coil packs. This set-up is not excessively loud, but it is not quiet either. It has a 10:1 compression ratio making the most of its 1.8 liters. We started by dropping the motor into the bay, but soon realized that the subframe would need to be modified before the motor could be properly placed in the engine bay. When a lay-shaft bearing fails, it can become quite serious. BMW no longer sells the 280 Getrag. Most of the same tools and methods we had developed to build the earlier 265 Getrag applied to the 280. A few months ago, my brother Joel and I were contacted by a local BMW enthusiast and all around nice guy named Tim. The two weak points of the M42 are the timing components (tensioner, guides, etc.) Lower Radiator Mounts Lowered to Accommodate M42 Radiator. I normally try and get a chassis side c101 connector from an late e30 so the m42 just plugs in. A transmission rebuild is only as good as the core. 6 Cylinder ZF Transmissions. We spent quite a bit of time scrubbing the engine bay in preparation for some repair and paint work. [4] The ignition system also uses a coil-on-plug system. These early 260 transmissions were a bit problematic. I also thought I would mention this because I have seen it omitted, but all BMW single mass flywheels use a shim plate between the flywheel bolts and the flywheel. He started by removing the E21 air flow meter mounting bracket and welding it back on rotated down 90 degrees. The M42 E30 radiator will fit without any issue in an early 02 (non big bumpers). All Rights Reserved.Website design and hosting by MSW Interactive Designs LLC. Specifications contained on this website are based on manufacturers' information and were believed accurate at the time of publication. Using this motor means that we will have to modify the front subframe and relocate the mounting points for the motor. So, Joel decided to weld up a new one. This is also known as the C101 connector. Joel set out to make a custom mounting for the new cold air kit. We then deglaze the synchro and cone to create the right drag coefficient. At Tim's request, the catalytic converter was removed from the E30 318i system. Use the e30 intank fuel pump which also has a return fitting. To fix these problems, we made brass shift forks to replace the problematic stock aluminum shift forks and we made tooth type synchronizers to replace the stock Moly synchronizers. Always compare fluids and lubricants that were installed in the vehicle with those replacing them during service. In the end, we made a conversion from the stock 280 to a MM Ultimate Getrag 265 that was a straight forward swap. Getrag G240 transmissions (stock in the E30 318is), we recently upgraded to the G250, on recommendation of Jim @ Metric Mechanic.I CAN confirm that they are the same weight, altho the E36 trans (G250, as found behind the M42/M44 cars as well as small 6 cly cars) have a "deeper" bellhousing area. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive, AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease NLGI #2. Some transmissions are clearly marked and some are not. Just some info for feed and return at the rail. In 1981, the E21 320i was caught in the middle of BMW's transition to fully electronic engine management systems. You can bolt the shifter carrier from a 2002 directly to the shell or modify the trans a bit more to use a early e30 sheet metal carrier as clay did. BMW going back to the Getrag 265 at two later dates, indicates they believed in the 265. They were all in terrible shape and left me wondering how the engine was able to idle with that much unmetered air. A cold air kit was found that is specifically for the E30 318i. The complication with the cold air kit is the mounting. The trans mount uses the e30 rubber mounts and is bolted. Back in 1987 when the BMW M Cars were first introduced to the United States, BMW’s warranty was something like: 2 years or 24,000 miles – whichever came first. I normally trigger the relay with the switched 12v that used to go to the coil connection. The motor was essentially ready to be used in its current condition. It is located on the firewall of the e30 Make you you get 6-10” wire past the connect so you can tie into it.) The idler gear's retaining bolt could break away from the timing case, often taking a chunk of alloy timing case with it. We cut open the E21 wiring harness and pulled out all the wires associated with the E21 engine connector. The M42 was a remarkable engine when it debuted and it represented a sharp deviation from BMW's tried and true technology of the proceeding thirty years. [8], "Engine failure due to pan gasket shift/bolt loss", "BMW M42 318i - Timing Case Profile Gasket",, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 December 2019, at 13:25. First of all the ears at the top of the transmission must be cut off to clear the tunnel. And if so, what will fit and what do we need to make it work? iDrive Transmission Messages. This is the 15 pin rectangular connector that plugs into the fusebox. Adjusting it to the perfect spot was putting stress on the intake boot. Over our 40 year life span, we have done thousands of BMW Getrag transmissions and if you ask us what model of Getrag transmissions is the most reliable, the vast majority of us would say the 265. Well, after a few tweaks to the exhaust, we drove the car around for about an hour to do sort of a "shake down." Remember to slide all the heat shrink on the wires before you make your final connections. BMW also designed a tuned exhaust header for the m42. We looked at converting to a 265 Getrag. Or, please feel free to email me at Angle iron bolted to the old mount to extend out the CSB. Measure between the frame rails because the transmission tunnel is not symmetrical. The modified subframe was reinstalled as well as the steering rack. Here are a few pictures of the engine and bay. This is a bracket fabricated from one piece of sheet metal. Most of the same tools and methods we had developed to build the earlier 265 Getrag applied to the 280. In our case, we fabricated new mounts 6.5 inches to the rear of the original mounts. The selector shaft seal was replaced. This is a known leak point for most BMW manual transmissions. We decided to use M20 E30 325 motor mounts with the M42 mounting arms. BMW transmission shudder may also be caused due to spark plug or fuel injector problems. It is now how it should be, in my opinion. Since the steering rack bolts to the back of the subframe, it creates approximately 10 inches of width from front to back. By this time, we had established a good reputation and had a better warranty than BMW. GL-4 gear oil, slightly heavier than MTL with the same benefits, Fully synthetic high performance GL-4 / GL-5 gear oil with reduced low temperature viscosity, Synchromax is recommended for manual transmissions that specify an automotive transmission fluid. Tim decided that he wanted to transform his car by completely changing engines. Tim was interested in having some work done on the car and thought he would discuss it with us. They are not to be confused with a conventional rebuild. It is also a good time to track down all the 2002 wires, coolant, oil pressure, starter signal, tach, switched 12v, etc  (refer to the wiring section below for more information). The car was delivered to us with the engine and transmission already removed. It is mounted below the washer bottle and forward a safe distance from the exhaust header. Its design features hydraulic lifters that are self adjusting. We will also be adapting a 13.6 pound flywheel for this project from a European E21 323i. By creating an account, you agree to ECS Tuning's privacy policy and terms of use. Remove the upper and lower intake manifold (it helps a lot)● You must remove the steering track arm, or at least drop it down while putting the engine in.● Hang the engine from only the front ring (located at the front of the head)● Lift the engine as high as you can and have a helper lift the trans up and over the nose of the 02● Start to lower the engine some, when the oil pan is almost going to hit the front of the 02 you willneed to twist the m42 so the oil pan is towards the drivers side.● By doing this the head will clear the firewall and the oil pan will clear up front.● While the engine is twisted lower the m42 some more.● Once the engine clears the firewall and the front of the 02 you can let the engine twist back tonormal.● Continue to lower the engine and use a jack at the back to level out the engine.● Just go slow and the mounts will line up.● To get the trans mount on, I bolt it to trans, jack the trans up so the mount touches the body of the car, drill some holes and use bolts from above with some large fender washers. @ # $ % ^ & *). We put the web to work for you. BMW wiring diagrams refer to this connector as the "engine connector." *This not only allows you to go into gear quicker,  but it also greatly extends the wear life of the synchronizer. However, we chose not to use the 325i throw out bearing. In the position it wants to naturally sit in, it tends to rest on the alternator. It was run under the carpet under the backseat and through a pre-existing hole in the rear seat pan.


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