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fweak. The owner of a Portland rock bar is not running his business properly, cocktails are being made up on the spot by inexperienced bartenders, the bands they book are driving away customers, and ants and pests are nesting in the kitchen. USA is full of them, Even with us having ignorant people we are still A GREAT COUNTRY #1. This was the episode with NFL player Marshawn Lynch as the owner. Yeah kind of hard to renovate a bar in 32 hours....or so the show says. The bar is still open and had good reviews before and after the makeover. Episode: Bar Name: City: Status: Comments: 1: Angel's Sports Bar - Renamed Racks Billiards & Bourbon: Corona, CA: Closed: Closed in 2018. Still open and is more of a restaurant than a bar. Still has "babes" as bartenders. Went back to the name Mary's Outpost. Reviews are pretty positive and the bar is happy with the changes. Three owners are locked in a hostile feud after Taffer exposes that one of them is siphoning the profits. Your favorites, all in one place. Still open and the owner owns five other Bottoms Up locations. Sign in to Watch. One of Steve supposedly has plans to reopen. Characters Quarters - Renamed If they are closed interview with those bar ownrrs of why they shut down too. Closed months after the makeover and before their. Still open with mostly positive reviews. A man was fatally stabbed outside the bar in August 2015 -, Still open with below average The bar was sold just three months after the Bar Rescue makeover and about a year before the episode aired. Watch Bar Rescue: Jon Ain't Afraid of No Ghost from Season 4 at Join / Sign Up Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Packy's Pub - Renamed Campbell's Irish Pub. Bar listed for sale in May 2015. You forgot to use an apostrophe for it's...Mr. Grammar King, So just seen the pirates tavern episode late I know but really curious if it has closed down or if they some how kept their nose out of the water. Still open with mixed reviews. Stand Up Scottsdale - Renamed The bar has kept the name and the reviews are mostly positive since the makeover. He said business is up since the makeover. Had a bad health inspection 5 months after the. Molly Malone's - Renamed Way Point Saloon. and Grill, Libad's Bar & Grille - They do not use the kitchen. Artful Dodger/Radio - Renamed P's and Q's Auto Body, South Park Bar & Grill - Renamed The V Bar. Expanding her business to a downtown sports bar, a successful St. Louis restaurant owner risks losing everything as her out-of-control nephew and unqualified manager run the bar and her livelihood into the ground. Jon Taffer must enlist the help of a bar owner's ex-wife and former manager to help save this week's business. Cashmere - Renamed Dual Ultra Jon Taffer embarks on a cross-country tour of the worst drinking establishments in America. Bar Rescue Season 4 51 Bars Aired: October 2014 to July 2016 Closure Rate: 55% / Success rate: 45%. Still open with not much of a presence online. She doesn't know how to make money. Prime Video From $1.99 $ 1. Thunderbolt Bar & Grill - Renamed Thunderbird KSC Tavern. The bar had great reviews both before and after the Bar Rescue visit. A timid bar owner looks the other way as her promiscuous staff expose themselves in an effort to retain their customers. Keeps an up to date Facebook page. Jon visits a bar in Queens where the three firefighter brother owners spend all their time arguing with each other. And after bar rescue leaves they change the name back and think they are going to stay in business. An outrageous lakeside bar owner spends more time swinging from the rafters than managing his bar, causing Taffer to abandon ship until the owner can face reality. They are scraped from People like the fact that there is no cover and cheap drinks. The bar is open with positive reviews about the food and staff. Owner Tara wanted more time with her family and is now doing real estate. The owners also own another bar called Donks in Nashville. The Sandbar Brewery & Grill - Renamed Playa Island Bar, Went back to the name The Sandbar shortly after the makeover. Rippers Rock House - Renamed Tim Owens' Travelers Tavern. Went back to their old name of Brix about 3 weeks after the makeover. The bar was closed before their Bar Rescue episode even aired. A fisherman bar struggles to remain afloat as its owner grieves the loss of his father and tries to live up to his legacy. Jon tackles a Las Vegas dive bar on the verge of closing due to an owner accused of being too nice. Opened a food truck One of Taffer's favorite rescues, Cliques - Renamed 22 Klicks Bar Solarmovie start and average reviews as of late. Proof, Bar Rescue Updates Is In No Way Affiliated with Spike TV's Bar Rescue. Can Jon Taffer put the fire back in their bellies before their business goes up in smoke? *Blacklight Lounge not included in statistics as Jon Taffer didn't make the bar over. There are two Brix locations. Still open and they have positive reviews about the food and negative reviews about service. Bar Rescue is an American reality TV series that premiered on Paramount Network (formerly … Jon Taffer is no stronger to finding rats, roaches, and raccoons inside the bars he rescues. May have been picked to cross promote Spike's series, Six Point Inn - Renamed Over Easy Bar & Breakfast. Keeps an Not too many reviews, but they are positive. America Live. Country Nights - Renamed Madame Dalia's Country Bar, Still open there haven't been too many reviews. show. Jon Taffer came back to re-rescue the bar in Season 4, but walked out on them. I wonder if they're trying to hide thw fact that theyre really just putting a bandaid on things. Bars with out-of-touch owners are revisited, including Taza and Metal and Lace. 2015 | TV-PG | CC. Complaints about smoking inside. But his discovery of a used condom at this rundown Florida tiki bar redefines owner neglect. The bar has kept the name, but they are not active on social media and do not have many reviews. Rescue was in Feb. 2018, but didn't air until April 2019. Rate. Mixed reviews since being on the show. Bar Patrons discover the owners of a failing bar in Yonkers are refilling premium liquor with cheap booze, which leads to an assault on Jon's camera crew. The bar is still open mostly positive reviews. 2017 | TV-PG | CC. Reviews are mixed. Will Jon save this bar once again? Kid Chilleen's Badass BBQ - The bar closed a few weeks before their episode aired. Still open with some negative reviews about the owner who was highlighted in the episode. Still open with mixed reviews. Went back to Angry Ham's after But mounting debt, a lack of female customers, and a family feud threaten the future. S4, Ep1. Went back to Rocks - Laguna Owners and customers didn't like the makeover. Jon takes on a turbulent partnership between an ex-pilot and his former girlfriend. Owners happy about. The few reviews were mostly positive. The reviews are mixed and they don't seem to be implementing Bar Rescue changes, Havana Mix Cigar Emporium - Renamed Robusto By Havana Mix. Jon reveals his most successful rescue ever and revisits Campbell's Irish Pub and The Lister. Lounge. Keeps an up to date Facebook page. Disclaimer: All movies, TV shows, and episodes on our ShowBox do not have any videos hosted by us. Watch all 62 Bar Rescue episodes from season 4,view pictures, get episode information and more. Jon faces a timid owner who has been ignoring promiscuous behavior from her staff. Showbox is a popular app and APK to watch free movies and TV shows. the best rated from the show. The crew is attacked in a brawl at a New York sports bar discovered by customers to be ripping them off. The complete guide by MSN. Powered by, *VFW Post not included in the bar statistics. A wine-bar owner distracted by being the life of the party gets some much-needed help from Jon. The Grant Bar & Lounge - Renamed Leia's Restaurant. Still open, and went back to being KC's Bar after the makeover. Joe's Thirsty Lizard - Renamed The Iron Horse. Still open with minimal reviews, which are mixed. The bar closed in 2012 due to a lot of drama. Bar and Grill. Keeps an up to date Facebook page. Jon Taffer arrives at this castle-shaped bar to a surly owner with anger management issues whose attitude has pushed his staff to their breaking points. © 2020 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. In a Bar Rescue first, Jon Taffer helps a failing Detroit strip club in the hopes of stimulating profits before the entire business goes bottoms up. Ramiro also co-owns another bar. People like the bands and atmosphere but there are complaints about service. A family feud, mounting debt and questionable practices threaten the future of a bar and restaurant, forcing Jon to step in. Piratz tavern/corporate bar and grill is closed, They are their facebook is rude as always, Considering Piratz had concerts there Thursday-Saturday this weekend it is kind of hard for them to be closed, The End has closed its original location and is now in a smaller location in the same strip mall as the free standing location. Three loud-mouthed firefighting brothers struggle to keep their Queens bar afloat. The show helps the falling eateries and bars to get out from their inconveniences. Bug Bite. Remember: Abuse of the image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site – so, play nice and respect the rules! The bar is still open with more negative reviews than positive reviews. Has kept the name Stein Haus and there are more positive than negative reviews. Jon arrives in Portland to fix a bar with a bar owner whose not focusing on his bar, an inexperienced step-daughter who berates her staff, and an angry chef who does not want women in his kitchen. Rescue makeover because the owner didn't like it.


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