aruba vs ubiquiti
We cancelled our contract and were able to wipe the firmware and add them back to the Ubiquiti controller. From an AP point of view i'd like centralised secure management where all sites are on the same SSID'd (e.g BUSINESS-SECUERED) which is purely for company hardware ideally secured via radius - and then a (BUSINESS-GUEST) which uses a portal style sign on and puts guests on a bandwidth limited subnet with content filtering - currently managers have been known to give out wifi passwords to customers to our main legacy network so i'd like to stop this. Hd. 443,742 professionals have used our research since 2012. It's easy to program, inexpensive to the point of comedy (cheaper than an OEM toner cartridge), and flexible. It offers many reporting features as well as visual RF maps displaying heatmaps of the AP signals and client positioning. Ubiquiti is much better suited for small to mid-size organizations that don't need as much control over the clients on the network. Verify your account Aruba Switches is ranked 4th in Ethernet Switches with 21 reviews while Ubiquiti UniFi Switches is ranked 9th in Ethernet Switches with 11 reviews. Cisco you pay for it forever. I too am interested in Ubiquity kit, in particular I'm considering replacing our ad-hoc wifi network with some managed unify access points. These industry-leading switches are scalable, secure, and feature HPE Smart Rate multi-gigabit ports for high-speed connectivity. Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch Ethernet Switches, Dell EMC PowerSwitch Campus and Branch Switches. Ubiquity UniFi is adequately doing what we need to do. But isn't that like saying a phone isn't a phone if it's anything other than a phone? What do you like most about Aruba Switches? From what i've read / watched on youtube it seems like Ubiquity will be an ideal solution to achieve this at a price that won't be overly noticed - I have ordered a AP PRO and a Unifi USG-PRO-4 Security Appliance to test out - my concern is the controller - i feel that with multi-site the web based controller is best however if theres an issue getting an external connection then this could cause a loop of not being able to sort it - some sites have servers where i can virtualise an ubuntu / windows instance for the controller but honestly I do like the ability to just type the local device ip into a browser and load up a web interface. Sales & Expert advice 800.606.6969 or 212.444.6615. See our list of best Wireless WAN vendors. For switches, it's HP/Aruba only - low cost, lifetime warranty, great support. Some of it is "secrets" posted only in obscure blogs that list hidden commands or back-door solutions. Reply from Ubiquiti (Manager) - 6/29/2020 - Escalated to Manager & Approved Replacement. The Aruba Access Point we have (224s and 225s) also offer both PoE and external power supplies for those smaller deployments that may not have PoE capable switches. & Home App. We've got 12 APs and three switches - 2 w/POE, 1 w/out - and its everything that an SMB will ever need for wifi. #0907905; Sec. When you are "full stack" Unifi with wifi, network switches and gateways, the control you can wield over a network in just a few clicks and the amount of data you can glean from a quick glance in the controller is incredibly impressive. Make aware of the IPsec tunnel from each user to the controller if you are using Clearpass for NAC. I hire in experts at $250/hour and in the end, nothing is fixed. I would never use Cisco (licensing cost) or Ubiquiti (no real reason). The design of the solution and management application are intuitive enough that you don't need a ton of networking knowledge to find your way around to perform tasks. Continually add new features and improvements with their FREE software upgrades, In-service software upgrades, although this feature has been added to Aruba OS8. The top reviewer of Aruba Networks Wireless WAN writes "Perfect scalability, and great stability with no need for a physical controller". No items to compare. Compare HPE Aruba Ethernet Switches vs Ubiquiti Networks UniFi. The cloud key will just keep going, and at ~80€ it's a no-brainer. Spin up a single controller at your HQ and do layer-3 adoptions to a single controller. Running 3 SSIDs and no real issues so far. reviews by company employees or direct competitors. I find Ubiquiti well suited to every scenario in which a wireless solution is needed. I would suggest if you want to test it, buy some of the smaller switches and routers for home and play, unless you are lucky enough to work for a company that will let you buy "test" kit. 443,742 professionals have used our research since 2012. RMA Received by Ubiquiti - 5/29/2020. A controller can be added later. Aruba Networks Wireless WAN is ranked 2nd in Wireless WAN with 10 reviews while Ubiquiti Wireless is ranked 1st in Wireless WAN with 12 reviews. They seem to work excellent, despite the 'cheap' vibe you get from them. Choosing a brand of equipment is like getting married. Not responsible for typographical or illustrative errors. However Ubiquiti has begun to get my attention as it looks (from what i've read and their product range) to offer enterprise class performance in the Cisco / Aruba leagues at a price point more geared towards the SMB market. © 2020 IT Central Station, All Rights Reserved. I would love to chime in, but I only have a couple of Ubiquiti devices in the field. I'm UK based and sadly there doesn't seem to be any training available here from what i can see. The controller is simple to set up on a Linux VM, never used the dongle as we heard to many bad things when you get over 60 users, that may have changed now. The top reviewer of Aruba Switches writes "Good GUI, easy to configure and use, and offers a good transfer rate". I have a dozen of these deployed. Print Email. Cisco Switches are build to last forever however they are more expensive to purchase. What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Aruba Switches? Researched Ubiquiti UniFi Switches but chose Aruba Switches: Easy to use, the VPN performs adequately, and the technical support is okay. The Aruba controller and access points have always worked very well and we have greatly improved the relationship with customers and we now have absolute control over the wireless network traffic. Unifi controller is powerful yet simple to administrate. So, yeah, you can buy their stuff and it will work, more or less "just so". Very little maintenance, set it and forget it. Hello Airheads Community! You have to work at it. We monitor all Ethernet Switches reviews to prevent fraudulent reviews and keep review quality high. The ASA also supports functions like firepower that can turn it into a gross, complicated, expensive UTM. I love them. It is possible that we have a bad luck with the deployment. This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. We do not post Aruba allows a much deeper level of control over the wireless environment than competitors like Meraki and Ubiquiti. Upgrading from Aruba OS versions may require a full network rebuild. HP Switches work well the fans do go out from time to time which will cause the switch to fail. It just couldn't be convinced never to do DHCP, major PITA there. amer is literally rebranded Ubiquiti wireless points. It's a lifetime commitment. Stable, scalable, easy to install, and we like the framework for virtual switching, Aruba Switches vs. Ubiquiti UniFi Switches report. How it compares to Cisco, we run our Core Network between 2 parts of the building via Cisco Gear 2 x C3650 and a Meraki MX84 as the firewall / filter bit of rubbish that breaks the filters all the time. WiFi Range is excellent and hands over as you wander round pretty well, we run 5 VLANS here and have just over 100 users and the kit just keeps working except 2 early WiFi points which failed 4 weeks ago, they were 4 years old so no worries bought more of them. Contact Us. I can find lost devices by which AP the device was last seen by or what it is close to currently, saving our people time.


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